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There were already over 60,000 points!


From the looks of it, a goblin could contribute a little more Soul Points than a buffalo.

There were about 50 of them, which helped Li Xiang to accumulate his first batch of soldier creation resources.

“Lets start to create 10 each.

There will be 2,000 of them after a hundredfold increase.

It should be enough for the time being.”


Li Xiang began to operate.

Soon, dense red lights flew out from the Demon Lair one after another and landed on the empty ground in front of him, materializing into terrifying-looking demons.

They knelt down on one knee towards Li Xiang and cupped their fists towards the lord.

“Greetings, Demon Lord!”

The attributes panel of the two demons also popped out.

[Black Wing Demon] (Elite Unit)

Quality: S

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Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 7

Rank: 1

Attack: 150-270 ( 5%)

Defense: 80 ( 2%)

HP: 1,700 ( 2%)

Skills: [Rapid Claw], [Bloodthirsty Frenzy], [Light of Destruction]

[Vine Whisker Demon] (Elite Unit)

Quality: S

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 7

Rank: 1

Attack: 100-130 ( 5%)

Defense: 140 ( 2%)

HP: 2,000 ( 2%)

Skills: [Vine Whisker Bind], [Furious Whip], [Fountain of Life]

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The corners of Li Xiangs mouth curled up.

He could not help but laugh.

These two soldiers were really strong!

They were only at Rank 1, and their attributes were already enough to compete with Carl, a Rank 5 elite barbarian unit.


He believed that if he were to let them out, it would definitely cause a bloodbath.

It would be like a boss descending, easily destroying a rulers tribe!


Not to mention, he still had 2,000 of them!

But then again, 2,000 soldiers, was that too many

Obviously, for a country, it was not much.

In his current territory, it would be very difficult to even surround half of the border.

But was this little

On the second day of arrival in the Myriad World Continent, it was rare for rulers to have 200 subordinates.

2000 people was definitely not a small number!

When he thought about being able to command so many people, Li Xiangs heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Next, it was time to arrange where they would go.

The territory was so big, so naturally, every region had to have troops to patrol.

Guarding was required for three particular places.

The Ancient Well of Darkness, the mine, and the water source.


Li Xiang sent 500 soldiers each.

The aerial unit, the Black Wing Demon, and the ground unit, the Vine Whisker Demon, were split in half.

He ordered them to guard these three places well.

The demon soldiers did not have any objections and completely listened to Li Xiangs command.

Of the remaining 500 people, Li Xiang left 200 to guard the Demon Lair.


The other 300 people were sent to guard Sallys tribe after dividing up the territory she could control and help to develop.


Of course, there were conditions.

During the guarding period, the casualty rate of these demon soldiers could not exceed 10%.

At the same time, before Sallys novice protection period ended, she had to provide resources to create 100 barbarians and 300 cat-eared ladies to coordinate defense and resist the beast tide.


Sally was suddenly under a lot of pressure and ran to develop overnight.

She believed that with the help of these demon soldiers, it would not be very difficult to achieve the goal.

To build soldiers according to ones respective talents, there had to be a corresponding building.

It was equivalent to a barracks.


In fact, Li Xiang wanted to be able to build these units after merging the core of the territory of the barbarians and goblins.

However, he did not have any interest in these soldiers at the moment.

Not only did they cost resources, but they also occupied the population.

It was the most suitable task for Sally to do.

Li Xiang yawned.

After working hard all day, it was time to sleep.

It was a good time to experience the palace that the barbarians had built for him.


Li Xiang woke up in the morning light.

The succubus and the eye demon were guarding by his side, not leaving at all.

They were afraid that a foreign enemy would invade and assassinate the demon lord.

Li Xiang smiled and greeted them.

Then, he briefly washed up.

After eating roasted meat for breakfast, he went to Sallys territory to inspect the situation.


After a night of painstaking effort in collecting resources.

Sally rebuilt a village again.

With the efficiency of the Great Construction skill, the originally simple and crude fence was upgraded into wooden stakes that were connected like a small city wall.


It was a bit too much to say that it was a city wall, but it was more like a knockoff.

The barracks to build the beast-eared lady units had also been built.

With the help of 300 demon soldiers, there were already more than a dozen beast-eared ladies living in the village.

It was believed that the scale would be several times larger in no time.


Not bad!

This progress was considered very fast.

After today, the novice protection period would be over.

When the beast tide invaded, with Sally around, Li Xiang estimated that he would suffer more than twice the difficulty.

The cat-eared ladys healing ability was indispensable.


Now, he only needed to develop steadily and wait for the army to take shape!

At this moment, Carl returned.


He was panting as he jogged.

“Ive finally found you.

There are a few dwarves who came to the mine.

They say they want to trade.

Do you want to go over and take a look”

“Theyre here already”

Li Xiang did not hesitate.

“Lets go.

Well go together.”

The succubus and the eye demon followed closely behind.

When they arrived at the mine, they saw that the two dwarves were guarded by more than ten Vine Whisker Demons.

They did not dare to move.

Li Xiang stepped forward and sized them up.

He asked, “Are you the ones who traded with the goblin tribe What did they trade”

“Yes… Yes, Demon Lord.”

A dwarf said with a trembling voice, “The goblin tribe used minerals to trade with us for smelting and casting technology, but they were too stupid to learn it, so they traded for weapons and equipment.”

Carl couldnt help but snort.

“Do you know how many innocent tribes you dwarves have helped the goblins to destroy”

“This has nothing to do with us… We dwarves have no choice.

This is the only mineral resource in this area.

If we dont trade with the goblins, we wont be able to use the skills that we use to survive!”

He spoke in agitation and couldnt help but take two steps forward.

He wanted to hug Li Xiangs leg and beg for mercy, but he was treated as a threat.

The succubus and the eye demon blocked in front of him.

A few Vine Whisker Demons roared at the same time, and the skills luster appeared.

The dwarf was so scared that he trembled and fell to his knees with a plop.

“D-Demon Lord, please dont eat me.

My flesh is very sour, and it doesnt taste good at all…”

“I wont eat you.”

Li Xiang snapped his fingers.

Following that, a group of goblins brought out iron ores from the mine and placed them in front of the dwarf.

“Bring these ores back.

Ill continue to trade that the goblin tribe made with you, and itll be fair and just.”


“This is the deposit.

I need weapons that match my race; can you do that”



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