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At the same time, he gathered his subordinates who had pledged their loyalty to him.

These lords territories had not expanded, but they were all rich through trade.

They had a lot of resources in reserve.

Other than strategic resources that were not allowed to be traded, other resources such as grain, alcohol, meat, vegetables, equipment, steel, and so on had a massive impact on the entire C9 region.

He rewarded these lords based on their performance during this period.

Firstly, he wanted them to be loyal to him.

That didnt seem like a problem for the time being.

However, he knew that his accumulated prestige made these people so respectful.

As for loyal loyalty, he didnt have any extravagant expectations or demands.

It was enough as long as these people could complete the task that he had given them.

Secondly, he needed to understand the development of these lords territories and then make plans for the industries under their names.

At the same time, he also assigned a critical mission to increase the population significantly.

Although he had many demons and angels under him as the main force of the war, he still had a hunch that these external forces might not be reliable in the end.

Therefore, nurturing the human race and increasing their strength was also the most important.

After the expansion of Emperor City and the Business City, they were even further away from the City of Dawn.

The territory area owned by these 300 foreign country lords was large.

The largest was over 10,000 square kilometers, while the smallest was over 1,000 square kilometers.

After devouring all of them, it directly added 1.2 million square kilometers of land to Li Xiang.

With the 360,000 square kilometers he owned, Li Xiangs Kingdom of Dawn now had over a million square kilometers of land, reaching 1.56 million square kilometers.

It was almost twice the size of the three eastern provinces on the earth.

Li Xiang did not expect these foreign country lords to be great, and each country lords territory was extensive.

Apart from the land, there were all kinds of unique products, minerals, and special terrain, as well as the country treasuries and private collections of these country lords.

That was an incredibly huge amount of wealth.

If Li Xiang wanted to clear it out, he would need to mobilize many people and time.

At this moment, Alice suddenly rushed back from outside.

These past few days, all the heroes and armies under her cleaned up the battlefield and cleared out the wild monster nests.

They were extremely busy.

The territory had expanded from 90,000 square kilometers to 1.5 million square kilometers.

It had increased by more than ten times.

Just the extra wild monster nests and common wild monsters had become a flood.


“Alice, whats the matter”

Li Xiang was quite curious.

Alice wouldnt have rushed back to meet him in person if it werent for something very important.

Alice flipped her palm, and two spherical polyhedrons appeared in her hand.

Li Xiang didnt know what that was, so he took it to take a look.

Only then did he realize that these were two rare treasures.

[ Abyssal Secret Realm ]

Type: Rare Treasure

Quality: Mythical

Description: This is a spatial treasure.

It contains an independent miniature world.

It has an environment more suitable for abyssal creatures to live in.

It can speed up the recovery speed, merge rare treasures of the same attribute into it and form a particular abyss-type building.

[ Secret Paradise Realm ]

Type: Rare Treasure

Quality: Mythical

Description: This is a space-type treasure.

It contains an independent miniature world.

It is suitable for light-type creatures to live in.

It can speed up the recovery rate and merge with other unique treasures of the same attribute to form a particular light-type building.

Li Xiang looked at the two treasures and was slightly stunned.

He had just begun to be wary of these two races.

It made him wonder if the system had sensed it and immediately sent him these two unique treasures.

To be honest, Li Xiang did not believe it.

However, the reality was right in front of him.

Even if it was a coincidence, Li Xiang could not help but mutter a few words in his heart.

However, Li Xiang did not care if they had anything to do with the system or whether his thoughts had been detected or discovered.

These two treasures were practical.

“Not bad! Alice, what do you think of this Abyssal Secret Realm”

Alice calmly said, “Lord, I dont like the environment of the Abyss, but if you want me to stay in the Abyss, I wont object!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Dont worry.

Your ability to hand these things over to me right away already proves a lot of things.

Moreover, the greatest use of my things is to arrange a place more suitable for the demons who cannot control themselves, not to imprison them.”

A smile appeared on Alices face as she said, “Then Im relieved.

Not all demons like the abyssal environment, just like Alicia, and I dont like it.

But the flame demon, Vine Whisker Demon, and Black Wing Demon would like it.”

“Alright, I got it! Go ahead with what you were doing!”

After sending Alice away, Li Xiang went to the demon army camp in the City of Dawn.

Initially, Li Xiang was still a little worried if humans lived in the city, with the nature of demons, they would grab and eat as many humans as they pleased.

If they ate as many as they pleased, it would be too difficult for him to be the lord.

Now, he could merge the two treasures in his hands into the City of Dawn and use them as a subsidiary space of the central city.

This way, he would not need to worry that the demons and angels would harm the humans.

Although the angels looked similar to humans and were extremely beautiful, the humans would not have any ill feelings toward them and might even worship them.

However, the angels might attack the humans once they contact too many of them.

After all, humans hearts were complicated.

It was normal for Angels to attack if someone angered them.

Therefore, the two Mythical rare treasures in his hands could be said to have solved a big problem for him.

He took out the Abyssal Secret Realms polyhedron and threw it at the demon army camp.

Instantly, a black light shot down and absorbed the Demon Army Camp.

Subsequently, the Abyssal Secret Realms polyhedron returned to Li Xiangs hands again.

On one of its faces, there was an image of an army camp.

There were no other changes.

This polyhedron had a total of thirty-six faces.

In other words, it could integrate thirty-six buildings of the same type into it.

Li Xiang was delighted.

Then, he took the angel camp and kept it in the secret realm.

After returning to the palace, he sat on the throne and began to rummage through his storage ring.

The items he kept in his storage ring were naturally of high quality, but he had never looked at most of them or even looked at them.

The main reason was that too many of these items, and he could not organize them all.

That was only the essential part of all the spoils of war.

The actual treasure vault was the treasure vault that the main city had.

There were now mountains of treasures in there.

He planned to expand the treasure vault after some time.

After that, he would order someone to sort it out.

It was likely that he would be able to find many true treasures inside.

After all, those in the warehouse were the important collections of the previous lords.


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