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“This mountain is at the center of the territory, and the terrain is so steep that no living creature can touch the cave except for the flying units.”

It was a good place.

From the panel, he was just a mortal.

This meant that he had no way to fight against the native creatures of this world.

However, this was not a big deal.

He was the ruler, the man who was going to lead his subordinates to conquer the world.


The soldiers and generals under him were what he relied on.

Li Xiang immediately decided to treat this place as a barracks.

A notification immediately sounded in his head.

[Do you want to set up the Demon Lair]

[Yes] [No]

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Along with a rumbling sound.

A hint of blood color appeared deep in the cave, and the overall appearance of the cave changed drastically.

When he looked at the cave again, a corresponding panel appeared.

[Demon Lair: The only soldier building]

[Rank: Rank 1]

[Initial Soldiers: None at the moment]

[Unlocked Soldiers: None at the moment]

[Special Effect: A new demon can be spawned for every level (0/1)]

[Level Up Requirement: Fuse with a territory]

Rank 1, just enough to spawn a demon.


Li Xiang could not help but look forward to it.

He immediately chose to start spawning!

Unfortunately, he only realized at this moment that he had to wait half an hour.

Taking advantage of this time, Li Xiang began to look at the other menus.

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[Friend information] was empty.


[Cross-Border Trade Channel] was also quiet.

Only the [World Chat Channel] had an exclamation mark on it, and it was very noisy.


When he went in, he saw countless people talking inside.

“Damn it, what is this place”


“Who can tell me what these transparent creatures floating in the air are Help, I dont want to die yet…”

“Idiot, if you dont want to die, dont run around.

Quickly put the barracks in the territory and let the initial soldiers deal with them!”

“My initial soldiers are E-Rank Missionaries.

If I dont level them up to the Holy Guards, I wont have any offensive skills.

[E-Rank Missionary Illustration Manual]”

“A moment of silence for the unlucky guy upstairs.

Just now, someone was running around with D-Rank Hatchet Men.

Now, the grass on the grave is three meters tall.”


“E-Rank is already very good.

Sigh, I only have an F-Rank Slime.

It doesnt know anything except spitting.

[F-Rank Slime Illustration Manual]”



Li Xiang opened the illustration manual and took a look.

He almost laughed out loud.




Quality: E

Growth Rate: 1

Rank: 1

Attack: 3-5

Defense: 2

HP: 50

Skills: None at the moment

The other one was even worse.



Quality: F

Growth Rate: 1

Rank: 1

Magic Attack: 2-3

Defense: 1

HP: 70


Skills: None at the moment

As expected of the soldiers at the lowest grade.

If they could not suppress the quality of the soldiers with numbers, no one would be able to defeat them in a one-on-one fight.

Li Xiang even felt that he, a mortal, was stronger than these two types of soldiers!


At this moment, the systems broadcast rang, and everyone heard the same voice.

[All rulers from Earth have successfully awakened.

Starting to divide the regions now…]

The voice paused for a moment and then rang out again a few seconds later.

[All rulers of Region 0042 have completed their talent statistics.

F-Rank talent possessors: 27; E-Rank talent possessors: 16; D-Rank talent possessors: 11; C-Rank talent possessors and above: 4!]

The output rate of high-rank talent was even lower than the published data.

Li Xiang did not expect that out of the 58 people in his region, only four had awakened C-Rank talent and above.


It was like a pyramid; the higher one went, the fewer there were.

From the world chat just now, it was not hard to know that even D-Rank soldiers could not do whatever they wanted in the protection zone.

This meant that the rulers with E-Rank and F-Rank talent would have a harder time surviving.

As the regions were divided, the echelon rankings also appeared.

This was the strength ranking of the rulers in the region.

Li Xiang took a look.

He was shockingly ranked first in the [Military Potential] rankings!


The chat in the region that just came out had already exploded.

“Damn it! There are only four people in the first echelon Is this a joke”

“Even the D-Rank soldiers in the second echelon have a hard time clearing the monsters in the territory.

Doesnt this mean that there are only four people who can protect themselves in the novice stage”

“I dont think so.

The C-Rank soldiers might not be much stronger than the D-Rank soldiers.”

“Are you sure [C-Rank Murloc Illustration Manual]”

Li Xiang wanted to open it and see.

The attributes were indeed much better.


Quality: C

Growth Rate: 3

Rank: 1

Magic Attack: 15-30

Defense: 7

HP: 350

Skill: [Spear]


It was at least ten times stronger than the Missionary!


And as the level increased, the growth rate would widen the gap.

With such a panel, it was believed that after having a certain amount of base, it would not be too much of a problem to deal with some wild animals.

It was an easy thing to solve the problem of individual meals.

As for whether they could leave the novice protection zone to explore the wilderness, that was unknown.

This naturally caused many people to go crazy for it.

“Boss, please bring me along! I can serve you tea and water, and I can even warm your bed if you need me.

I know all 72 postures, you can play however you want!”


“Damn it, count me in! Boss, you can use my territory resources as you please, and you can take the barracks too.

As long as you give me a meal!”


The Murloc King replied, “Hahaha, alright, alright, this Murloc of mine is a marine soldier.

When it grows up, it might even be able to transform into a dragon.

Wait until I go out to clear the area, gather resources, and evolve a wave, then Ill come back and bring you guys to have a good time!”


“Boss is awesome!”

“Boss, please share the view of clearing the area!”

[Murloc King has activated the view sharing!]


In the time it took, all the rulers of Region 0042 clicked on it.

Even Li Xiang was no exception.

He also wanted to know what was outside the territory.

He saw the Murloc King leading his four Murloc underlings through the side of the territory first.

On the way, they encountered wild beasts.

They surrounded and attacked them one by one, killing them without any danger.

The territory was safe now.

However, there werent many resources in his territory.

There wasnt even a water source.

The Murloc King was proud of himself.

In the regional chat, he said that he was definitely the first person who could go out to explore.

No one could beat him.

Then, he swaggered out of the novice protection zone, ready to find a water source.

In the end, he encountered his first crisis.

It was a group of [Pecking Falcon].

He couldnt see their attributes, but there were many of them, and they were led by one [Pecking Falcon King].

The Murloc King ordered his subordinates to raise their spears and shoot.

In the end, the stone spears were instantly deflected the moment they hit the fur of the Pecking Falcons, forcibly deducting a bar of HP.

The Pecking Falcons flew over and attacked with their sharp, hook-like beaks.

The four Murlocs were killed in an instant.

The Murloc King, in his panic, couldnt escape the claws of the demons.

Even the corpse was eaten by the Pecking Falcon.

The scene was only interrupted when the eyeball was swallowed by the Pecking Falcon King.



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