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“I have some good news.

Do you want to hear it”

“Whats the good news”

“The enemies who invaded my side only appeared in my territory, not in Yutong and Xiaoyues.”

Li Xiang thought for a while and smiled, “Maybe its not that they didnt send an army.

Maybe these foreign races sent an army to their original territory”

Yang Mi smirked and said, “I guess so too!”

“Since the enemy made a mistake in judgment, then the three of you should join forces and destroy those millions of enemies! That is a huge amount of EXP and soul points.

Even Im envious of it!”

“Tens of millions of enemies are still waiting for you! Dont think about my side!”

Yang Mi looked at Li Xiangs excited reply speechlessly and then ignored him.

At this time, the three of them had already gathered in Zhou Yutongs castle.

“What do we do now Sister Yutong, how are we going to fight”

Ning Xiaoyue was not afraid.

Instead, she was a little excited.

Under Zhou Yutongs leadership, the three of them had increased their levels and strength by a large margin.

Now that they saw such a large group of enemies attacking, they were eager to try it.

“No, Xiaoyue, youd better stay in the castle obediently! You dont have much battle EXP, to begin with.

If you were injured, wouldnt Master Li Xiang blame me”

“Bah! What master He is a big pervert!”

Yang Mi nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, Xiaoyue, you must be careful with that guy.

You absolutely cant stay alone with him for a long time.

Otherwise, you wont even know when he would take advantage of you!”

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Ning Xiaoyues face flushed red.

After getting a lecture from her sisters, she already knew what they meant.

“Cousin, what are you talking about He would choose to sleep with you first even if he wanted to because you are his queen.”

“Xiaoyue, how dare you make fun of me!”

Zhou Yutong looked at the two calm girls and said, “Can the two of you stop fooling around Theres going to be a war soon.

People are going to die! Why arent you anxious”

Yang Mi smiled and said indifferently, “Yutong, dont be too nervous.

Dont you see what level and equipment our current subordinates have With the addition of the halo skills of the three of us, I dont believe the enemy can defeat us!”

Zhou Yutong acknowledged Yang Mis confidence.

However, she was still a little worried.

“The enemys common warriors might not be a threat, but the enemy has too many heroes.

Im worried that Bai Ling and the other two wont be able to handle them!”

However, Ning Xiaoyue smiled and said, “I heard that the last time Li Xiang crossed the border to rescue you.

Your Bai Ling could fight six enemies at once without being at a disadvantage.

Now that her level and equipment are much higher, it shouldnt be a problem for her to fight twelve enemies at once, right”

Bai Ling, who was standing not far away, blinked and smiled.

“If the enemy is still useless before, no matter how many there are, they would not be a threat!”

Ruth and Aileen also nodded confidently when they heard this.

“Common heroes are not our match!”

When Zhou Yutong saw this, her confidence increased slightly.

But her face did not show any new expression.

As the saying goes, one should be lenient when predicting the enemy.

Predicting the enemy to be a little stronger would be more advantageous for her to plan the battle.

“I wonder how Li Xiang is doing over there!” Yang Mi stood on the balcony and turned to look at the night sky in the south.

Zhou Yutong said, “Li Xiangs country is much bigger than ours, so he might still be preparing his army to attack.

We might encounter the enemy before him!”

“Then lets fight! If we can quickly eliminate the invading enemy, perhaps we can help him so that he wont look down on us in the future!”

At this time, a huge black shadow arrived with heavy footsteps.

It had already surrounded Yang Mis elven castle.

Fortunately, she had been notified in advance and arranged for the civilians outside the castle to enter the castle.

Although Yang Mis castle was not as big as Li Xiangs City of Dawn, she had upgraded it.

It had reached the highest level of level three and could accommodate tens of thousands of people.

Yang Mis kingdom naturally had more people, but the rest of the population had long scattered across various strongholds, such as farmers, harvesting staff, mining, and manpower.

The army that attacked Yang Mi did not surround her from all sides this time because they thought Yang Mi was weak.

They planned to surround Li Xiang from the back after taking down Yang Mis kingdom with a million army.

As for battle plans, those foreign races with no culture wouldnt know how to attack using strategy.

Therefore, these foreign races felt strong enough and attacked abruptly.

Not long after, about thirty kings came to a small hill nearby.

Zhou Yutong looked at the hill with a sneer from the city wall.

She said to Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue, “These foreign races dont know how to fight.

Last time, those enemy leaders showed up together, but Li Xiang killed all of them.

The foreign races dont learn from their lesson!”

Yang Mi said speechlessly, “Werent those foreign races killed by Li Xiang last time The others dont know anything, so how can they learn the lesson from that Moreover, these foreign races use unorthodox methods and might not be unguarded.”

Looking at the foreign army in the distance, Ning Xiaoyues palms were slightly sweaty, and even her body was slightly trembling.

“Sister Mi, Sister Yutong, whats the plan”

Yang Mi was also quite curious about Zhou Yutongs arrangements.

Zhou Yutong smiled calmly and said confidently, “Since the enemy has underestimated us and advanced rashly, lets go with their flow.

When they get close enough, we can give them a surprise.”

The three girls had few close combat soldiers, so they did not plan to send any troops out.

They only ordered these close combat soldiers to guard the city wall.

The real weapons were the 100,000 archers and the three halo skills.

The battlefields atmosphere became more intense as the foreign army got closer.

The king of the foreign race on the hill did not plan to persuade them to surrender.

After all, that was a war between races.

In the eyes of humans, these foreign races were just animals or livestock, and in the eyes of these foreign races, humans were just food.

A predator wouldnt pity its prey.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

As the foreign race army approached the castle, they found that there was no reaction in the castle.

If it were not for the people standing on the wall, they would have thought it was an empty castle.

As the commander-in-chief of this battlefield, the genius Werewolf Lord, Ryan, was quietly looking at the three women on the city wall.

Unlike the other foreign races, most werewolves had transformed from humans, so their aesthetic standards were almost identical to humans.

Therefore, the six beautiful women lined up on the city wall aroused the Werewolf Lords lustful greed.


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