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Li Xiangs living conditions shocked most people, but at the same time, they were feeling extremely sour.

It had only been a few days, and he had already created food with seasonings

Looking at the special effect of the Honey Roasted Meat that could make people feel happy, many people were tempted.

There was no other reason.

It was precisely because, after more than two days of experience and adventure, the initial soldiers under them had more or less lost a certain degree of loyalty.

Once their loyalty dropped, it would not be so easy to make up for it.

Using this Honey Roasted Meat as a reward seemed to be a good choice.

However, this food was too expensive!

Originally, the recommended selling price of high-quality meat was twice as expensive as ordinary meat.

Now that it was even processed high-quality meat, it was even more expensive.

Originally, the selling price of pork and beef was the same.

The exchange rate for wood was 1:30.

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Whereas this Honey Roasted Meat directly rose to 1:110!

What kind of joke was this

How many trees would they have to cut down!


Currently, most people didnt have any tools, and there were only a few basic soldiers in the territory.

They hadnt expanded their population yet.

The production of all kinds of resources was very low.

Even if they didnt go hunting or collect food like berries, just cutting down wood was already good enough to produce five units a day.

With such a small amount of wood, after deducting the cost of the natural wear and tear of the building every day, there would not be much left.

In comparison, Li Xiangs Demon Lair was very convenient.

Resources would only be needed when recruiting soldiers.

There was no cost for leveling up and daily living.

Only the wooden houses that the barbarians lived in would lose one percent of their wood every day due to the elemental power that permeated the air of the Myriad World Continent.

Ten wooden houses plus the palace would only cost one unit of wood.

This bit of resources was completely unburdensome for the barbarians who had tools in their hands.


Therefore, this Honey Roasted Meat was not something that an ordinary person could afford.

The initial soldiers had to have at least a ruler of B-Rank or above in order to have a surplus of resources to purchase this “luxury item”.

Li Xiang had no intention of using Honey Roasted Meat to exchange for normal resources.

His goal was the only Weapon Manufacturing Blueprint in the trade channel.

However, Li Xiang did not contact the other party.

Because this would give the other party a chance to raise the price.

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He believed that the ruler who could obtain the blueprint but did not use it himself would not be very capable.

He was probably lucky, just like Sally.

He believed that the other party would definitely see the business opportunity in the Honey Roasted Meat at this time.

As expected, and not long after, Li Xiang received a private chat message.

Just as he thought, this person did not have the materials to make weapons, and he did not have the corresponding forging craft.

He could only exchange it for resources.

“Boss Li Xiang, I am very interested in your Honey Roasted Meat.

I have a [Unknown Grade Weapon Manufacturing Blueprint] in my hands.

Do you think we can do an exchange”

“How much do you want to exchange it for”

“Twenty units, how about it”

Daylight robbery!

Li Xiang couldnt be bothered with it.

It would be a miracle if he agreed to this price.

This was equivalent to 2,200 units of wood.

How long would his barbarians have to chop it for

“Trying to take advantage of me”

Li Xiang chuckled.

He wasnt in a hurry at all.

He closed the chat and looked at the trading area.

He found that the Honey Roasted Meat that he had put up for trade had already been snapped up.

The notifications kept ringing one after another.

In a short while, three units of Honey Roasted Meat were sold out.

Soon, many people in the world channel gave feedback.

This meat could indeed increase the loyalty of subordinates!

This set off a meat craze.

Li Xiang decided to fulfill their demands and roasted another unit of meat.

However, he asked Sally to help sell it on consignment at a price of 1:120, creating a phenomenon of a second-hand trader trying to raise the price.

Although some people on the chat channel scolded Sally for this behavior, the unit of Honey Roasted Meat was quickly sold out.

There was no other reason.

Some people saw a business opportunity!

The Honey Roasted Meat that was sold reappeared on the market again, and the price was pushed even higher.

This time, the person holding the weapon blueprint could not sit still.

He kept sending messages in the private chat, lowering the price from 20 to 15 and then to 10.

Li Xiang still ignored him.

This made him anxious.

If this continued, the weapon blueprint in his hands would become less and less valuable.

Maybe even one unit of Honey Roasted Meat would not be worth it in the end.

He gritted his teeth and sent this message.

“Boss Li Xiang, it was my fault before.

I shouldnt have recklessly raised the price, but no matter what, whats your estimated price At least tell me, as long as its suitable, well make a deal at one price”

“Two units of Honey Roasted Meat, no bargaining.”

“Huh Isnt this a little too low…”

“Block me then, and stop contacting me.”


“No, no, no…”

This person was very helpless.

After thinking carefully, two units could be exchanged for a lot of resources.

It could accelerate his development for more than ten days.

The early stage of development was extremely precious.

This was to lay the foundation, which could determine whether he could walk ahead of others in the future.

Not to mention that there would be a beast tide soon.

If one could not withstand it and the person died, then even if the weapon blueprint was left in ones hands, what use would it be

Why not exchange it for some wood and stones, build houses, expand the population, and increase safety.

“Alright! I agree.

Boss, when can we make the deal”

“Just wait.”

Li Xiang smiled slightly and finally relented.

The roasted meat took some time, and after it was done, the sky darkened a lot.

The third day was about to end.

Li Xiang took advantage of the time and opened the blueprint in his hands to check the manufacturing requirements.

[Weapon Manufacturing Blueprint]

Grade: Excellent

Manufacturing Requirements: Iron Ingot, Master-Ranked Forging Craft

Weapon Type: Sword, Spear, Bow

Attribute Summary —

Attack: 30-50 (-20% to 20%, determined according to the weapon type, the bow type is the lowest, the spear type is the highest)

Power: 5

Agility: 4

Equip Level: 5

“Not bad.”

Li Xiang couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

This attack power had already surpassed that of a C-Rank soldier.

Whether it was equipping the Black Wing Demon or the Vine Whisker Demon, it could bring about a decent increase in attack power.

If he could enchant it through the dwarf tribe, he could obtain even more powerful effects.

“I wonder how the discussion of the dwarves is coming along.”

Li Xiang turned to look at the succubus.

“Come, bring up the view of the small eye demon thats following them.”

The succubus took a step sideways and slapped the eye demons head.


The blood-colored black gas condensed into a vortex, and the scene appeared.

The voice of the dwarves came from within.

“King! They have an army of five thousand demons, and theres no way we can win!”



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