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“Territory exchange is good! My territory has many specialties, and there are many wild monsters around.

Its the best choice!”

“What the f*ck do you mean My territory is big, the surrounding environment is good, and the specialties are not bad either.

Why should yours be chosen”

“Dont f*cking fight.

My territory is the best choice.

Everyone else, get lost, or Ill destroy your country right now!”

“F*ck, do your parents know that you are so arrogant”

“If you dont like it, then lets fight!”

“Come on! Im not afraid!”

While Li Xiang and the others were still on the road, the ten or so countries nearby started fighting over the quota for the territory exchange.

Therefore, Li Xiang felt something was wrong as he was on the road.

After all, these countries were not big.

When they fought, the situation of chasing and fighting soon appeared.

“Is it originally so chaotic here They are fighting tooth and nail.

What are they trying to get”

Yang Mi was the one who understood District 0032 better.

She guessed, “Could it be that they are fighting for a place to exchange territory”

Li Xiang was a little confused.

“Even this Is there a need to go so far”

Yang Mi said indifferently, “As long as they get such a place, they can go to other regions to develop.

There is still hope for their rise in the future.

But if they stay in District 0032, they feel that there is no hope!”

Li Xiang thought carefully and couldnt help but nod, “As expected, they are all smart people! But there is only one place for this exchange.

Do we really have to wait for them to decide who to choose”

“Then it depends on what you want to do!”

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Li Xiang held his chin and thought for a while, then sighed, “Our alliance is really too thin.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have to sacrifice themselves for such a great opportunity.

Its all my fault!”

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyues gazes turned strange when they heard this.

Ning Xiaoyue blinked her big eyes and asked, “Li Xiang, do you think that the three of us are no longer worthy of your status, so you want more in your harem”

“Cough! What are you talking about How can the name of the alliance be taken seriously Thats just my thought.

Which man hasnt had it before I just felt that there were too few people in our alliance, which led to others sacrificing their lives for a mere place.

That was too cruel.

That was why I thought of adding one or two alliance members so that they would have more choices.

Then they wouldnt have to fight to the death for a mere place.

What a kind heart I have! Xiaoyue, how could you misunderstand me”

Ning Xiaoyue let out a big smile, then the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

She tensed up and said, “I believe you!”

Yang Mi, who was standing at the side, saw Ning Xiaoyues change.

She finally showed a gratified smile.

It was worth it that she had been giving Ning Xiaoyue a few “night classes” for the past few days, which finally made her understand her current position.

At this moment, she also said, “Yeah! I believe it too!”

Li Xiang looked at Ning Xiaoyues reaction and felt that something was wrong, but he could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong.

“Xiaoyue, you werent like this in the past!”

“Then what was it like”

“Cough! This is good anyway.

I was just saying it casually!”

Li Xiang glanced at the faint smile on Yang Mis face.

He did not need to ask to know the source of the change in Xiaoyue.

“Honey, youre not teaching Xiaoyue a lesson, are you”

“A lesson What lesson Hurry up and deal with the replacement of Xiaoyues territory.

Dont talk nonsense!”

Yang Mis pretty face was slightly red as she turned to look elsewhere.

Li Xiang understood the situation.

Well, it seemed that the three women had formed an alliance.

It would be quite difficult for his alliance to expand!

While he was thinking, he heard the sound of horse hooves behind him.

It was Zhou Yutong and Bai Ling who had caught up with them.

Seeing that they had stopped here, Zhou Yutong hurriedly asked, “Whats wrong Why arent we leaving Our destination should be two more countries away, right”


Li Xiang asked, “Didnt you notice the anomalies along the way”

“Anomalies Is it the fight between several countries What does that have to do with us Just let them fight, we can still continue our journey!”

“Sister Yutong, these country lords are fighting over the quota for the territory exchange! Li Xiang said that our alliance has too few people.

If we add a few more, these country lords dont need to risk their lives!”

Zhou Yutong was just about to nod, but she suddenly realized and blurted out, “No!”

But then she realized that neither Yang Mi nor Ning Xiaoyue had said anything.

Why was she in such a hurry So she quickly shut her mouth and looked at Yang Mi.

Yang Mi snappily smiled and said, “Why are you looking at me”

“Sister Mi, did you agree”

Yang Mi lightly said, “Im not the head of the family.

Someone cant help but want to flirt with women, so I naturally cant spoil his plan!”

When Zhou Yutong heard that, her pretty face became a little hot.

This alliance had already started to become a “family”, so could she be counted as one of the three palaces in the harem

For some reason, Zhou Yutong was actually secretly delighted in her heart.

She did not show it on her face, but her gaze secretly swept towards Li Xiang.

Li Xiang knew that if he did not take his stance now, he would definitely not have a peaceful life in the future!

“Cough! What flirting That cant be! Im just expressing my stance on this matter.

As for the alliances increase in members, it will definitely require all three of you to approve it.

How can I act arbitrarily”

“Really” Yang Mi asked with a smile.

“Of course its true!” How would Li xiang dare to say “No” at this time

“Then shouldnt our permissions be increased”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

Li Xiang hurriedly opened the alliance interface and directly promoted the three of them to deputy alliance leaders.

He even changed their titles to the Empress, Lady of the East Palace, and Lady of the West Palace.

Yang Mi originally thought that after taking over the human resource permission of the alliance, she would definitely be able to restrict Li Xiang from having any more “fantastic ideas” in the future.

She did not expect that even though the human resource permission was given to her, the rights to name and change the name were still in his hands.

Especially the so-called Empress, Lady of the East Palace, and Lady of the West Palace, was this a proper way of addressing them

Originally, she had thought that after coming to the dangerous Myriad World Continent, she would have a proper person to rely on, and it would be enough for her to live well.

Who would have thought that she would meet such a tyrannical and unfaithful fellow like Li Xiang.

However, it wasnt bad for her to be able to take care of her cousin at the same time.

Even if they were to commit themselves to him together, it wasnt that she couldnt accept it.

Even if he were to add another Zhou Yutong, it would still be within the scope of her tolerance.

However, if he wanted to continue adding members to the family, it was absolutely impossible.

Now, she had even come up with these three shameful names.

It simply made her, who had an elder sister character, extremely embarrassed.

“Li Xiang, hurry up and change the title of the Empress for me!”

Yang Mi scolded angrily, but her voice was clear and crisp.

Even though she had a serious look on her face, it was filled with a different kind of beauty.


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