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Jian Suyan said, “Since everyone has offered such a high reward, I wont hesitate to tell you! The system will determine whether what I said is true or not!”

Li Xiang was obviously not the only one who had dealings with Jian Suyan, so there were many people who knew her.

“Miss Jians words are definitely trustworthy!”

“This is the first time Ive seen Miss Jian speak on the World Channel!”

When Li Xiang saw Jian Suyan, he couldnt help but want to join in the fun.

This was the first time he spoke on the World Channel, “Im looking forward to it!”

When Li Xiang spoke, everyone instantly went into an uproar.

This was Li Xiangs first time speaking on the World Channel.

As the Lord of Dawn, he had never spoken on the channel at all.

His silence made people wonder if he was a human.

When they saw Li Xiang speak, everyone was very excited.

Many people even wanted to send a private message to contact him, but they realized that the private message function had already been shut down, so they couldnt contact him at all.

“Boss Li Xiang, please let me cling on to you!”

“Boss Li Xiang, do you still need a servant I can massage legs, carry bags, act cute, as well as being obedient.

Will you please consider me”

“Li Xiang, where did you get your divine beast phoenix Youd better hand it over.

Divine beast is the totem of our Beast race.

Im warning you!”

“Li Xiang, our Undead race is willing to form an alliance with you.

If youre interested, you can chat privately!” This was Chen Fengs words.

“Li Xiang, our Three-eyed Divine race will rise soon.

If you know your place, then join us as soon as possible.

Dont be ungrateful!”

Li Xiang felt strange to see that so many people suddenly appeared since he had just spoken.

Just as he was about to speak, Yang Mi suddenly spoke as well.

“Shut up.

We are here to listen to Miss Jians message, not to listen to your nonsense!”

Li Xiang smiled and immediately spoke, “Thats right, my wifes words are my words!”

Immediately, all human country lords were speechless.

Everybody knew that the two of you were in love, but could you restrain yourself a little Youre showing off your love on the World Channel, and youre even being lovey-dovey here.

You simply dont see others as humans.

When many people saw this scene, their eyes turned red with jealousy.

For example, Qin Feng, who was currently gripping the armrest of his throne tightly, left five deep marks on it.

After a long commotion, Jian Suyan finally spoke again, “The difference between the names on the leaderboard, the Lord of Dawn and country lord, is that the Lord of Dawn is a gods name.

He has already been recognized by the system, and his path to becoming a god in the future is smooth.

Whereas the country lord is just a lord of a territory.

He is still a mortal.

The difference between a gods name and a countrys name are worlds apart!”

As soon as this explanation was given, countless people who had put up a bounty immediately received the notification that the bounty had been completed.

They knew that Jian Suyans answer was correct.

This was a bounty that had been recognized by the system.

Now that it had been announced, there was naturally no mistake.


Countless people thought about Jian Suyans explanation and immediately felt a sense of admiration in their hearts.

The Lord of Dawn was about to become a god!

This simply made countless people cry with envy.

Even though after coming to Myriad World Continent, countless people knew that as long as they continued to become stronger, there would be a day when they would become a god.

But no matter how foolish they were, they knew that becoming a god was something that only a few people could do.

It was still very far away from them.

However, who knew that there would be people who already had the potential to become a god before they even left the newbie area He still had a smooth road in the future some more.

How could they not be extremely envy

The Dragon Country Lord of Region S19 at far away, Yass, was currently standing high in the sky above the dragon nest.

He was looking down at the land in front of him in a dignified manner.

Countless huge dragons were flying in the sky.

All sorts of Dragon race creatures were rapidly killing the Evernight mutated creatures that were approaching.

Dragons were born with powerful physiques.

They did not need to cultivate.

They only needed to sleep, and the energy in their bodies would increase.

They were extraordinary beings that were blessed by heaven and earth.

It was effortless for them to deal with these common low-level mutated monsters.

However, at this moment, there was no joy in Yass eyes.

Before today, he had always thought that he was the strongest lord in Myriad World Continent.

There was no one like him.

However, from the moment Evernight descended, he had been firmly suppressed in the second place, and the difference in his points with the first place were still increasing.

If that was all, then it would have been fine.

Evernight would descend for seven days, and he was confident that he could rely on the strength of Dragon Race to catch up.

However, after someone discovered the difference in everyones names on the leaderboard, the explanation he received made him unable to be happy anymore.

Becoming a god!

For every country lord who came to this world and had an ambition, who wouldnt yearn for it

However, no matter how hard they tried, they still couldnt find any path to becoming a god.

This made him think that his current strength was too weak, and it was still far from becoming a god.

However, the appearance of the Lord of Dawn changed its mindset of muddling through.

“The Lord of Dawn Becoming a god If someone would become a god, it must be me, Dragon Yass!”

Thinking of this, he let out a dragon roar and issued an order, “Double the lighting of the dragons nest.

I want to be first on the leaderboard!”

The Hell Lord, Thorne, was also deep in thought.

He recalled the contents of the world announcement that Li Xiang had just triggered.

Could it be that upgrading a main city to level 5 was the requirement to become a god

He shook his head.

This requirement was too low.

Although he had yet to upgrade the main city to level 5, it was only a matter of time.

This was not a problem for many country lords, so this was not the reason why Li Xiang had upgraded from the country lord of Dawn to the Lord of Dawn.

Could it be that he had to destroy thousands of countries

The moment this thought appeared in his mind, he immediately felt that the possibility was higher, but it was definitely not the whole story.

It should be one of the necessary conditions instead.

Thinking up to this point, his eyes immediately flashed with a bright light.

In his heart, he was already thinking about how to achieve the goal of destroying over a thousand countries.

Meanwhile, the fourth-ranked Undead country lord, Chen Feng, was also discussing with his subordinates.

“Everyone, what do you think is the requirement to become a god”

“The information I bought from Jian Suyan was about the words of god, the actions of god, and the rules of god.

But now, the first thing that Li Xiang got was the name of God.

What is the secret behind this”

“High priest, our Undead race should also have gods, right Dont we have any inheritances or books about becoming gods”

The Undead high priest, Harper, who was sitting next to him, shook his head and said, “Your Highness, our Undead race definitely had gods.

However, they are too ancient.

Even if there were inheritances and records left behind, we still wont know where they are.

Now that weve experienced a series of world changes and come to Myriad World Continent.

Theres even less information left behind.

So, it still has to depend on Your Highness in the end!”

Harper had no choice.

He was telling the truth.

Another thing he didnt say was that Undead race and their gods had been out of contact for countless years.

No matter how many sacrifices they offered, no matter how many people prayed, there had been no response.

Furthermore, it wasnt just them.

The other transcendent races also couldnt contact the gods they worshipped.


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