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These 1,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry did not participate in many battles.

They were there to support the army.

As long as the enemy was not too strong, there was no need for them to charge.

In just a few days, Yang Mi and the other two girls average level reached Level 70.

They had leveled up quickly because most of the three soldiers were long-range troops, archers.

Besides Zhou Yutongs subordinates, who had a portion of units that could engage in close combat, Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue had archers.

The total number of archers in their army added up to a total of 80,000 people.

The scariest part was that after the three of them obtained the equipment forging blueprint Li Xiang had given them, they began to forge crazily.

They bought materials when they were out of stock!

When they had not had enough craftsmen, all the craftsmen in the three-man armys territory gathered together and unified the standards.

They worked in an assembly line, three shifts, and a round-the-clock daily.

Over a thousand craftsmen worked non-stop for three consecutive days to create equipment and completed more than 30,000 sets of equipment.

Yang Mi and the other two would not all rely on Li Xiang to support them.

They also chose various channels, except for some of the worse equipment.

But the cost-effective equipment was high.

They matched the set of equipment given by Li Xiang.

The average level of this set of equipment had reached B-Rank.

It was the most extravagant equipment for an army other than Li Xiang.

On the other hand, Li Xiangs equipment production was even earlier than Yang Mis and the others.

He had finished changing his equipment.

During this time, Li Xiang had cleared out the wild monster nests inside and outside the territory.

He had once again accumulated nearly 20 million soul points.

Li Xiang used 10 million soul points to summon Light-type Angel Warriors.

He felt that no matter how many common warriors there were, it would not impact the battle situation much.

At the same time, the consumption of resources would increase.

It was not as cost-effective as recruiting elite soldiers.

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Therefore, he used 10 million soul points to recruit 100 Angel Warriors.

Each of these Angel Warriors had an S-Rank quality.

They looked no different from common S-Rank soldiers.

But in reality, the difference was huge.

That was because although these 100 angel warriors were only S-Rank, their attributes were calculated according to the hero.

That was the difference between soldiers and generals.

Top Rank soldiers and generals were not on the same level.

Including Mia, there was a total of 105 Angel Warriors.

With the same level and equipment, one of them could easily crush an enemy that was hundreds or even thousands of times stronger.

Therefore, Li Xiang spent more than half of the EXP he had to level up these 100 Angel Warriors.

As for the remaining ten million, Li Xiang decided to recruit another two thousand Dread Fiend Cavalry to make the army bigger, which would exhaust his last soul points.

Compared to the Dread Fiend Cavalry, Li Xiang had a mighty force, the five hundred Demon Mages.

The average level of these five hundred Demon Mages was around Level 120, and each was powerful.

If five hundred Demon Mages joined forces, it would be a terrifying force that no one could not ignore.

However, Li Xiang kept it hidden during this time and did not use it.

Li Xiang also thought that as the number of battles increased, the enemy would gradually target his skills and strength.

It was essential to have a trump card.

One trump card was not enough.

Therefore, the Angel Warrior was his second trump card.

Moreover, it was even more powerful and ridiculous.

These more than 100 Angel Warriors were almost equivalent to more than 100 top-rank heroes.

If Li Xiang used this, it would cause chaos in the Myriad World Continent, leaving everyone shocked.

During this period, after Li Xiang accumulated and invested many times, the Beast Hall finally formed to a certain scale and accumulated many Mirage Beast Eggs that were about to mature.

However, he did not intend to use these Mirage Beast Eggs for his demons and angels.

Instead, he intended to use them for his human compatriots in the nearby cities where the humans lived.

These human compatriots came from a complicated source.

They all came from other worlds, and their corresponding worlds and backgrounds differed.

Most did not have any way to step onto the path of transcendence.

Therefore, Li Xiang thought of the Mirage Beast Eggs.

As long as the humans dripped their blood on these Mirage Beast Eggs, formed a contract, and spent some resources to nurture and grow, the eggs would be the best medium for the transcendence system.

With the intelligence of the humans themselves, wouldnt they be able to quickly step onto the path of transcendence in the future and become powerhouses

At this moment, the city was already half completed.

Although they hadnt officially moved in, these humans, who had given up and were in despair, gradually saw hope.

Their eyes sparkled with hope.

They burst out with unimaginable vitality.

Even without Li Xiangs leadership, several small markets had already formed around the new city, using gold coins as the basic currency to trade.

What Li Xiang valued the most wasnt resources or culture but delicacies from worldwide.

After all, humans produced their delicacies.

It might not be perfect for Li Xiang, who had an Eastern tongue, but it still surprised him.

Even Yang Mi, Zhou Yu Tong, Ning Xiaoyue, and the other two came over to have a good meal after they heard the news.

When these humans learned that Li Xiang was the ruler of this country, they were excited and sent all kinds of gifts to him, asking for protection.

Naturally, Li Xiang agreed.

However, he also set strict laws and regulations and said he would let the demons and angel warriors supervise them.

They could live in peace here if they didnt violate his rules.

After paying a certain amount of labor and taxes, they didnt need to care about anything else.

To these ordinary people, that was great news.

At the same time, he named this human city Emperor City.

Li Xiang had also built the originally expanded trading zone and named it Business City.

Apart from Li Xiangs City of Dawn, Emperor City and Business City were the only two cities in Li Xiangs territory.

Logically speaking, the number of cities was indeed a little small.

Even though the border was only 90,000 square kilometers, it still seemed a little small.

There were over a hundred lords on the entire border.

Each lords territory could be considered a small town.

In other words, there were only three cities above 100 small towns.

The total population of the Kingdom of Dawn was only 5.4 million.

Almost half of them were captives.

And the human race only accounted for a small portion of them.

That was abnormal and unstable in Li Xiangs eyes.

In the end, he was still a human, while the elites and backbone of his subordinates were all of the foreign races.

Even the civilians living here were mostly foreign races.

From another point of view, these were all substantial hidden dangers.

That was why Li Xiang had built a human city, leaving a stable development environment for the human race.


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