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Chapter 207 Deploying Once Again

“This path to becoming a God is really tough! But can we contact Jian Suyan and ask her how we should continue in the future”

Although he didnt think Jian Suyan knew much about the path to becoming a God, this mysterious intelligence agent would occasionally bring him some surprises.

Moreover, he had previously received a reminder from this agent, so he owed her a favor.

He could take this opportunity to contact her.

Therefore, he began to wait by putting up an item again and tagging it with a special price.

Meanwhile, the battle outside was still going on smoothly.

After all, there was only that amount of space around them.

With so many mutated monsters, they had to approach them bit by bit, wave by wave.

It was impossible to stack them.

Fortunately, Li Xiang had many subordinates.

They could take turns, so the speed and efficiency of killing the monsters were not affected.

At the same time, a large number of Soul Points were accumulated again.

The Soul Points of those Evernight mutated monsters were the same as EXP.

They were gained doubly, allowing Li Xiang to obtain the Soul Points rapidly.

As for EXP, it was gained triply.

Because of the low-rank EXP Halos bonus, the others also gained doubled EXP, while he had tripled EXP.

Differences usually became greater through accumulation in insignificant areas and eventually worlds apart.

“Eye Demon! Whats the situation in the Emperor City and Business City”

“Country Lord, not many monsters are attacking the cities because the lights in the two cities are out.

However, dealing with the monsters attacks will be very inconvenient due to the lack of light.

Therefore, there are still some casualties.”

Li Xiang nodded, but that was the case.

Without light, even the enemy could not see the city.

How could they defend the city

The guards there were all Human warriors.

Their levels had just increased, and their strength was not high yet.

If they were targeted by the mutated creatures, it would cause huge casualties, which was very troublesome.

“Dispatch the order.

Send 1,000 Rank 100 Vine Whisker Demons and Black Wing Demons to Emperor City and Business City to assist in defending the cities.

Also, send 10,000 Human warriors into the City of Dawn to climb up the city wall and defend the city!”


Li Xiangs orders were quickly understood, and he directly dispatched his troops using the teleportation array.

Just then, Zhao Sheng, who was at the back, came to the front.

“Country Lord, I also want to lead my subordinates to go up the city wall to defend the city!”

He knew that this Country Lord had top-rank halo skills, which could greatly increase their chances of survival.

If he could participate in the seven-day defense of the city, with the blessing of the Country Lords halo, his strength would rapidly increase.

“Have you completed the introduction to the cultivation method”

“Ive already mastered it!”

“Not bad, not bad!”

The cultivation method of this world could also naturally be improved by consuming EXP.

However, the EXP needed to be obtained through battles, which differed from the common EXP.

Li Xiang pondered and said, “Alright, arrange your men to take turns to go up the city wall to participate in the defense.

However, you must carefully watch the Country Lords in the backyard.

If anything goes wrong…”

“If anything goes wrong, the Country Lord shall punish me as you deem fit!”

“Alright, go!”


Zhao Sheng excitedly accepted the order and left.

Li Xiang watched as Zhao Sheng left and thought to himself, “The training of the Human warriors has to be sped up as well.

I still dont know what kind of situation I will face when I enter the true Myriad World Continent.

I have to train more now so that I can be prepared.”

It was only then that he remembered that other than summoning demons with the talent reward Demons Nest when he first descended into this world, he could also summon other types of soldiers.

And the most commonly seen were Human warriors.

However, he had turned a blind eye to that for a long time.

He had indeed not thought it through sufficiently.

That ordinary barrack was still standing alone in the corner of the City of Dawn right now.

He would have almost forgotten about it if it were not for the sudden idea of nurturing some Human warriors.

Therefore, he came to the ordinary barrack that every Country Lord had after descending into this world.

Opening the recruitment interface, it instantly displayed the types of warriors that could be recruited.

Perhaps of the main citys upgrade, the types of Human warriors that Li Xiang could recruit were plenty.

Archers, Sword-shield Warriors, and Spearmen were common warrior types.

Sharpshooters and Cavalry were advanced warrior types.

Following that were some special professional warriors: Swordsmen, Machetemen, Assassins, Mages, and so on.

After consideration, Li Xiang recruited 10,000 Archers, 10,000 Spearmen, 10,000 Swordsmen, 10,000 Machetemen, 10,000 Mages, and 10,000 Cavalry.

Compared to the Transcendental race of Demons and Angels, the Human warriors were unbelievably cheap, even if they were advanced warriors.

Common Archers, for example, cost one Soul Point each, so cheap that it was unbelievable.

However, there was naturally a reason why they were cheap.

Those common Human Archers could only be raised to Rank 30.

If they could not advance, they could only be Rank 30 Archers for the rest of their lives.

Their aptitude level was very low.

Even so, Li Xiang was confident that he could raise the aptitude of those Archers.

Individually, the quality of the Human race was very common.

However, the Human races potential was the best among all the races in the universe.

As long as they were nurtured well, even Gods and Buddhas could be slaughtered by them.

Those 60,000 warriors were just his first attempt.

Currently, there was Rank 50 and above mutated monsters everywhere outside the city.

If they mixed in to just deal damage, their ranks would definitely increase at an unimaginable speed.

As for class advancement, the mountain of precious herbs in Li Xiangs warehouse could finally be put to good use.

“Call Isabella over!”

A Human warrior immediately took the order and left.

Soon, Isabella arrived at the city wall.

Feeling the rich evil aura and the nauseating smell outside, she immediately cast a small spell to cover herself.

Li Xiang ignored Isabellas action and asked directly, “Isabella, do you know how to improve the Human races aptitude In other words, can you concoct a potion that can improve the Human races constitution or aptitude”

At the mention of potions, Isabellas timid look suddenly became confident.

“Dont worry, my Lord.

I cant guarantee the other races, but I have studied all potions that can improve the Human races aptitude and constitution.

Its not a big problem.”

“Then, are the medicinal materials and resources sufficient After all, I have many Human warriors under me now.

It wont be worth it if the materials used are too precious or rare.”

“No problem! The Kingdom of Dawn is extremely rich in medicinal materials.

The trade of medicinal materials in the Business City has always been the most popular, so we have enough medicinal materials in reserve.”

Seeing Isabellas confident look, Li Xiang was in a good mood.

“Then immediately organize your men and start preparing the potions!”

Hearing that, Isabella immediately expressed her excitement that she would do her best.

Among the heroes under Li Xiang, only Isabella was a surrendered hero.

However, as her field of expertise was different, she had always been in a marginal status.

Now, she had finally found a place where she could put her skills to use.

That made her very excited.


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