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“Alright, there are enough rooms in this courtyard.

There will be people sending food here every day.

You can also do some activities in the courtyard.

To prevent you from being bored, we have also prepared a library for you.

There are some books in there that you can browse through as you wish.”

After saying this, Zhao Sheng turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

At this moment, the teleportation array in the corner of the courtyard would occasionally send people in, but the speed had obviously started to slow down.

After all, if they could survive the descent of Evernight this time, perhaps they would be able to break away from the restrictions of Kingdom of Dawn and start anew.

This was very attractive to everyone.

Li Xiang did not stop or care about this.

In front of them, on the city walls of City of Dawn, Li Xiang wore an armor and had a long sword hanging at his waist.

He stared at the black wave that was rapidly approaching in the darkness.

Yes, these Evernight demons gathered together and surged like a black wave.

However, these Evernight mutated creatures that appeared now were only low-rank cannon fodder.

Although they were not weak, they were not that strong either.

It was not until these Evernight mutated creatures were close to 300 meters away that everyone could clearly see the appearance of these monsters.

It was not a single type of monster, but there were many types.

Most of them even looked strange and indescribable.

The only style that could be agreed upon was crazy, bloodthirsty, and evil!

When the demon warriors on the city wall saw these monsters, their expressions were calm and unmoved.

In terms of evil, the demons were not weak at all.

The real difference was that the demons had enough wisdom and reason, while these monsters did not.

When these monsters were close to a hundred feet away, Li Xiang waved his hand and the warriors launched an attack.

Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

There were only three thousand demon warriors on the front city wall, and there were only twelve thousand people on all four sides.

The density of the arrows fired was not high.

If it were not for Purgatory Divine Crossbows ability to fire consecutively and its extremely effectivity, it would probably be very difficult for them to affect the wave of monsters that were surrounding them.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

The rain of arrows continued to fall, and they exploded with a loud bang the moment they fell.

The inferno fire that splashed out burned the entire area.

The mutated monsters under the city wall were all level 50 or so common mutated monsters.

Under the attack of Purgatory Divine Crossbows, they were completely defenseless.

However, the scary part was that these monsters had no reason at all.

They were not afraid of death.

They charged crazily and lay down in the inferno fire.

In the end, they fell into the fire and used their bodies to create a path.

However, they were covered by the rain of arrows and burned again.

The rich smell of burning spread, making people want to vomit.

In just a short span of ten breaths, over one thousand of mutated monsters were killed.

The four walls were all attacked at the same level.

Only City of Dawn had the strength to resist such a large-scale attack.

However, looking at the deep darkness in the distance, it was unknown how many more mutated creatures were hiding behind it.

These were just insignificant cannon fodder.

They were not even worth the cost.

What was even more terrifying was the Evernight demons.

Mutated monsters were still monsters.

However, those who could be called Evernight demons were terrifying existences with intelligence.

They were the most difficult to deal with.

At this moment, Li Xiang suddenly realized that the original chat channel had undergone a huge change.

The World Channel had already removed the restrictions on speaking.

Countless lords were crying out in agony.

Area C15s White Night Country Lord: “Are they trying to get rid of all of us Such a terrifying monster horde, who can withstand it Some more we still need to hold on for seven days”

Area F7s Crocodile Horn Country Lord: “These monsters are too terrifying.

I think I can only hold on for three days at most before Im completely dying.

Who can save me Im willing to serve!”

Area B12s Hundred Herbs Country Lord: “Do you need healing potions or recovery potions Its free.

As long as you use equipment and weapons, you can get a 50% discount!”

District C32s Black Mountain Country Lord: “Hehe, a bunch of trash! Are you scared of these little monsters This is only the appetizer.

If you feel that you cant do it, then bring your soldiers and wealth to my territory and pledge your allegiance to me! Ill give you a way out.”

District A3s Violent Bear Country Lord: “I advise all of the weak country lords to make plans early.

Taking advantage of the fact that Evernight has just begun, there is still a chance to make a choice.

As long as you pledge your allegiance to me, I can provide you with protection.

Of course, protection is not free.

The specific conditions can be discussed in person!”

Zone D36s Green Mountain Country Lord: “Everyone, dont be fooled.

These country lords who want people to pledge their allegiance to them are just trying to cheat you of your military strength and wealth, so that you can be used as cannon fodder to resist the Evernight Demons.

If you dont really have any connections or understand them, its the best that you dont hold any hope.

If you really want to pledge allegiance, I suggest that the humans pledge allegiance to the country lord of Dawn, Li Xiang; the country lord of Undead, Chen Feng; and the country lord of Holy Light, Qin Feng.

I dont know about the other races, but I wish you all good luck!”

Li Xiang looked surprised when he saw the message sent by the country lord of Green Mountain.

He had dealt with both the country lords of Undead and Holy Light, and they were all hostile forces.

And those who were enemies of Kingdom of Dawn were naturally not simple.

Now that the country lord of Green Mountain knew so much, that meant his intelligence ability was definitely extraordinary.

The World Channel was still buzzing with discussion.

Only a small portion of the messages were from the country lords of human race, while most of the messages were from other races.

From these messages, it could be seen how powerful the foreign races were.

Now, it seemed that the number of country lords facing the Evernight mutated monsters was still very high.

Many of the country lords were stimulated by the double EXP, and their levels rose.

Their strength also rose alongside, and they became more confident.

Li Xiang opened the ranking board, and it showed the top 100.

Although the top 10,000 had rewards, the board only showed the top 100.

The rest would not be shown, and the ranking and points would only be shown on their respective panel.

[The Descend of Evernight Points Rankings]

First Place: Dawn Lord, Li Xiang; Human race; 7,633 points

Second Place: Dragon Lord, Yass; Dragon race; 3,468 points

Third Place: Hell Lord, Thorne; Demon race; 3,289 points

Fourth place: Undead Lord, Chen Feng; Undead race; 3,024 points

Fifth Place: Giant Bug Lord, Butch; Bug race; 2,952 points

Sixth Place: Giant Lord, Gao Deng; Giant race; 2911 points

Seventh Place: Elf Lord, Yang Mi; Human race; 2834 points

Eight Place: Fairy Lord, Zhou Yutong; Human race; 2807 points

Ninth Place: Tiger Lord, Hu Xiaotian; Beast race; 2650 points

Tenth Place: Moon Elf Lord, Ning Xiaoyue; Human race; 2576 points

The moment this list appeared, the entire World Channel was in an uproar.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Id like to call boss Li Xiang a god.

His points are almost double that of the second place.

How did he manage to kill his way out”

“He even won Dragon Lord, Yass Hes a giant dragon.

When he flies, he can instantly kill a bunch of monsters with a single breath.

Even he couldnt defeat Li Xiang.

The Kingdom of Dawn is too strong.”


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