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“Isnt there any more optimistic information Not all of those humans are tough, right”

A foreign tribe leader raised his opinion and asked.

“Of course there is, but the information is outdated.

Let me share it with everyone.”

The high priest was originally a person who was very cold and reserved, but he was very active this time for some reason.

Although the other foreign races were reckless, they were not stupid.

They naturally knew that the Undead were holding back their anger because they had failed to compete with the human genius.

They had to vent their anger.

“This Li Xiang should be around level 50 now.

I can roughly confirm this point.

He also has four top-rank demon heroes under him.

The initial estimate is that they are all SS-Rank, around level 70 or 80.

After such a long time, they might be able to level up a few more levels.

At most level 10.”

“Other than that, theres the army under his command, the Dread Fiend Cavalry.

Its a very terrifying cavalry unit.

Their average level is above level 50.

The only weakness is that there arent many of them.

There are only about two to three thousand of them.

Other than that, there are also the Flame Demon warriors.

They are huge and ferocious.

Their average level is even higher than the Dread Fiend Cavalry, and the are more than ten thousand of them…”

This high priest spoke eloquently, telling them everything they knew about Li Xiang.

This allowed all the foreign race leaders present to have a general understanding of Li Xiangs strength.

After the high priests introduction ended, many foreign races couldnt help but fall into silence.

After a long while, Bingfeng Blood Claw sighed softly, “Good Lord! This human genius is indeed not simple.

With his strength, neither the top country lord would be able to resist him, nor dozens of peak country lords joined hands would be able to defeat him!”

The Winged-human Race leader could not remain calm at this time.

He said straightforwardly, “We cant let this fellow continue to develop.

Otherwise, it will be an absolute nightmare for us in the future!”

“Thats right! This time, well join hands to completely exterminate him! We cant let the human race continue to grow.”

“Everyone may know more or less what this competition between different races on Myriad World Continent.

Thats why if we are able to suppress the human races genius at the beginning of this great competition, well have the most advantageous future.

Therefore, I hope that everyone will not hide your strength this time and do your best instead.”

The Werewolf Race leader said, “This Li Xiangs strongest point is those few powerful heroes.

If we cant gain an advantage in high-end combat strength, then the victory rate will be very low no matter how many troops we send! Or even if we win, it wont be meaningful to barely win.

After all, there must be more than one geniuses in human race.

If we destroy Li Xiang and there are other people appear, it will be awkward then!”

Bingfeng Blood Claw pondered for a moment and said, “I have a top-rank summoning token here that can summon a mythical creature.

Originally, I planned for my own use when Ive accumulated enough strength.

But now, perhaps I can use it on Li Xiang.

Such a summoning token can at least pin down the two heroes of Li Xiang, right”

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Everyones eyes lit up when they heard this.

“This method is not bad! If we can gather a few more mythical level creatures and pin down Li Xiang and his few heroes, then it will be extremely convenient for our movements.

We can even control the casualties to a certain extent.

After all, our heroes are not free to be given away!”

“Mythical level summoning tokens are too rare.

I only have a legendary level token here!” a foreign race leader said bluntly.

“Legendary-level is fine too.

At least, it can pin down a hero.

Oh right, whats the level”

“Level 50!”

“Level 50 is too low.

I dont think we can pin the hero down for long!”

“I have four level 50 legendary-level summoning tokens!”

“Thats not a problem.

When the time comes, we can wait for the critical moment when Li Xiangs heroes fight.

Then, we can summon other wild Bosses.

Maybe we can easily take down a hero by that time!”

After some discussion, they decided to use the wild Bosses summoned by the summoning tokens to pin down Li Xiangs hero.

There were even some foreign races who proposed to send out an assassin team to assassinate Li Xiang.

As for the army, they did not really care about it.

After all, there were so many races of them.

Even if they randomly picked a group of the best of each race to form a team, they could have hundreds of thousands of troops.

Since there were dozens of races, they could at least gather millions or even tens of millions of troops.

Even if Li Xiangs army was strong, they still couldnt cause any trouble without the help of powerful heroes, in addition to the siege of the huge troops.

The only huge difference between Li Xiang and them was probably the equipment.

Subsequently, these foreign races went on an intense organization.

After all, this is a joint operation.

They had to select the top country lords among different races, assemble an army, gather the army at a designated location, announce the battle plan, and finally, transport the army.

These things seemed to be simple, but it still took time to prepare.

At the same time, a temporary alliance was established.

[God of War Alliance]

The name was very imposing, and there was a total of 500 top-rank country lords from different races.

Their average level had reached level 40, and a small number of outstanding troops had even reached level 50.

If they were to add in the assassin team that they had prepared individually and the special team that summoned wild monsters, the strength of this alliance would definitely be the top-rank team on Myriad World Continent.

The battle was about to start.

On the other side, under the leadership of Zhou Yutong, Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue had successfully raised their strength ratings to silver-rank.

The three of them each had a low-rank skill stone, and they had all learned it by now.

Zhou Yutongs low-rank skill was low-rank Recovery Halo.

It was level 50 and could recover 50% HP and energy every minute.

Yang Mis low-rank skill was low-rank Toxic Halo.

It was level 50 and could cause 50% toxic damage to every attack.

The damage could last for 30 seconds and could be stacked.

Ning Xiaoyues low-rank skill was low-rank Blessing Halo.

It was level 50 and could bless an ally.

All attributes increased by 50%.

There was no time limit.

The threes halo skills had nothing to do with the halo skills of the Boss that Li Xiang had killed.

However, each of their skills was very powerful.

They could even complement Li Xiangs skills.

Unfortunately, each of their halo skills could only buff five targets at most.

This was already their limit.

Therefore, unless Li Xiang was not around, otherwise they would not be able to use their halo skills.

This time, the three of them led a team to clear out the wild monster nests in the surrounding territories.

They could be said to be killing in all directions, and the strength of their army had increased rapidly.

With the support of the one thousand level 100-plus Dread Fiend Cavalry that Li Xiang had just sent, they were practically invincible.


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