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As for the foreign races under his command, regardless of whether they were demons or angels, they were all cautious in the depths of their hearts.

That was also why he would bring along the angels who hated the demons whenever there was an opportunity.

It was also a way to protect himself so that his subordinates would not be able to monopolize everything.

He did not believe that no ruler in the entire Myriad World Continent was born as a demon.

If he met such a ruler, even if his subordinates did not care, they could not ignore the deeper problems.

As a human, it was almost instinctive for Li Xiang to prepare for a rainy day.

It was fine if Li Xiang did not have the ability.

But since he had the power, he should make corresponding adjustments and countermeasures.

Of course, Li Xiang decided these after careful consideration all night.

He did not even reveal it to Yang Mi and the others.

At the same time, dozens of countries around the Kingdom of Dawn faced the sudden attack of foreign country lords.

These foreign country lords were mighty.

Facing these foreign races and their army, those people had no way to resist.

There was almost no one who could escape.

Hence, they did not alert the Kingdom of Dawn.

They did not send troops to the nearest region where Yang Mi stayed.

Of course, it was not because they feared Yang Mi but because they had investigated and knew about the relationship between Yang Mi and Li Xiang.

They were worried that if they made a move, they would immediately alert Li Xiang.

That was something they did not want to see.

Moreover, even if they surrounded the Kingdom of Dawn, it did not mean they wanted to surround it so tightly.

They wanted to destroy the Kingdom of Dawn in one go.

It was not a simple battle!

That was the first time dozens of foreign races had joined forces in the Myriad World Continent.

No one wanted any accidents to happen.

At dawn, a system notification suddenly sounded in Li Xiangs head.

[ Ding! The God of War Alliance has declared war on your alliance.

Quickly get ready for battle! ]

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[ Ding! … ]

The three consecutive notifications woke Li Xiang up from his deep sleep.

“War declaration God of War Alliance Who are they”

Li Xiang quickly got up and put on his clothes.

At the same time, he contacted Yang Mi and the other two girls through the system.

“Sister Mi, is there any situation at your place”



The three of them didnt respond, but that didnt mean they were in danger.

It was more likely that the three girls were also in a deep sleep and hadnt been alerted.

When Li Xiang walked into the hall, his subordinates had already arrived.


“We have been declared war by an alliance called the God of War Alliance.

However, we know nothing about this so-called God of War Alliance.

That is likely a planned war.

Everyone, be alert!”

“Eye demon, did you notice anything unusual around the borders of the country”

Eye demon quickly answered, “Lord, the clone did discover some unusual movements.

It seems that many countries outside our borders have already been breached and are in a state of being occupied.

Besides the area 0032 on the back, there are unusual movements in other directions!”

Li Xiangs eyes flickered with anger, and he sneered, “It seems that those people are here to look for trouble!”

Li Xiangs battle record was not a secret.

Since those people attacked a large scale of his territory, they must have been prepared.

It was just that he did not know how much the enemy knew about him this time.

“Lys, prepare the army for battle! Divide the Demon Army into four legions, with 30,000 soldiers each, consisting of 10,000 flame demon warriors, 10,000 Vine Whisker Demons, and 10,000 Black Wing Demons! Use the Dread Fiend Cavalry as the backup force and the Demon Mages as the second backup force! Leave one of the four legions to guard the City of Dawn.

As for the other three legions, Lys, you distribute them.

I dont care who leads the army.

Once the enemy shows themselves, kill them all!”


Then, Li Xiangs gaze fell on Alice, Alicia, and Mia.

“Alice, Alicia, the enemy who came this time must have conducted a detailed investigation on us.

They must have already known you two and would make targeted arrangements.

So you have to be careful! Same for the others.

Be careful!”

The demons were shocked when they heard this, but they were not afraid at all.

The enemies they had encountered during this time rarely allowed them to unleash their full strength.

If the enemies were strong enough this time, they could have a good fight.

Li Xiang looked at the angel Mia and said, “Mia, you bring four guards and the other Angel Warriors as the main backup team to deal with the possible backup plans against the enemies.”


Just as Li Xiang finished setting up the battle plan, an invasion notification appeared in his mind.

[ Ding! Black Wolf Lord has invaded the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Please get ready for the battle! ]

[ Ding! Iron Claw Lord has invaded the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Please get ready for the battle! ]

[ Ding! Violent Bear Lord has invaded the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Please get ready for the battle! ]

[ Ding! Fire Crocodile Lord has invaded the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Please get ready for the battle! ]

A series of dozens of invasion notifications made Li Xiang squint his eyes.

However, he didnt panic and sent another message to Yang Mi.

This time, Yang Mi responded.

“What happened”

“Sister Mi, enemies are invading.

They must be plotting against me.

These enemies may know about my relationship with you.

So you have to be careful.

Quickly wake up Xiaoyue and Yutong and get ready for the battle!”

Yang Mi was shocked.

She didnt know who was so bold to dare to target Li Xiang.

Recalling Li Xiang saying that the other party had planned it, they likely came with ill intentions.

“Got it! Be careful!”

Yang Mi quickly got up and put on his clothes before walking into a palace at the back.

Unlike Li Xiang, who had built the cross-boundary teleportation formation outside, Yang Mi and the other two girls had built the cross-boundary teleportation formation inside the castle.

After taking a few steps, they arrived at the cross-boundary teleportation formation.

Behind them, Ruth said solemnly, “Lord, the enemy may come at any time.

Its better to be careful.

Even if you want to notify the others, send someone over!”

Yang Mi shook his head and said, “No, its the same as mine.

The two of them have their heroes guarding the cross-boundary teleportation formation.

If the others go over and are blocked by the heroes, it will be troublesome to verify their identities! You come with me!”


The two of them stepped into the teleportation formation and instantly teleported to the nearest palace, Zhou Yutongs palace.

“Who is it”

“Its me!”

“Lord Yang Mi”

“Yes! Go and wake up Yutong.

Its urgent.


Bai Ling was shocked.

After confirming that it was Yang Mi, she moved and arrived in Zhou Yutongs bedroom.

Zhou Yutong was also sleeping soundly.

She was drooling.

She didnt look good when she was asleep.

Bai Ling did not hesitate and quickly went forward to push Zhou Yutong awake!

“Ahh! Bai Ling, what are you doing”

“Lord, Lord Yang Mi is here.

She said that she has something urgent to discuss with you!”

Zhou Yutong instantly woke up when she heard that.

She rushed out without even putting on her coat.


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