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Moreover, if they all left, their castle might not be destroyed by Evernight demons, and they might be able to continue living there in the future.

After all, Li Xiang was only talking about taking back the territory, so the castle might not really be taken back.

Moreover, they had some feelings after living there for so long.

Li Xiang did not pay too much attention to it, because the lights of City of Dawn were not extinguished.

In the entire beginners area, it was the brightest place.

As for Business City and Emperor City, the lights were completely extinguished, and they remained silent.

Li Xiang believed that with City of Dawn attracting the Evernight demons, the probability of the Business City and Emperor City receiving attention would be greatly reduced.

Moreover, in the initial stage, the quantity and quality of the Evernight Demons would not be too much.

This was a good time to accumulate strength.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

Countless messy footsteps could be heard from afar.

All sorts of strange howls made peoples scalps go numb and their hairs stand on end.

The little phoenix that had been hanging on Li Xiangs shoulder suddenly woke up and let out a low cry.

It seemed to have sensed some kind of unease.

“Dont worry, Little Qing Ying!”

Little phoenix calmed down after being comforted by Li Xiang.

“Your Highness, how should we deal with it”

Li Xiang said indifferently, “As long as there is light on our side, Business City and Emperor City will receive the least attack.

With the defensive strength of the two places, there should be no problem for a short period of time.

When they really encounter a danger that they cant defend against, you can use the teleportation array to deal with it.”

As he said that, he pointed at the four walls and said, “Assign a thousand Flame Demon warriors, a thousand Vine Whisker Demon, and a thousand Black Wing Demon at each wall.

Below the walls, assign ten Demon Mages and ten angel warriors to provide support at any time and kill the demon leaders who might suddenly attack.”

“As for you guys, you can freely hunt within a kilometer of the walls for the time being!”

At this moment, at the northwest corner of City of Dawn, a teleportation array was constantly appearing.

“This is the City of Dawn Ive never been here before!”

A young man walked out of the teleportation array and curiously looked around.

Following closely behind, a few other figures quickly walked out.

One of them wanted to go deeper into City of Dawn to take a look, but was suddenly stopped by a long spear.

“Everyone, stop here! You are here to take refuge, not to visit.

Therefore, the country lord has issued an order.

For the next seven days, you can only stay in the restricted region.

If you leave without permission, you will be killed without warning!”

Standing at the gate of this courtyard was a human in golden armor.

This man was Zhao Sheng, the Guard Commander of City of Dawn.

He was also the nephew of the city lord of Emperor City, Zhao Mingcheng.

After tidying up the treasures in the warehouse, Li Xiang used the EXP he had accumulated to raise his level to level 100 and gave him an entire set of S-Rank equipment.

However, what made Zhao Sheng truly happy was not the increase in his attributes, but the extraordinary power he had obtained through the cultivation method.

Now, Zhao Sheng was also an S-Rank hero, and he was sent by Li Xiang to manage these lords who were seeking protection.

The lord who wanted to leave sized up Zhao Sheng and wanted to use his scouting skill to check on Zhao Shengs attributes, but he realized that he couldnt.

The information he got was full of question marks, and he was shocked.

Such a powerful human hero was actually unknown in Kingdom of Dawn.

From this, one could see that Kingdom of Dawn was full of hidden talents.

“Haha! Sorry, sorry.

Im just curious!”

Although Zhao Sheng wasnt from the Earth, he was very familiar with the nature of his race.

He silently put the spear in his hand away and waved his hand.

Two soldiers walked over from not far away.

“From today onwards, the two of you will be in charge of this person.

Pay attention to his every move.

If theres anything unusual, you can kill him first and report later!”


After saying that, the two soldiers came to the back of the lord, acting as if they were protecting him closely.

However, this operation caused the lords expression to change drastically.

He angrily asked, “Sir, what does this mean Why do you have people watching me”

Zhao Sheng said indifferently, “The country lord said that as a person who took refuge, he is now under someone elses roof.

He will definitely be terrified and only wants to spend seven days in peace.

Even if he is curious, he will not easily show it.

He will only quietly observe and will not overstep his boundaries! But you overstepped your boundaries just now.

No matter what reason you have, if you make any strange movements before leaving City of Dawn, you will definitely die!”

When the lords who had just come out saw this scene, they could not help but take a deep breath.

“The country lord of Kingdom of Dawn is indeed a genius who can destroy thousands of countries.

He even understands the peoples thinking so well!”

“Dont you think that the country lord of Kingdom of Dawn has gone a little too far We are guests after all.

Isnt it a little too much to treat us like this”


As soon as this person finished speaking, several people standing next to him instantly hid far away.

A man with a full beard cursed, “Where did this idiot come from Its really not easy to live until now.

Dont get me inflicted.

I have to stay far away from such person!”

“Is this guy retarded A guest Those who came here have all abandoned their families and businesses.

We came here because we felt that we couldnt live on anymore.

Why did he act like a wolf If it werent for the kindness of the country lord of Dawn and his willingness to protect us, most of us would have died.

This is a life-saving grace, but he still claims that hes a guest here.

Who gave him such honor”

“Thats right! Everyone, pay attention.

Perhaps these people arent stupid, but theyre doing this on purpose to sow discord between us and the country lord of Dawn.

Theyre also trying to pry into the truth of City of Dawn.

We cant let him succeed!”

“Youre right.

I heard that countless forces and races are gathering information about the country lord of Dawn.

Im afraid these people dont have good intentions!”

“Since everyone understands, then just pay attention.

Its not just these two people.

You should pay attention to everyone else around you too.

If anyone has any strange movements or abnormalities, report them immediately.

With the country lord of Dawns generosity, Im sure that well make a fortune!”

“Hehe! It goes without saying.

If I can gain the support of the country lord of Dawn, Ill have an easy life in the future.

Even my family members might benefit from it!”

The dozens of lords who came out of the teleportation array nodded in agreement.

They became more cautious when they looked at the others.

There was even a hint of anticipation in their eyes.

Especially the two lords who had wanted to rush out and talk weirdly just now.

Their expressions were extremely ugly.

This was because they realized that as long as they moved, countless pairs of eyes would stare at them.

Moreover, there was a hint of hostility and wariness in their eyes.

Even though the two of them had concealed themselves well and did not make any abnormal reactions because of this, the more they did so, the more people who paid attention to them.

When Zhao Sheng saw this, he waved his hand once again.

Another two soldiers walked into the courtyard and followed behind that person.


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