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“Everyone, dont make a fuss.

This is just the beginning.

Perhaps Li Xiang made some arrangements beforehand to achieve such a great result in a short period of time.

However, Evernight will descend for a full seven days.

A momentary victory or defeat is not even worth mentioning.”

“Thats right.

Humans are the best at opportunism.

In the end, the points rankings still have to be determined by us, the dragons!”

“Hehehe! You make it sound like we demons are weak! Its just a small matter now.

Soon, you will know how strong the demons are.

When that time comes, dont tremble in fear.”

“Tsk tsk, do you only care about Li Xiangs ranking Havent you noticed that theres not only one human in the top ten of the points rankings, but there are four of them!”

“Hiss! Now only I realized that there really are four.

In such an intense competition, there are actually four humans in the top 10.

Isnt this unbelievable”

“How is this possible Humans are definitely not that strong!”

“Haha! Guess what I discovered The other races might not know, but as a human, I can confirm that these three humans who entered the top 10 are all women, and they are all Li Xiangs women!”

Suddenly, the entire World Channel seemed to be suffocated, and it paused for a moment.

Then, countless people clicked on the images of Yang Mi and the other two, looking at their basic information.

[Yang Mi, Elf Lord, Level 77, Alliance: Harem]

[Ning Xiaoyue, Moon Elf Lord, Level 73, Alliance: Harem]

[Zhou Yutong, Fairy Lord, Level 82, Alliance: Harem]

Looking at the most basic information, everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

This was especially so for those who were previously very familiar with the three of them.

At this moment, they were completely dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes at all.

The three of them were all level 70 to 80, and the affiliated alliance was all Harem.

“This f*cking alliances name sounds so arrogant.

Im so envious!”

“This alliances name is naturally limited to only Li Xiang.

It rejects all men to join! I wanted to cling on to them at first, but my gender doesnt allow me to do so.

How sad!”

“Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong were both top-rank celebrities in the country back then.

I didnt expect that they would share the same husband after entering Myriad World Continent.

Can they even tolerate this”

“Dont be silly! A womans endurance towards the strong was absolutely beyond your imagination.

If you cant take them down, it only means that your arent strong enough.

Do you really think that the survival of the fittest Myriad World Continent is a peaceful world To be able to find a man here that you can rely on is something that no one can hope for.

So what if you share one man”

“Yang Mi and the other two are very strong! This is the advantage of riding ones coattails.

If I could also cling on to a powerful existence, Id have nothing to worry about then!”

Li Xiang only took a glance at the ranking board and discovered that Yang Mi and the other two were also on it.

However, he was not too surprised by this.

With the threes current strength, it was only natural for them to be on the ranking board.

What really made him wary was that other than the few foreign races that were ranked in the top few, Chen Feng, who he originally thought was a human, was no longer a human.

Instead, he was an Undead.

This change made him have a vague guess.

After all, he did not intend to betray his own race.

Whether it was angels or demons, they were not what he wanted.

He wanted to walk his own path of transcendence.

When his level rose to level 100, he did not continue to rise.

It was not because he did not have enough EXP, nor did he encounter any bottlenecks.

Instead, he had to choose the direction or system of the path of transcendence when he reached level 100.

It could be the extraordinary system in heaven, the abyss, or the hell.

He had to choose one.

Once he chose, the nature of the extraordinary power in his body would change.

He would also evolve and improve under the influence of this extraordinary power, breaking through the limitations of his race and genes.

He would evolve towards the true extraordinary race.

However, this kind of evolution was not without a price!

After completely fusing with the extraordinary power, his own race would also undergo a corresponding transformation.

He would either become an angel or a demon.

In short, he would not be a human.

Li Xiang felt that there was an invisible power pushing and manipulating in the darkness to weaken the power of the Human race, and even stealing the luck of the Human race.

After all, Li Xiang had transmigrated here.

His vision and experience were naturally on a completely different level.

Although there was no evidence for this vague guess, he was already very certain with his intuition.

Especially the change in Chen Feng, which confirmed his guess even more.

Before this, the entire Area C was Human races base.

But now, the east of Area 0044 had become the Undeads base.

Previously when he thought that Chen Feng was a human, he could still restrain his desire to expand.

But now it seemed that he was still too merciful.

If he had known that Chen Feng would turn into Undead, he would have destroyed him first.

Li Xiangs eyes flickered, but he did not have the slightest worry about his future path.

Ever since he had synthesized the divine grade talent, Starlight Shrine, he knew that he could also choose the path of stars other than the light and darkness systems of angels and demons.

The path of stars was also a top-tier path, and it could even accommodate light and darkness.

He did not have to worry about being transformed into another race by extraordinary powers.

This was because the path of stars was a unique extraordinary system, so he did not have to worry about being influenced by others.

However, Li Xiang thought a little deeper and knew that there were definitely many people who wanted to choose such a top-tier path like the path of stars.

In fact, they would go even deeper and further than him.

These people might very well become his enemies in the future.

But even so, he was not afraid at all.

It was endless fun to fight against the heavens, the earth, and the people!

At this moment, someone suddenly asked a question on the World Channel.

“Everyone, I want to ask, why are all the other people on this ranking list addressed as the country lords while the number one, Li Xiang, is called theLord of Dawn Whats the difference”

As soon as this question was asked, many of the country lords who did not notice this detail immediately reacted.

“F*ck, what does this title mean What is the difference between the Lord of Dawn and the country lord of Dawn Does anyone know I offer a reward of 100 crystal coins!”

“Ive also put up the same amount of reward.

If someone gives the correct answer, the system will automatically transfer the money!”

“Good Lord, I didnt notice it until you guys mentioned it.

From the way you address him, it seems like the standard is different! Li Xiang is the Lord of Dawn, while you guys are the country lords.

Theres obviously a difference.”

“ 1 reward has been put up!”

Instantly, countless people were attracted in the World Channel because of this question, and the number of people who put up the reward instantly rose to tens of thousands.

In total, this was the income of millions of crystal coins.

As expected, after such a high reward appeared, someone finally revealed the difference.

And this person was an acquaintance of Li Xiang — Jian Suyan.


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