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After a while, Li Xiang took out several treasures from his storage ring.

[Lava Heart], [Holy Light Fortress], [Abyss Demon Nest], and [Reincarnation Pool]

Among them,Holy Light Fortress andAbyss Demon Nest were both construction-type treasures;Lava Heart was an environment-type treasure;Reincarnation Pool was a light-type resurrection treasure.

Li Xiang did not know when he had kept these few treasures, but it was the perfect time to put them to good use.

He fusedAbyss Demon Nest andLava Heart into Abyss Secret Realm respectively, whileHoly Light Fortress andReincarnation Pool into Paradise Secret Realm.

Instantly, the attributes of the two treasures in his hands changed.

[Mini Abyssal Plane]

Type: Treasure

Grade: Mythical

Area: 100,000 square kilometers

Subsidiary buildings: Demon Barracks, Abyss Demon Nest, Lava Heart

Description: A mini abyssal plane that had the initial conditions for the survival of demons.

It can accommodate millions of demons for a long time.

A simple introduction had directly upgraded the original secret realm to a plane.

From this, one could see the changes that had occurred after fusing the treasure.

The changes inmini heavenly plane were similar, and it had also reached the plane level.

Unfortunately, only these two were found to meet the requirements although there were many other treasures in the storage ring.

Li Xiang pondered for a moment, then directly merged these two treasures into the core of City of Dawn.

As the main city in Li Xiangs kingdom, the core of City of Dawn also represented the core of the entire Kingdom of Dawn.

After merging into these two small planes, they immediately formed a magical connection with the entire Kingdom of Dawn.


[The Lords Cornerstone has fused with the core of the two small planes, activating the teleportation door function.

The country lord can open a teleportation door within the kingdom at any time, summoning demons and angels to fight for you!]

The activation of the new function did not receive any special rewards, or it was a reward in itself.

He did not care too much about it.

As the most powerful country lord of the current world, Li Xiang no longer cared about common rewards.

However, the portal function made Li Xiangs eyes light up.

“I can summon an army of demons and angels anytime and anywhere within the borders of the country Thats convenient.”

Li Xiang wondered that if these two planes continued to level up, would they be able to level up into another abyss and heaven in the future

“It seems that I have to be more cautious when leveling up these two planes!”

Then, Li Xiang summoned the city lords of Emperor City and Business City.

These two city lords were temporarily appointed by him.

The construction of Emperor City was almost half completed, and people could already live in it.

On the other hand, Business city was incomparably prosperous.

The lords of the various territories in Kingdom of Dawn had their own merchant caravans come here to trade.

Ever since the small countries around the Kingdom of Dawn had been wiped out by the foreign races, very few foreign merchant caravans had entered the Kingdom of Dawn.

It was not that they did not want to come, but that they did not dare to come.

Li Xiang did not intend to occupy the middle section of the desert land.

Moreover, the average level of Kingdom of Dawn was too high, so the monsters that appeared in the recent wilderness were all at least level 60.

Common caravans simply couldnt make it to the kingdom.

Of course, there were some who didnt believe it.

However, they gave up in the end after failing a few times and suffering heavy losses.

Fortunately, Kingdom of Dawn was large enough, and there were enough lords who had pledged allegiance to Li Xiang back then.

After a few months of development, various industries were involved.

Moreover, it was now completely vast and sparsely populated.

Therefore, the resources were completely self-sufficient.

It did not rely on the resources of the outside world.

Moreover, many materials could be traded through the trading channel.

Of course, large-scale transactions were definitely not possible, and only high-end items could be traded.

Otherwise, just the postage alone could make these lords go bankrupt.

The city lord of Emperor City was a person called Zhao Mingcheng.

According to him, he came from a world similar to the Earths ancient times.

The cultural heritage was passed down from generation to generation there, and he had studied and even became a scholar.

As for the city lord of Business City, his name was Wang Fei.

This guy was one of the first batch of country lords to pledge allegiance to Li Xiang.

Li Xiang saw that he had some talent in business, and Business City was built under his supervision.

He could be considered to have contributed a lot.

Therefore, Li Xiang handed over the position of the city lord of Business City to him.

“Your Highness!”

Both Zhao Mingcheng and Wang Fei were so excited that their bodies almost trembled.

They hurriedly bowed.

After coming to Myriad World Continent, the lives of these common humans could be said to be in danger.

Moreover, many human lords did not value them that much, and even looked down on them.

It was not until not long ago that this legendary most powerful lord began to recruit human refugees on a large scale that they had some hope.

This powerful lord even built a separate city for them to live in.

From the facilities within the city, one could see how friendly and caring the lord was towards his fellow humans.

Not only there were various public facilities, there would also be a medical center, a school, and a training field.

Whether they wanted to learn literature or martial arts, they could do so in the city.

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “Dont stand on ceremony.

Have a seat!”

The two of them really wanted to say no, but in the face of Li Xiangs unyielding attitude, they still carefully sat down.

“Ive asked you here today to arrange a few things for you to do!”

“Please give us your orders, Your Highness.

As long as its within our capabilities, well definitely go all out for it even if we die!”

“No need to die!” Li Xiang waved his hand, “The construction of the two cities is about to be completed.

I plan to select a batch of human warriors to train!”

“No problem.

As long as Your Highness gives the order, you can have as many people as you want!”

Wang Fei was even more excited.

There were many humans in the merchant city, and they all had decent talents.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to go on the road of business in Myriad World Continent.

“Dont be too excited.

We dont need too many people for the time being.

Ten thousand people will do.

I will give you enough resources and provide you with extraordinary cultivation methods.

You guys practice first.

I will see the results after some time.

If you train well, I will give you better resources and cultivation methods!”

Li Xiangs subordinates were all mythical-level creatures, such as angels and demons.

They were born with longevity, and their extraordinary powers naturally grew.

The cultivation methods they used were all exclusive methods that had been accumulated and passed down over a long period of time.

The level increases the body attributes, but the cultivation increases extraordinary strength.

The two complemented each other, and neither could be missing.

Especially after reaching a certain level, it would be very difficult to increase again.

The further one went, the more difficult it would be to level up.

At this time, one needed to rely on the cultivation method to increase ones strength.

Then only they could rely on their strength to kill stronger monsters to gain EXP and increase the speed to level up.


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