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The operation of God of War Alliance was really too stupid.

They didnt even know the enemys trump card before they started to attack.

Then, they were sprayed by a bird with fire and almost all of them were wiped out.

There was nothing more unfortunate than this.

Moreover, God of War Alliance had completely disbanded now.

The original 48 races had also quieted down.

They didnt dare to show their faces at all.

They really couldnt afford to lose their faces.

The defeat of God of War Alliance had exceeded the expectations of many people.

It had also aroused the vigilance of countless powerful races and forces.

“We cant let this human race continue to grow.

We have to think of a way to stop them!”

“Thats easier said than done! The Beast Race had thought so before, but now the outcome is obvious.

With our current strength, we cant pose any threat to that person.”

“If we cant fight him head-on, then well pin him down from the side.

As long as we work together, well find a way.”

This was a voice from within an alliance formed by top country lords.

“Continue to gather information of Li Xiang, no matter the cost!”

“After Evernight Continent descends, we must get rid of him!”

Information spread rapidly in all directions, and more than half of it was related to Li Xiang.

“Li Xiang is selling equipment on the human trade channel.

He has only one goal, which is to increase the overall strength of the human race.

Then, he can preserve more vitality for the human race in the coming Evernight crisis.

Eventually he can make more humans rise.”

“What should we do then”

“Theres no other way! If we dont get rid of Li Xiang, we will never have peace!”

“Perhaps, the arrival of Evernight Continent is also an opportunity for us.

If we grasp it well, its not impossible to kill this human genius!”

“Then lets see if our luck is on our side!”

Li Xiang had too many pieces of equipment on hand, especially low-and middle-rank common equipment.

There were millions of sets.

Even if he sold every hundred pieces in packs, he would still be a little overwhelmed.

However, if he sold more in packs, the buyers would not be able to afford the postage.

Moreover, this would go against his original intention of increasing the strength of the human country lords.

Therefore, he could only summon the human warriors again to help pack up the equipment.

It took them three days to finish packing up the equipment.

At the same time, Li Xiang also received a return of tens of millions of crystal coins.

Even though the equipment was sold at a discount, the amount of crystal coins in his hands did not decrease, but increased instead.

Some of them were even traded through barter, so he managed to get a large number of precious resources and materials.

In the following period of time, Li Xiang simply brought his heroes out to raise their strength.

On the other side, Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, and Ning Xiaoyue received the twelve Magic Crystal Cannons that Li Xiang had sent over.

Each of these Magic Crystal Cannons was seven to eight meters long and weighed more than five thousand kilograms.

They were covered with magic patterns, and they sparkled brilliantly under the sunlight.

“Yutong, Xiaoyue, quickly go back and install your Magic Crystal Cannons.

When the time comes, you only need to use crystal coins to activate them.

This will be a great benefit for us to deal with the arrival of Evernight Continent.”

Ning Xiaoyue touched the Magic Crystal Cannons in surprise and asked, “These Magic Crystal Cannons must be very expensive.

Didnt Li Xiang ask for money”

Yang Mi smiled and said, “Yes, but he didnt ask for crystal coins.

He let us compensate him with resources.”

Zhou Yutong had a faint smile on her face.

For the first time, she felt that it was a comfortable thing to have someone to rely on in this world.

Thinking back to where she was previously, it could be said that the surroundings were filled with tigers and wolves, and she had not had a single peaceful day.

If not for her putting in all her effort, she would probably have been eaten to the bone by now.

“What resources does he need”

“He didnt tell.

I just said that I had discovered a purple jade mine, and he let me use the purple jade mine to trade.

But he didnt say how much he wanted!”

The three of them smiled at each other and didnt continue this topic.

At this moment, Zhou Yutong said, “Sister Mi, Xiao Yue, I received another trial certificate to Evernight Continent yesterday.

I was thinking that the three of us should form a team to gain points and increase our strength The monster-killing EXP is higher there.

We can get double EXP even on the first level.

But at the same time, its a bit dangerous.”

Yang Mis eyes lit up, “Thats a good idea, but can the three of us go in together”

“Dont worry, this trial certificate only specifies the number of people but nothing else.

Its definitely possible!”


But before we go, we have to talk to Li Xiang first and seek for his opinion!”

Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiaoyue naturally wouldnt object.

Li Xiang received Yang Mis message and listened to her.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “You can go in, but dont go to the second level.

I found an even more terrifying existence there.

Dont attract its attention!”

“Dont worry, we wont go to the second floor!”

“Also! Dont team up with anyone else.

Just the three of you.

If you encounter danger, immediately return.

Remember their names.

When the time comes, Ill take revenge for you!”


A few days later, Yang Mi and the other two returned from Evernight Continent.

However, the three of them were in a sorry state.

Fortunately, there werent many casualties.

“That was close.

If it werent for Sister Mis decisiveness, we would really be in danger this time.”

“As expected, what Li Xiang said is right.

Those who enter Evernight Continent are all very dangerous.

If it werent for us always being on guard, we might really have been cheated this time.”

“What alliance are those people from They actually conspired with the foreign races to cheat us.

Theyre simply scum.”

The three women were all filled with anger.

Yang Mi was the first to calm down.

“Alright, lets keep this in mind first.

Well talk about it after we get past the crisis of Evernight Continent.

At that time, we wont let any of them off.”

[Ding! World Announcement]

[Evernight Continent will descend in one hour.

One hour later, Evernight Continent will descend and the world will be in darkness.]

[This event will last for seven days.

Killing mutated creatures from Evernight Continent will grant double EXP and earn event points.

Event points can be exchanged for items after the event ends.]

[Points ranking board has been opened.]

[After this event begins, the territory barrier of the newbies will be completely removed.]

[After this event, all the country lords will randomly land in the real Myriad World Continent to face an even more cruel test! ]

Li Xiang looked at the announcement displayed on the screen in front of him, his expression changing uncertainly.

“As expected, this isnt the real Myriad World Continent, and the real Myriad World Continent wont only have a bunch of newbies.

And after the baptism of Evernight Continent, only those who can survive will have the right to enter the real Myriad World Continent!”

“Thats not right.

After the event is over, all the country lords will randomly appear anywhere in the real Myriad World Continent.

This isnt a good news.”

Thinking of this, just as he was about to send a message to Yang Mi and the other two, Li Xiang suddenly received an application from them.


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