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“There are many enemies.

It will cause huge casualties if we forcibly stop them.

Consider them lucky today.

They managed to stay alive.

We can kill them later!”

Li Xiang ordered his heroes to prioritize rescuing his army and killing the bosses.

Moreover, these Bosses also had a considerable amount of resources.

However, at the same time, he could not let the Foreign Race Alliance Army leave quickly.

He sent out the Demon Hunter to assassinate the lords and let the Vine Whisker Demon and the Black Wing Demon support him.

Unfortunately, there were so many Mythical bosses, but not everyone had halo skills.

That made Li Xiang realize how lucky he was.

To run into a boss with halo skills three times in a row was a stroke of luck.

At this time, there was no news of the Alliance Armys defeat on the chat channel.

After all, the countries around Li Xiang had been cleared by the Foreign Race Alliance Army.

It was not easy to break through the blockade of the Alliance Army and get real-time news.

These people were discussing if Li Xiangs Kingdom of Dawn had survived the attack of the Alliance Army and what Li Xiang should do.

However, it was apparent that no one was optimistic about the future situation in Area C9 0042.

After taking a few glances, Li Xiang didnt take it to heart.

He thought these foreign races were arrogant enough to attack him, and he had to find time to teach them a deep lesson.

However, after the enemys invasion this time, his men had killed many Foreign Race Alliance Army, rewarding him with many soul points.

342,600,000 soul points.

Apart from that, there were also the lords imprints of nearly 400 foreign countries.

As for equipment and weapons, there was simply no way to count them.

Suddenly, a system notification sounded in his mind.

[ Ding! ]

[ World announcement: Dawn Lord Li Xiang has destroyed thousands of countries and obtained the title: Lord of Wolf Destruction ]

[ Title effect: For every country destroyed, all subordinates strength levels will increase by 1%.


[ World announcement reward: Territory expansion will be tripled, it will randomly add three mythical-quality mineral veins, one high-rank crystal mine, and 100,000 crystal coins.


The world announcement was announced three times in a row and reverberated worldwide.


The entire world channel was in uproar, and the messages were refreshed.

One had to know that the world channel had many restrictions.

The first was the level.

That was fine as most of the country lords had reached the speaking requirement in two months.

However, the restriction was that each person could only speak on the world channel once a day.

The second speech cost 10 crystal coins.

The third speech cost 100 crystal coins, and each one cost 100 crystal coins.

That was not something that a common lord could afford.

But now, the speech seemed free of charge, and many messages appeared from all races and forces.

“The Kingdom of Dawn just posted a world announcement not long ago.

How long has it been Who can destroy this guys limelight Ive been displeased with him for a long time!”


Hey, the Lord of Kingdom of Dawn got his current title because someone disliked him! Lord of Wolf Destruction is a suitable name for him indeed! Hes too ruthless!”

“Hes indeed ruthless.

As far as I know, the Beast Race has sent 48 sub-races, with more than 500 lords and at least 15 million troops, to invade the Kingdom of Dawn! I wonder how many more they killed this time to gather 1,000 kingdoms”

“The effect of this title is terrifying.

Havent you noticed Is this title uncapped It doesnt disappear when it reaches 100%.

There are still 200%, 300%, or even more!”

“I dont know anything else, but I know that before this, the Lord of Wolf Destruction had killed at least 500 lords.

Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat.

Is he insane”

“Im asking for the most detailed information about the Lord of Dawn at a high price.

You can send me a private message if you have any information!”

“Same here.

The price is negotiable!”

“Does anyone from the Beast Race wants to share how you feel Or tell me how your side lost”

“Thats right! Beast brothers, dont be too stingy.

You can send me a private message.

I can buy it with money.

Im too f*king curious!”

“Humph! So what if you know Do you think you can deal with that bast*rd”

“Yo! Beast brothers are watching us! Tell us about it! Shut up, you guys!”

“Its simple war.

The Lord of Dawn only sent out one pet, and it wiped out nearly three hundred lords and six to seven million soldiers.”

“F*ck, what kind of pet is so awesome Are you kidding Dont tell me there are still mythical beasts appearing at this stage”

“Heh! Since you guys want to know so much, Ill tell you.

Your guess is correct.

Its a mythical beast of a top rank.

Its A-Rank Level 100 godly beast, a Phoenix.

If you guys want to go looking for trouble, go ahead!”

The chaotic world channel suddenly paused for more than ten seconds.

All the lords who heard the news were so shocked that they could not speak.

They even doubted the Lord of Dawn was the systems son.

Otherwise, why would all the good things happen to him

If even a top-rank mythical beast like the Phoenix appeared, wouldnt they be doomed

Ten seconds later, the world channel was once again lively.

“F*ck, I refuse to accept this.

Why does Li Xiang get the Phoenix I kill monsters diligently, yet I got all kinds of trash”

“Its frustrating!”

“Humph, Li Xiang just got lucky and found a mythical beast! When our levels rise, the gap will rapidly narrow.

Why are you all worried”

“Thats right.

Since Li Xiang can get the mythical beast, we can naturally get the opportunity to get the mythical beast pet.”

Many people began to tag Li Xiang, asking him where he got the mythical beast.

Li Xiang couldnt be bothered to answer these people.

At this moment, he was a little dumbfounded!

He wondered how did he become a Wolf Destructor

He pondered why he was called the “Lord of the Wolf Destruction” It was not even a proper title.

Most of these enemies were intruders who he had killed.

He was such an honest and good person.

Now that he had been given such a name, Li Xiang only had one feeling.

He liked it.

During this period, he felt that his armys strength had already reached a bottleneck.

After all, his equipment had already reached the limit of what he could bear, and the level increase was getting slower.

The strength increase brought by this title was just in time.

However, those guys who popped up on the world channel to buy his detailed information were annoying.

At the same time, they also made him wary.

Fortunately, he had obtained a top-rank item, [ True Mask ].

This way, he could fake his data panel at any time and hide his actual data panel.

Moreover, his attribute data was related to the strength of his subordinates, so he could conveniently hide the strength of some of his subordinates.

Unless the other party possessed God-grade or Divine-grade probing techniques or treasures, they would not be able to see his accurate attribute information.


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