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Chapter 208 Cyclops

“Ah! I almost forgot, Lord.

The regeneration potion you asked me to concoct last time has already been concocted.

To Demons and Angels, the effects of this potion are not obvious.

It can only be considered as a recovery potion.

However, to Humans, it can regenerate severed limbs.

The effects are still pretty good!”

Li Xiang was shocked.

He quickly asked, “Then, will the effects be the same for Humans who step into Transcendence”

“There will be a certain degree of weakening, and the speed will slow down.

However, I can adjust and strengthen it to increase the potions effects.

But it can only be used to regenerate severed limbs for Humans who are Silver Transcendents and below.

More top-rank materials will be needed to have an obvious effect on Gold Transcendents and above.”

Li Xiang nodded.

That was very normal.

Like common ginseng could cure diseases, wild ginseng could save lives.

Materials of different quality naturally had very different effects.

“Alright, I got it! Go back and continue your research.

The stronger the effect, the better.

As long as we have medicinal herbs, you can use them.

As long as there are results, its fine!”


After Isabella happily agreed, she immediately turned around and left.

One could clearly feel her happiness and excitement from how she walked.

“Boom boom boom…”

Suddenly, a strong tremor came from the ground.

In the distant darkness, there was a huge shadow moving closer.

Alice said, “Master, a Boss has appeared, but it shouldnt be strong!”

“OK, you guys deal with it as you deem fit, but dont let your guard down.

Keep an eye out for any movements in the darkness.

Youve all been to the Evernight Continent before, so you know what kind of place it is.”


The difference in strength between the monsters in the Evernight Continent was pronounced.

Even on the first level, there was a massive gap between monsters of the same rank.

But overall, they were a whole level stronger than the monsters in the Myriad World Continent.

With a rumbling sound, a huge figure gradually appeared.

It was a Cyclops that was more than ten meters tall.

On its shoulder was a seven to eight-meter long metal mace.

Its skin was green and black.

Surprisingly, it did not have any special mutated characteristics.

“A Rank 73 Cyclops.

Its not a big threat!”

Li Xiang only took a glance and knew the strength of the Cyclops clearly.

He had met this kind of monster in the Evernight Continent before, and it was a large group.

He didnt know if a group of Cyclops was following it.

“Country Lord, Cyclops are also appearing in the other three directions.

There are more than three of them, and there might be more to come!”

Li Xiang clapped his hands and laughed, “Sure enough, this kind of monster always moves in a large group.

Last time, we met a group of more than 300.

I wonder if there will be more this time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw huge figures behind the Cyclops.

There were more than a dozen of them in just a few breaths.

Moreover, there seemed to be many more hidden in the darkness.

“Good God, this is the big Boss release!”

Li Xiang did not panic at all.

On the contrary, he was looking forward to it.

The rain of arrows did not stop.

The common mutated monsters were still surging forward like a tidal wave.

In the middle of them were hundreds of eye-catching Cyclops.

The total number of Cyclops from all four directions was no less than 500.

However, when the Purgatory Divine Crossbow arrows hit those Cyclops, the damage the arrows dealt was negligible.

They were all Boss templates with insane defense and over 100,000 HP.

If those things got close to the city wall, they might cause some slight trouble.

“Let the rain of arrows stop.

Open the city gate and let the Army attack.

Heroes kill the Cyclops.

Let the Army clear the small monsters!”

Li Xiang gave the order, and Alice and the other heroes immediately attacked.

Mia and Kyla each took four Guardian Angels and more than 200 Angel Warriors and flew out of the City of Dawn.

This could be considered their first battle, and every Angel gave their all.

Alice and the others did not fight with them.

After all, there were more than a hundred Cyclops in every direction, and it was enough for them to share.

There was no need to swarm together.

Pure white flames instantly appeared on the longsword in Mias hand.

She flapped her wings and instantly turned into a streak of white light that shot out, leaving a long white phantom in the air.


The Cyclops movements were not clumsy, and their reactions were swift.

They instinctively felt the danger and directly used the mace in their hands to block.

Mias longsword pressed against the mace, but her body did not stop.

She used the momentum to roll, and the sword light flashed past the Cyclops neck.

In another flash, she had already rushed towards the next Cyclops.

And the Cyclops back there was staring with its eyes widely open, looking dull, and its body fell back uncontrollably.

Almost at the same time, its head rolled down, and a large amount of blood gushed out like a spring, immediately flooding the ground nearby.

Compared to Mias swift and clean killing, Kylas actions were a little slower, but the result was much more brutal than Mias.

She just stood in the air, holding the sword with both hands, with the tip facing down.

The holy light around her body expanded, making her appear even holier and nobler in the pitch-black night sky.

Almost at the same time, a huge white light that was dozens of meters tall descended from the sky, instantly enveloping a Cyclops below.


Under the sword light, a large amount of black gas emerged from the Cyclops body, and its body began to shrink, finally turning into a dry corpse that was not much bigger than an adult.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Li Xiang could not help but swallow his saliva when he saw that scene.

Previously, he only looked at the newly summoned Angels attributes panel and knew she had four skills.

Among the many heroes under him, there was nothing special about her.

However, when she made her move, he knew that she was also a ruthless person.

This move should be her skill, Holy Judgement.

It looked simple, but the effects were genuinely frightening.

As for the other Guardian Angels and Angel Warriors, when they faced the Cyclops, they also had their own ways of dealing with them.

They attacked in groups and were highly methodical.

Following that, he used Eye Demons vision to look at another newly recruited hero, the Dark Dragon Lady, Yafei.

This was a warrior with long black hair, wearing a black battle robe and holding a scarlet battle spear.

However, he was a little speechless when he turned around and saw Yafei, dressed like a warrior, waving her hand and sending out black and red fireballs the size of washbasins.

Was she a warrior or a mage

Just as that thought arose, he saw the Cyclops, who had been hit by a series of inferno fireballs in the distance, being grabbed by its ankles by a black shadow that rapidly shuttled towards it.

The Cyclops was suddenly thrown out.


In an instant, two Cyclops that were relatively close to each other were hit by that Cyclops.

They rolled on the ground and let out a terrifying roar.

That roar indiscriminately shook all the common mutated monsters nearby to the ground, and a large portion of their HP was lost.


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