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Coincidentally, the fields owned by the flower goblins were also included in Li Xiangs territory.


As long as the crops were planted, with the addition of both production speed and yield, there would be a harvest very quickly.

With sufficient food, productivity would guarantee abundance, and obtaining resources would become faster and faster.

This was a process of accumulation.

If Li Xiang wanted to develop, he had to go through this stage.

And this day had come way earlier than the other rulers.

Li Xiang was very satisfied.

Since the flower goblins had already made their stance clear, he naturally wouldnt be stingy.

He immediately got the eye demon to head to the flower demon tribe and guide them to the Ancient Well of Darkness.

After waiting at home for a while, the system notified him.

[Official Notification: The Flower Goblin Mother Tree has successfully revived.

Due to the existence of the Dark Corruption skill, the Flower Goblin Mother Tree has demonized and evolved into a Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree!]

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At the same time, a corresponding panel appeared on Li Xiangs interface.

[Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree] (Boss-Rank Unit)

Quality: S

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 9 (Full)

Rank: 10

Magic Attack: 0

Defense: 500 ( 2%)

HP: 15,000 ( 2%)

Skills: [Photosynthesis], [Immunity], [Wild Growth], [Procreation]

Introduction: The Flower Goblin Mother Tree has lived for more than 10,000 years.

It has a good understanding of the local terrain and various resources.

It has a special item [Soul of Wood].

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully unlocked a new solder type — Dark Flower Goblin!]

The Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree was similar to the eye demon.

They were both demons without any attack skills.

In comparison, the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree was purer.

Unlike the eye demon, which could reflect damage, she could only take a beating on the spot and be used as a meat shield.

The only question was whether the Dark Flower Goblin would be the same as her.

Li Xiang then went to the Demon Lair and created one.

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With a hundred times amplification, a hundred flower goblins flew out from the depths of the lair at the same time and landed on the empty ground.

They were neatly arranged.

This group of creatures had a human upper body and a tree lower body.

They looked quite strange, and their looks were not bad either.

Every part of their body was very interesting, and it made peoples thoughts run wild.


Especially the pair of 36D bosom, which were right in front of Li Xiang.

Moreover, there were 100 pairs of them.

It was difficult for him not to let his imagination run wild.



Li Xiangs expression did not change as he looked at his attribute panel.

Just as he had imagined, the attack attributes of these Dark Flower Goblins were very low, so low that they could not even be compared to C-Rank Murlocs.

The only acceptable things were their HP and defense, which were in line with the standards of an A-Rank soldier.

The types of skills were also biased towards lifestyle.

[Planting], [Honey Making], [Winemaking], and the [Rosemary Pollen] skill which had control ability.

According to the introduction, it was used to knock out wild boars.

With this method of killing wild boars, the animal would be in a good mood before they die.

It would result in an excellent quality of meat, which in return, produces high-quality meat.


He did not know if it was true.

Li Xiang couldnt be bothered to test it himself, so he let the flower goblins get creative in the territory.

In the end, they really did send him a late, exquisite lunch.

The taste of the high-quality wild boar meat was chewy and smooth.

After smearing it with the honey they had gotten from God knows where, there was an additional layer of rich fragrance.

Compared to the original roast beef, it was easily crushed by several levels.


He would never eat ordinary quality meat again!

When his taste had changed, Li Xiang opened up the chat channel to see how everyone was doing.

“Ahhhhhhh! Please, someone with a good heart.

Im starving to death.

Theres not even any bark or roots left in the territory that I can go to.

I only want one-tenth of a unit of meat.

Ah, no, one-hundredth of a unit is fine too! I just want to eat my last full meal before the beast tide arrives!”

“This brother is really pitiful… but I cant help either.

I have more than ten soldiers waiting to be fed.

I can only live frugally…”

“Sigh, its not easy for everyone.

Its already the third day, and even eating a full meal is difficult.

How can we resist the beast tide”

“I think the lords in the region should unite and announce the coordinates.

The nearby ones should support each other and develop the basic resources first.

Strength comes from numbers.”

“Hehe, a fool did that the day before yesterday.

Do you see him speaking up now”

“If you want to die, go and die alone.

Do you think all the lords are good people Dont you know that the novice protection period doesnt prevent the annexation of territories and the plundering of resources”

“One monk has water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink.

People who understand this naturally understand.

When people who dont know each other gather together, they will only scheme against each other.

They are afraid that if they exert a little more strength, they will drag each other down.”

“Thats right.

Moreover, I heard that the difficulty of the beast tide is determined according to the condition of the lords in the territory.

If there are more lords in a territory, it would be even more dangerous.”

“So… People like us who dont even have food to eat still have a chance to survive”

“… The ones who are not having enough to eat, I suggest that you reincarnate early and stop torturing yourself.”


Very good.

The regional chat was as miserable as ever.

He could continue trading!

He turned to look at the trading area.

There were already quite a few items in there.

There were all sorts of items, from weapons and equipment blueprints to wood and stone resources.

Only there was no food.

It was obvious that the market was too big to meet demand.

These items should be scarce resources for a long period of time.

The Dark Flower Goblin had brought back nearly fifty units of high-quality pork.

If it was all thrown out, it would definitely be able to be exchanged for a lot of resources.

However, Li Xiang was not in a hurry to trade it.

Instead, he roasted ten units of high-quality pork, smeared it with honey, and threw it out in batches.

[Honey Roasted Meat]: Provides a large amount of satiety.

The warm and sweet taste can make you and your soldiers happy.

The exchange cost is ten times the recommended price in the mall.

Currently, there are only three units left!

Once this thing was up in the market, the world channel immediately caused a huge uproar.

What was going on

What was Boss Li Xiang doing!

Many of them were gnawing on the bark of the trees and eating grassroots.

And he was having a good time.

He even created Honey Roasted Meat

Were they really from the same world


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