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“Sister Mi! What happened”

Yang Mi looked at Zhou Yutong, who had messy hair and didnt even wear shoes.

She had no time to care about these things and quickly said, “Hurry up and change your clothes.

Prepare for the battle and prepare for the enemys sneak attack.

Im going to inform Xiaoyue now.

If you have any questions, ask Li Xiang!”

With that, the teleportation array flashed, and Yang Mi and her hero had already teleported to Ning Xiaoyues palace.

The three girls trusted each other very much.

So, they owned access to the others teleportation array.

Zhou Yutong was dazed.

She immediately opened the system interface and saw the message from Li Xiang.

Obviously, he had something to ask her, so she quickly replied.

“Li Xiang, what happened”

Li Xiang replied quickly and told her everything.

In the end, he said, “Sister Mi and Xiaoyue dont have any talent in battle, but the three of you can add three halo skills if you are together.

Youll be in charge of the battle.

The army under you has three halo skills, so no matter how strong the enemy is, you can hold them on for a long time.

After I defeat the enemy here, Ill go and support you!”

Zhou Yutong also realized the seriousness of the matter.

She quickly replied, “I understand! You dont have to worry about us.

Our strength has increased greatly during this period unless the other partys combat strength is on par with yours.

Otherwise, we will never lose even if we cant win!”

“Yes, I believe you! Its important to protect your safety! If you fail to fight them, immediately teleport to my place.

Dont hesitate, understand”


At this time, the 30,000 Demon Army thought of charging from three directions.

The Kingdom of Dawns border was not a common effect.

The 90,000 square kilometers of land was not small.

The Demon Army knew the terrain of the mountains like they were in their backyard.

Naturally, they had to occupy the advantageous terrain and wait for their prey.

A team of more than 1,000 people silently advanced toward the City of Dawn, using the darkness as their cover.

Everyone in this team was swift and agile.

The soldiers wore armor that would never reflect light, and their figures were faintly discernible in the darkness.

If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to detect any abnormalities.

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At this moment, the team heard that the leader was a black-clothed masked man with a pair of black wings.

“Stop! Rest for ten minutes!”

The group of men dressed in black behind him entered the nearby forest without leaving a single trace.

When the leader saw this, a satisfied look flashed across his eyes.

“The Kingdom of Dawn is not small.

If we can kill the Lord of the Kingdom of Dawn this time, our kingdom will have an explosive increase in strength!”

Ten minutes later, those men appeared again and ran toward the City of Dawn.

Li Xiang opened the map and saw a red patch near the border of the Kingdom of Dawn.

That meant the enemies there were so dense that they could not be identified.

At the same time, he noticed that a small team was rapidly approaching the City of Dawn from the south.

It looked like they were only 20 to 30 kilometers away.

The strange thing was that the eye demon did not notice and report it.

That didnt mean the eye demon betrayed.

Instead, it meant those guys had ways to avoid the eye demons detection.

It was just that these people did not know that Li Xiang had a map cheating device!

Not every lord had this map.

It needed to be fused with a unique treasure to be able to activate this function.

Otherwise, it would be useless.

“They sent EXP right to us.

How arrogant! The God of War Alliance is just a bunch of livestock!”

Through his research on the invasion notification, Li Xiang discovered that the enemies this time were all foreign lords.

There were more than 500 of them, involving dozens of foreign races.

“They think highly of me! Its impolite not to reciprocate.

Dont blame me for being ruthless when this matter is over!”

“Mia, Ill leave these 1,000 enemies to you.

Can you deal with them”

Mia nodded confidently and said, “No problem!”

She turned around and left.

The other angels quickly followed her.

Not long after, the 1,000-man elite team had arrived at a place less than ten miles away from the City of Dawn.

Looking at the tall city walls of the City of Dawn, they could not help but feel a little amazed.

The lords were now living in simple castles while Li Xiang was already living in the city.

“Quick, be careful not to expose yourself.

Dont make a sound and try to kill the Lord of Dawn in one strike!”

None of their subordinates made a sound, but their eyes flashed with determination.

Their team was an elite assassin team specially selected from various races to carry out the beheading operation.

Although such an operation was dangerous in the transcendent world, it could not stop their desire to take risks.


Suddenly, a loud shout sounded from the sky.

Following that, a bright light instantly bloomed from above.

The expressions of the thousand over foreign assassins changed drastically.

They suddenly raised their heads and saw over a hundred angels with pure white wings flying down from the sky with holy swords in their hands.

“This is bad! They found us!”

The foreign lord leading the group wanted to order his subordinates to fight back, but Mias speed was fast.

She was already Level 100, and her level was even higher than all the assassins below.

The white light flashed past and instantly killed over a dozen assassins.

These assassins didnt even have time to react before Mia chopped off their heads, and their corpses lay on the ground.

The other angels werent slow either.

Although their levels werent high, they were all made based on the hero templates and were naturally strong enough.

Under the leadership of Mia and the four guardian angels, they completely wiped out the thousand-man assassin team with just one dive, leaving corpses strewn all over the ground.

At the same time, those who Mia summoned and whose levels werent high all leveled up by several levels.

The hero template had its pros and cons.

The pros were that its attributes were strong, and the cons were that leveling up required considerable EXP.

The EXP they needed to level up by one level was enough for a common warrior to level up by ten.

“Lets go! We dont need to clean this place up!”

Mia knew that Li Xiang was using them as his trump card.

Naturally, she would not expose them if she could.

As for cleaning up the battlefield, someone would do it.

On the other side, Li Xiangs three armies stopped 20 kilometers away from the City of Dawn.

It was because Li Xiangs aura skills had a maximum radius of 20 kilometers.

Even though the Demon Army was not large and could charge forward more, it would cause unnecessary losses.

The tens of millions of foreign tribes occupied the area.

They advanced towards the City of Dawn at a steady pace.

These foreign tribes were confident in themselves and were not afraid Li Xiang would escape.

Yang Mis side sent some news.

“Li Xiang, someone invaded our side.

The enemy is coming menacingly, and the army is estimated to be at least a million soldiers.

However, these few people dont pose much of a threat to us.

How are things on your side”

“Tens of millions of enemies and hundreds of foreign country lords were attacking me.

They did put a lot of effort attacking me!”


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