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When the group of people disappeared, the remaining country lords finally reacted.

“This guy actually changes from arrogance to humility so quickly.

Look at his self-satisfied behavior just now, its so f*cking disgusting!”

“Its okay.

After he changed his territory, he wont be close to us.

Let him be arrogant for a while, and we wont lose anything.

Now, lets think about how to serve the lady lords!”

“Whats there to worry about As long as that person is willing to help, no one in the surrounding regions can defeat us! Its not like you dont know the strength of the army in Yang Mis territory.

A thousand of them is enough to easily wipe out all the countries in District 0032.”

“Then what are we waiting for Hurry up and show your loyalty.

As long as we conquer the territories of the other regions, we will have a chance to develop!”

“TsK tsk, I really envy Li Xiang.

Yang Mi was once a superstar, and Zhou Yu Tong was also a top-rank celebrity! They were both goddess-level women.

And that guy took two of them by himself.

Isnt he afraid of breaking his waist”

“Why do you care if hes tired or not I just want to leave this region now.

Theres really no hope if I stay here!”

“Yeah! I heard that after District 0042 was taken over, the country lords became territory lords one by one.

It looked like they were still in charge of their original places, but the area would be their entire lives.

They no longer had any future or hope.

They could only muddle around and wait for death!”

“I hope Li Xiang can be supportive and let his woman to lead the troops out!”

After chatting for a while, the group also headed towards Bluestone Country.

Following that, Ning Xiaoyue had smoothly completed the territory exchange with Bluestone Country.

However, it would be too difficult for Ning Xiaoyue to lead the troops to conquer other countries.

On the other hand, Zhou Yutong was more interested in this matter.

Hence, Li Xiang simply arranged these country lords to join Zhou Yutongs forces and wait until the crisis of Evernight Continent was over before attacking other countries.

In fact, Li Xiang knew that when Evernight Continent crisis arrived, there wouldnt be many people who could survive in this disaster.

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After this event, the strong would become stronger, and the weak would die or rely on the strong.

There was no third way.

They couldnt hide themselves!

After sending the others away, Li Xiang and the other three entered Ning Xiaoyues castle.

Ning Xiaoyues core soldiers were also elves, but they were indeed rare Moon Elves.

They were born A-rank soldiers, which was an extremely rare top soldier.

However, Ning Xiaoyue spent most of her time on business to make money.

As for training the army, she actually knew nothing.

The soldiers were completely free to do as they pleased.

Although her Moon Elf hero, Ruth, was very strong, she was not good at training the army either.

As a result, the entire countrys armys strength increased slowly, and their combat strength was greatly affected.

“Xiaoyue, why are your top-rank soldiers only level 20 This… This is too slow, isnt it”

Ning Xiaoyue said a little embarrassedly, “I dont know how to train either.”

Yang Mi said unhappily, “Then why dont you ask Li Xiang”

Ning Xiaoyue glanced at Li Xiang and said a little embarrassedly, “I forgot!”

As soon as she said this, even Li Xiang felt headache.

This girl was simply hopeless.

It was just that she was lucky to have met him.

Otherwise, she would have been eaten up by others long ago!

Yang Mi said with disappointment, “I think youre just a fangirl.

You know that Li Xiang is in District 0043, so you dont even want your country and just ran over to him.

You dont have any reserve as a girl!”

“Cousin! How have I done that”

“Dont you know whether you have or not”

Ning Xiaoyues face instantly turned red.

She didnt even dare to look at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang also didnt expect that Ning Xiaoyue was actually wanted to join him when she came to Demon Country and acted like she was doing business with him.

“This silly girl!”

Li Xiang used to treat Ning Xiaoyue as his sister, but now after knowing the real reason, he was more affectionate to her.

“All right! Its normal that Xiaoyue didnt know anything about military affairs.

It wont end well if we force her, right Now that weve all gathered together.

So we just need to support each other and develop well in the future! In the future, Ill be fighting at the front and you guys will be at the back to take care of everything else.

Well work together as husband and wives to occupy the entire Myriad World Continent and become the lord of the continent!”

“Bah! Whos working together as husband and wives with you Who said that were going to marry you Li Xiang, dont even think about muddling through!”

Yang Mi was not polite at all.

Although the three of them had expressed their feelings for him, it was still impossible for them to admit their relationship with Li Xiang so easily.

Zhou Yutong also nodded heavily and said, “Thats right!”

When Ning Xiaoyue heard that, she also nodded repeatedly like a chick pecking at rice.

“Cough! Im just expressing my thoughts.

Why are you guys so anxious”

“Scram! Whos anxious”

“Thats right! I think youre the one whos anxious!”

Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong immediately refuted.

Li Xiang felt a headache coming on.

This was one of the disadvantages of having wives who were too smart.

The moment his thoughts surfaced, he would immediately be noticed.

It would be impossible for him to fool them.

Furthermore, it seemed like even if he were to confess his love now, it would still be difficult for him to get what he wanted.

He wasnt worried that the three of them would reject him, but that they were together now.

If he confessed and the three of them working together, it would cause his position to become weak in the future, and his family status would be worrying!

“Oh right, I almost forgot.

I have prepared a gift for each of you!”


“What gift”

Li Xiang smiled and stretched out his clenched fist.

Then, he suddenly opened his palm.

There were three bronze-colored diamond-shaped crystals.

Yang Mi and the other two were stunned at first, but they didnt recognize them for a moment.

After all, halo skills were something that could only be found by chance.

Whether it was in the auction house, the trading interface, or even sending messages all over the world, they couldnt even see the shadow of halo skills.

Therefore, if one didnt have halo skill stones in hand, one wouldnt be able to recognize them.

However, what Li Xiang did not expect was that the three of them were stunned for a moment before they cried out almost at the same time.

“Halo skill stones”

Li Xiang looked surprised as he said, “You guys actually know Could it be that youve seen these before”

Yang Mi rolled his eyes at Li Xiang and said, “Youve got so many halo skills on you, so were naturally very envious of you.

Thats why we specially gathered some information about halo skills, including the introduction to halo skills stones!”

Ning Xiaoyue also said, “I even shouted in the world to collect halo skills stones! Unfortunately, no one paid attention to me! I have already bid ten thousand crystal coins, but I still dont see anything!”

Zhou Yutong smiled when she heard that and said, “Xiaoyue, you are underestimating the value of halo skills stones too much.

The halo skill can boost all the armys skills.

For a halo skills stone, it can directly cause a country war! I remember that someone in my district had once obtained a halo skill stone and even showed it off on the chat channel.

It was not even until the next day before his country was destroyed.”


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