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He had already understood the recruitment of the heroes in Starlight Shrine, and the recruitment of soldiers was even simpler.

They could be recruited directly from the barracks.

Moreover, every hero could recruit their own exclusive soldiers.

He only needed to provide Soul Points.

Li Xiang turned around and glanced at the throne in the shrine.

After hesitating for a moment, he did not attempt to sit on it.

He did not know why, but he felt that he would not be able to sit on it even if he tried now,.

If he did not have the virtue to sit on it, there would definitely be disaster.

Therefore, he simply turned around and left with Mia.

His figure flashed.

The moment Li Xiang opened his eyes, the Judgment Angel in exquisite silver-white armor with a pair of white wings on its back was already standing not far in front of him.

“Your Highness, there seems to be an extremely dense demonic aura here!”

Li Xiangs heart stirred slightly.

He nodded and said, “You can first receive relevant information about this world, then you will understand why there is a demonic aura here.”

Mias expression changed slightly.

A large amount of information about this world had already appeared in her mind.

She quickly opened her eyes and said, “I understand! Although angels and demons are mortal enemies, it is not impossible to cooperate!”

Suddenly, two figures flashed from outside.

They were Alice and Alicia.


Alice cried out in surprise, and her eyes flashed with vigilance and hostility.

When Alicia saw Mia, her eyes flashed with a complicated look.

“Your Highness”

“Mia is my newly recruited hero.

“The Evernight Continent is about to descend, and its not like you havent seen the evil creatures there.

Your strength will be suppressed and weakened when facing them, but the light element is just the opposite.

It will be enhanced! This concerned the life and death of the entire country, so lets put aside the hatred between the two of you for now!”


Alicia said indifferently, “I dont have any deep hatred with the other angels, but I dont like them either.

I can let it go for the sake of Your Highness.”

Alice stood far away and said with a look of disgust, “Hmph, I dont like their smell!”

Mia glanced at Alicia and then at Alice, she chuckled and said, “This is not the world that we used to live in.

There isnt any hatred between us.

Its just that the strength attributes counter each other.

Theres no need to be so confrontational, right If youre not convinced, I dont mind to have a fight!”

Alice gritted her teeth and was about to say yes, but she was stopped by Alicia.

“Dont think that you can beat her just because your level is higher than hers.

As long as the difference in level isnt too big among high-rank warriors, its hard to say who will win or lose!”

Alicia pulled Alice and said in her mind through telepathy.

“Is she so powerful You were an angel too.

Do you know her”

“Of course not! Have you forgotten that this is Myriad World Continent Although were both angels, we dont come from the same world! Just like you demons, not all of you come from the same world!”

Alice nodded and said, “Alright, Im a support hero anyway.

Its normal that I cant beat her.

Its not shameful!”

Even though she said this, the unwillingness in her eyes still betrayed her.

Li Xiang knew that this would happen before he recruited Mia, but he wasnt too worried.

“Now that the main city has been upgraded to level 5, and the original castle has become the current city.

I will set up a barracks each in the east and west of the city.

The demons in the west, whilst the angels in the east, with the central street as the border.

No fighting in the city, understand ”

“Yes, Your Highness!”


Li Xiang waved his hand and threw out an interspatial ring.

“There are some equipment and resources inside.

You can use them yourself!”


After everyone left, Li Xiang opened the main city interface and started to place all kinds of buildings.

Many of the buildings were just illusions before this.

He wasnt even sure where to put them.

Now that theres finally enough space, so he naturally had to plan carefully.

The wonders werent placed in a pile.

Instead, they were placed in different locations according to their own characteristics.

In fact, Li Xiang already had more than five wonders in his hands.

By devouring so many of the country lords imprints, he had naturally obtained their special resources and wealth.

It was just that the country was just this size, so it was not suitable to place too many wonders.

The main thing was that although the wonders had all sorts of magical effects, they were not without consumption.

It was fine to just place them there.

The wonders would also consume the resources in the territory, especially the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth.

They actually consumed a large amount of the spiritual energy.

If it were not for Li Xiangs crazy expansion, the five wonders would have depleted the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth in a short amount of time of the original territory.

At that time, the entire country would become plagued with disasters.

The climate would become abnormal, the output would decrease drastically, the land would turn into sand, and eventually, it would turn into a barren land.

In the end, even the wonders themselves would collapse into dust.

No matter which world it was, energy had to be conserved.

Otherwise, there would only be one outcome– death.

Therefore, Li Xiang did not dare to use all of the wonders although currently he had at least twenty to thirty of them.

The biggest reason was that the country was small and could not afford a large amount of consumption.

He had estimated the wonders consumption of the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth.

He roughly estimated that a legendary-level wonder would require at least one thousand square kilometers of land to support it, whereas a legendary-level wonder would require at least ten thousand square kilometers of land to produce spiritual energy to support it.

And this was under the status of the maximum limit, without any other consumption.

If crops were planted, spiritual herbs were cultivated and so on, the spiritual energy consumption would be even greater.

Therefore, the five wonders were already the limit of Kingdom of Dawn.

Any more and it would affect the growth of all kinds of crops in the country, seriously affecting the livelihood of the people.

Apart from the wonders and treasures, Li Xiang first chose two places in the East City and the West City to build the barracks, allowing the angels and demons to have their own places to stay.

The Starlight of Fortune Pool was naturally placed in his own palace.

For the Starlight Divine Water, he had already found a place to use it.

After putting down the Starlight of Fortune Pool, he received the first drop of divine water.

This drop of divine water flickered with seven-colored light, and it looked full of magic.

Then, he used a small jade bottle to hold this drop of divine water and went to the back garden of the palace.

Although this was the back garden, there were actually only some nameless grass growing here.

There was nothing else, except for the middle place, where there was a small sapling that looked wilted.

At this moment, Li Xiang had already reached level 100, but he could only see the saplings name.

He still couldnt see any other information.

[World Tree Sapling]

Just a few simple words could explain the preciousness and potential of this sapling.

Although Li Xiang didnt know how long he would have to wait for this sapling to grow, he had already decided to cultivate it to the best of his ability without affecting the development of the country.

Now that he had obtained the Starlight of Fortune Pool, and the Starlight Divine Water that was born from it could be used to irrigate this World Tree sapling.


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