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Chapter 209 Race Leaderboard


Suddenly, an even stronger and fiercer roar rang out on the battlefield.

Within a radius of several hundred meters, the bodies of the common monsters that did not have much HP left were directly blasted apart by that roar, their flesh and blood splattering everywhere.

The scene was extremely tragic.

The three Cyclops that had just struggled to get up were once again knocked unconscious on the ground, unable to get up.

Following that, Yafeis figure flashed over.

She thrust her spear into the heads of the three Cyclops, one after another, ending their lives.

Li Xiang took a deep breath and thought, “These two new recruits, one is more violent than the other, and the other is more sinister than the other.

Both of them are very powerful, not bad at all! As expected of the heroes that were recruited through Divine grade talent.

The feeling is really different!

300 to 400 Cyclops bosses were definitely a disaster for others, but it was a benefit for Li Xiang.

After taking in a large number of heroes to raise, his rank had also risen to Rank 100.

The EXP gained from killing common monsters had significantly been reduced, and the EXP gained by the heroes had also been affected.

Therefore, common mutated monsters were not of interest to the heroes at all.

To them, whose each rank up cost a hundred thousand to millions of EXP, killing one common mutated monster was utterly meaningless as it might only give them a few points of EXP.

And those hundreds of bosses were definitely a great EXP reward.

Even Eye Demon, who was usually very calm as a support hero, launched an unprecedented attack this time.

He killed eight Cyclops consecutively with the Death Ray, instantly leveling up by one rank.

[Ding! Race Points Ranking Leaderboard has been activated]

1st place: Human race

2nd place: Dragon race

3rd place: Demon race

4th place: Bugs race

5th place: Undead race

6th place: Werewolf race

7th place: Elf race

8th place: Winged-human race

9th place: Three-eyed race

10th place: Giant race

The leaderboard released this time did not announce the points, only the rankings, making it impossible for everyone to estimate the difference between the races.

“The Human race is number one again Is the Human race that strong Why are all the humans Ive met so weak Theres no sense of accomplishment in killing them!”

“Although the Human race is weak, they win in numbers!”

“Since there are so many of them, well just kill more humans in the future!”

The alien races were very unhappy with the Human race being number one on the leaderboard.

They were also very unconvinced.

One after another, they clamored on the chat channel.

Naturally, some humans were unwilling to endure.

They immediately cursed.

“A bunch of hatched beasts can actually speak human language.

How strange!”

“Theyre just a bunch of animals that eat raw meat and drink blood.

When I encounter these things again, Ill capture them and make them my slaves!”

Li Xiang saw that the world channel was once again in chaos and was somewhat speechless.

He did not know what the use of this leaderboard was.

[Ding! World announcement!]

[The Race Leaderboard has been activated.

According to the rankings, the first-ranked race will receive three times the EXP.

From the second-ranked race to the top 100, they will only receive one time the EXP.

This bonus can be stacked with the double EXP descended from Evernight! ]

The moment the announcement was made, countless Country Lords were shocked.

A triple EXP buff and a double EXP buff, that was six times EXP.

Killing one monster was equivalent to killing six.

At first, the gap might be small, but as long as it progressed for a day or two, the gap between the first and second-ranked races would get bigger.

“F*ck, this EXP buff is so f*cking awesome!”

“I didnt expect our Human race to be so strong.

It seems that there are quite a number of hidden powerhouses!”

“Hmph, they just got lucky.

They only got the first place because they had more people.”

“Dont stop me.

Im going all out these seven days.

I must be reborn and rise to the top.”

“This is unfair.

Why does the second place have to be like the other trash behind Why cant it be a double EXP bonus”

“Youre the trash.

Isnt it just a mere Dragon race When I grow up, Ill capture all of you, pull your tendons, skin you, and drain your blood.

Lets see if you can still be arrogant!”

When the human Country Lords saw that news, they immediately cheered and increased their defense and attack strength in an attempt to make a qualitative leap in their strength.

The other races were very dissatisfied, increasing their hatred towards the Human race.

A few minutes later, more than 400 Cyclops were killed, and a huge amount of EXP was collected by Li Xiang.

One needed to know that it might be six times the EXP to other humans, but Li Xiang had the low-rank EXP Halo.

With it maxed out, it was equivalent to nine times the EXP.

Therefore, all the heroes received a large amount of EXP from this attack.

For example, Mia, Kyla, Yafei, and the group of Angel Warriors who had just been summoned were all increasing their levels crazily.

Kyla and Yafei were still fine.

As soon as they were summoned, Li Xiang raised their levels to Rank 100.

However, the Guardian Angels and Angel Warriors were only Rank 30 or 40.

Now, with their support attack, they were all increasing their levels in denominations of 10 levels.

Their speed was extremely fast.

At this time, Li Xiang no longer restricted the heroes.

He waved his hand and said, “Within a radius of 20 kilometers, you can move freely.



Both the Demons and Angels were rubbing their fists and leaving in a hurry.

“Eye Demon, send some clones out to check the surrounding situation too.

Its best to hide and keep an eye out for any particularly powerful bosses.”


Just then, the army inside the City of Dawn had already charged out of the city.

The main force was the Demon Army.

The Human Army only sent out 1,000 people, and they were only around Rank 50.

They actually didnt have the upper hand against the mutated creatures outside.

However, they followed the Demon Army and picked up the opportunity to kill those mutated creatures, making it much safer.

The person leading this group of people was Zhao Sheng.

Li Xiang was relieved after seeing that the Human warriors didnt advance rashly.

With the arrival of Evernight, even if there were enough light sources, the area covered by the light was very small.

With the intensity of the light in the City of Dawn, one would not be able to see anything beyond a thousand feet of the city wall.

And now that the heroes under him had to explore within a radius of 20 miles, there was definitely a huge hidden risk.

However, from the large amount of EXP that kept refreshing on the system panel, he knew that his subordinates were progressing smoothly for the time being.

It had only been one or two hours since the arrival of the Evernight, so the genuinely terrifying existence should not have appeared yet.

It was also good to be able to clean up the citys surroundings and increase their strength.

Li Xiang did not leave the city.

The truly powerful existence in the Evernight had yet to come out!

As the Lord of Dawn, it was not about charging into battle.

Instead, he had to oversee the army and calmly give commands.

Of course, if he could ensure his safety, he was willing to go into battle to express his passion.


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