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“Pass down my orders.

Be careful when we attack the city later.

Dont hurt those six beauties.

They are so perfect.

I want to enjoy them!”

The other foreign country leaders nearby did not object when they heard this.

After all, the races were all different, so their understanding of beauty was naturally different.

In the eyes of some other races, the beauty of Yang Mi, Bai Ling, and the others were simply a synonym for ugliness, and they had no interest in it.

When the foreign race army was about 200 meters from the castle, the girls could easily see the expressions of the foreign race warriors from the city walls.

Before the foreign race army could launch an attack, Zhou Yutong and the other two girls had already activated their halo skills.

At the same time, they stacked all kinds of buffs on top of each other.


A simple and cold order came out of Zhou Yutong.


Behind the inner city wall of the castle, 100,000 archers had already lined up.

They nocked the arrow and stepped on the three-colored halos.

With Zhou Yutongs order, they shot the arrows.

Most of these archers were from the elf race, and a small number were from the fairy race.

They all had a talent bonus to their bows.

Now, with the three halo skills, their power increased even more.

The rain of arrows shot into the air.

There was no gorgeous light, and it looked almost unnoticeable.

But in just a few seconds, the rain of arrows fell from hundreds of meters in the air.

These arrows were like small meteors, falling from the sky with determined destructive intent.

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“Defense! Raise your shields!”

It was not like no one in the foreign army had noticed the strange phenomenon in the castle.

Therefore, before the arrows landed, all the foreign soldiers standing at the front raised a giant black shield and protected themselves.

Yang Mi was a little worried and excited.

She stared at the effect of this volley of arrows.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

They had made the arrows according to the B-Rank equipment.

The armor-piercing effect was strong.

Now that they had landed, they were like swords piercing through tofu.

The rain of arrows shot through the so-called shield defense.

The foreign soldiers under the shield naturally died miserably.

The arrows pierced some of the unlucky ones all over the body.

It was pathetic.


The foreign race army in the square before the castle instantly collapsed.

At the same time, the injured foreign warriors emitted wisps of black and green poisonous gas.

Their HP and blood almost fell at the same time.

It emptied their HP and blood in just a few seconds, and they died.

Therefore, with a single volley of arrows, less than 100,000 arrows instantly cleared a large area of enemies in front of the castle.

About 20,000 to 30,000 people died.

The terrifying part was that there were no injured soldiers among them.

When the arrows hit the soldiers, the poison would corrode them.

They would not be able to hold on for long before they died.

On that small hill, the foreign country lords who were originally full of confidence and chatting happily suddenly became silent.

“The opponents attack power is a little abnormal!”

“They must have used special arrows.

These arrows all contain poison!”

“The physiques of our God of War Alliance warriors are all powerful.

Common poison is not effective at all.

The lethal poison used by the enemy is powerful.”

“What should we do The enemy uses arrows to attack.

The distance is far, and the enemy might attack us with arrows again.

In addition to the corrosion of the lethal poison, the casualties would be great.

But if we dont get close, our warriors will not be able to display our advantage in close combat.

We can only watch from behind! We are in a difficult situation!”

“Perhaps we can build some shields that can defend against these arrows.

As long as we can charge to the bottom of the city wall, we will win this battle!”

“Its easy to say.

How many shields do we need to build for a million soldiers Common shields are useless.

Cant you see it”

“Everyone, what do you think about digging a tunnel Our alliance has some people from the rat race, right They are talented in digging holes!”

“The Blood Claw tribe is also good at digging tunnels!”

“Digging a tunnel from the ground is not bad.

As long as some of our men get close to them and fight them, their archers wont be able to attack!”

“Guys, why do we have to go through so much trouble I remember that before we came, the alliance leader gave us a summoning token to ensure the plan went well.

We should use that in situations like this.

While attracting the enemys attention, the other armies can also quickly approach.

Whats the point of digging tunnels What a joke!”

A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through the eyes of the Werewolf Lord who was leading the team.

He had the summoning token.

If he could take down this human castle without using the summoning token, then this token would become his private property.

In the future, he would have a trump card.

But now, someone had mentioned it.

Apparently, that person was jealous that he had obtained the token!

When the other foreign lords heard this, their gazes immediately became strange.

The Werewolf Lord said indifferently, “This token is our trump card and safeguard.

Unless its necessary, we can not use it! Everyone, this time, our enemy is not simple.

That is a human genius lord who has destroyed hundreds of countries.

Even if we attack only his partner under his alliance, we can not let down our guard.”

“Gray Werewolf Lord, you might sound reasonable, but there is a simpler way.

Why do you want my army to risk their life Are you trying to weaken our strength”

“Thats right! Since we have a summoning token, why do we need to dig a hole”

Gray Werewolf Lord was displeased.

He wanted to flare up, but he managed to hold it.

After all, although he was the leader, he had little control over these lords.

If they lost this battle because of a token, the consequences would not be something he could bear.

However, he would keep the person who had said those words in mind.

In the future, he would ensure that person paid for what he did.

At this moment, the army had lost 20,000 to 30,000 people.

Although it was not much compared to the million-people army, it had caused a massive shock to them.

The Gray Werewolf Lord knew that it was impossible not to use the summoning command token at this time.

Hence, he took out a silver summoning command token and said, “This summoning command token of mine is a legendary item that can summon legendary level wild monsters.

After I summon it, the entire army will attack and flatten this castle for me.

If anyone doesnt put in any effort and affect the final battle, you know what will happen to you.”

After saying that, he activated the summoning token and tossed it.

The token turned the air.


A silvery-white light burst out, followed by a roar.


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