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The two dwarves were stunned for a moment and exchanged glances.

The demon tribe wanted to make a deal with them

And its fair and just

Whod believe it!

This demon brother should take a look at these goblins with dull eyes before he lies.

He had already enslaved them, so how could he use the words “fair and just”

The two dwarves were speechless and panicked.

They were afraid that if they didnt agree, their bodies would be torn apart by a few demons in the next second.

But if they agreed…

They were afraid that their race would follow the same path as the goblins and become the slaves of the demons.

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“Take these ores back and tell your lord about it while youre at it.

Let him think about it.”

Li Xiang knew that they couldnt make the decision.

He smiled and said, “As you just said, this is the only mine in this region.

If you dont trade with me, what will you do to survive”

This was a threat!

A proper threat!

The two dwarves immediately confirmed their thoughts.

The demons wanted to enslave them!

The demons wanted the dwarves to make good equipment and weapons for them!

On the surface, they were smart enough to remain calm.

But after saying that they would bring the news back, they grabbed the ores and ran away.

Li Xiang raised a finger, and two Black Wing Demons flew up.

“Come back after confirming the location of the dwarves tribe.”


“Yes, Demon Lord!”

The Black Wing Demons followed the dwarves from afar.

“My Lord, why dont you go and destroy these dwarven tribes that are aiding the evil Why do you trade with them normally”

Carl did not understand.

“The goblins have done so many bad things, and the dwarves are responsible for half of it.”

He was the only one who dared to question Li Xiangs decision.

Li Xiang admired him very much and asked with a smile, “What benefits do we get if we kill all the dwarves”

“Avenge for the dead tribesmen!” Carl said righteously.

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“Do you know them”


“Then why do you want to avenge them”


Carl choked on his words and stammered for a long time, but he still couldnt come up with a reason.

Li Xiang smiled faintly.

“To put it simply, hatred is an emotion that arises after someone harms your personal interests.

Then let me ask you something.

Since you dont know the tribesmen and the goblins have never successfully invaded your territory, where does your hatred come from”

Carl scratched his head.

He couldnt explain it.

He had pure disgust towards the goblins actions and pitied the creatures they bullied.

“I know you want to be a hero, but you should also know that not everyone can be a hero.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

Before you do something, ask yourself how much ability you have and see if you can shoulder the responsibility.


Li Xiang patted his shoulder and walked back in light footsteps.


The succubus glared at him fiercely, and her pretty face had a cold expression.

She hated people who did not listen to the demon lord and questioned the demon lords choice the most!

The eye demon shook its head, which only had eyes, and sighed softly.

“The Demon Lords thoughts are much deeper than mine.”


As it spoke, it also left.

Leaving behind Carl who was still in a daze.

What did the Lord just say

He seemed to know these words.

But when they were put together, he couldnt understand them


The matter regarding the dwarf tribe temporarily came to an end.

After Li Xiang returned to his residence, the first thing he did was to go to Sallys stronghold and ask about the tribal situation where the leader needed treatment.

Since he wanted to develop, he naturally had to understand the strength of the nearby tribes and make corresponding preparations.

From the conversation, he learned that the leader of the tribe was a flower goblin.

They belonged to a completely neutral camp and were especially fond of peace.

They had been attacked by the goblins before, but they still had a certain amount of strength.

They had successfully repelled the goblins, but they had also paid a considerable price.

It sounded like a tribe that could be won over.

Perhaps they could be subjugated by him like the barbarians.

Li Xiang immediately asked Sally to send the fox-eared lady to negotiate with the flower goblin tribe.


Then, he took the barbarians and a dozen demon soldiers out to hunt.

Food was still very important.

Whether it was for trade or stock up, it was necessary.

Finally, when it was approaching noon, the demon soldiers escorted the fox-eared lady and brought back the news.

The flower goblins had expressed their willingness to form an alliance with the demon race and help each other, but not now.

Because of the goblins invasion, the flower goblin leader, the flower goblin mother tree had sustained irreversible damage.


The mother tree was like a mother to the flower goblins.

It was the only hope for the entire tribe to reproduce.

Now that it was about to wither, all the flower goblins were thinking of ways to restore it.

In the end, they learned from a wise man that if they wanted to restore the flower goblin mother tree, they had to find a wonder-ranked water source.

Only by watering it could it be restored.

“A wonder-ranked water source”

Li Xiang laughed.

Wasnt the Ancient Well of Darkness, which he had just obtained, one of them

However, using such a precious thing in exchange for “mutual help” was a little disadvantageous.

Li Xiang immediately said to the fox-eared lady, “Send a message back and tell the flower goblins that I have a wonder-ranked water source, and I can also lend it to them.

However, the prerequisite is that the flower goblins must submit to me and not form an alliance.”

“My Lord, I understand what you mean.”

The fox-eared lady very coquettishly bowed to him and then set off on her journey.


In the afternoon, she returned with a lustrous green ball of light in her hand.

Li Xiang recognized at a glance that it was the core of the territory.

Things went unexpectedly smooth.

It made sense when he thought about it.

The flower goblins were already at the end of their road.

In Region 0042, the Ancient Well of Darkness was probably the only wonder-ranked water source.

If one didnt choose to submit, only death awaited them.

Now that they had taken the initiative to hand over the core of the territory with sincerity.

Li Xiang did not stand on ceremony and directly used his talents ability to devour it.

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully obtained a neutral territory.

Your original ability, Ample Harvest (A) has been upgraded to Abundant Harvest (S)!]


[Ample Harvest (A)]: The growth rate of the land crops in the territory will increase by 10 times, and the output will increase by 10 times.

[Abundant Harvest (S)]: The growth rate of the land crops in the territory will increase by 100 times, and the output will increase by 100 times.


“Its just like wish fulfillment.”


Li Xiang was worried about the source of food for the 100 barbarians and the goblin slaves in the future.

As the number of soldiers increased, hunting alone would not be able to satisfy their daily consumption.


At this time, he had to expand the variety of food to let the barbarians change from a pure meat diet to an omnivorous diet!

The goblins shall become vegetarian!

With the increase in the growth rate of crops, no matter how many people, he would be able to afford it!



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