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However, this Sacred Flame Halo was a good news for the use on Evernight Continent.

The monsters there were all evil creatures.

Killing them with Sacred Flame Halo would have a better effect.

At this point, Li Xiang already had five aura skills.

Low-rank EXP Halo, level 100, range 100 kilometers.

High-rank Reflect Damage Halo, level 20, range 20 kilometers.

High-rank Sputter Halo, level 20, range 20 kilometers.

High-rank Burst Halo, level 20, range 20 kilometers.

High-rank Sacred Flame Halo, level 20, range 20 kilometers.

Li Xiang spent another 400,000 Soul Points to upgrade his high-rank Sacred Flame Halo to level 20.

[High-rank Sacred Flame Halo]: Grants 20% sacred flame burn damage to attack.

Range: 20 kilometers.

Originally, he had over six million Soul Points.

Now, he only had less than four million left after leveling up three skills, main cities, and buildings.

However, he did not know how much it would take to recruit heroes and soldiers in the Starlight Shrine.

“Its time to enter the shrine and see what kind of heroes I can recruit after upgrading my talent to divine grade.”

Li Xiangs heart was filled with anticipation.

With a thought, his consciousness instantly descended onto Starlight Shrine.

He appeared in a strange hall that was enveloped by starlight.

In the hall, there was a divine seat at the top.

There were dozens of figures standing on the left and right sides of the divine seat.


However, these figures were only lifelike sculptures.

He came to the nearest sculpture and looked at it carefully.

It was a beautiful woman with blonde hair.

She wore silver-white armor, held a long sword that was flashing with lightning, and had a pair of white wings on her back.

He reached out and touched the arm of the sculpture, and a message immediately appeared in his mind.

[Judgement Angel, Mia]

Quality: Mythical (SSS)

Level: 1

HP: 10,000

Attack: 2,000

Defense: 2,000

Skills: Thunder Judgement, Blazing Judgement, Holy Judgement, Wings of Holy Light.

Recruitment Requirements: 3,000,000 Soul Points; Recruitment level: 100

When Li Xiang looked at the attributes, he felt that this was an angel that was even more awesome than Alicia.

However, when he saw the recruitment requirements, he couldnt help but let out a gasp.

This time, it cost three million.

The last time he recruited Alicia and Demon Warlord Lys, he had only spent a total of four million.

But he had to spend one million more this time.

And the latter condition meant that he had to reach level 100 before he was qualified to summon

The Judgment Angel, Mia, was standing at the back of the team.

How many Soul Points would it take to recruit the figures standing at the front

He did not stop.

He went straight to the front and came to the side of an angel who was also wearing silver-white armor.

However, she had a head of silver-white long hair.

Her beautiful face was filled with intelligence.

He stretched out his hand and tapped.

A piece of information appeared in his mind.

[Starlight Angel, Night Light]

Quality: Divine

Level: 1

HP: 100,000

Attack: 20,000

Defense: 30,000


Stellar Transposition: As long as there is a place illuminated by starlight, one can use the starlight to teleport.

The distance to teleport depends on ones own level.

Star Sword Strangle: The starlight condenses into sword light.

It is endless until the enemy is strangled to death.

Star God Descent: Each star needs its own god.

Choosing a different god to descend can add different status and buffs, greatly increasing ones strength.

Depending on the level and strength, the Star God that can be obtained is also different.

Starlight Blessing: Status of starlight buffs.

As long as it is illuminated by starlight, it can be sustained.

Starlight Cage: Imprison the enemy in starlight

Starfire: Starfire burns everything.

The power depends on ones own strength.

Recruitment Requirements: 300 million Soul Points, level 200

“D*mn it! Six skills! And these skills dont seem to be in a fixed mode.

They are more flexible and powerful.”

However, after seeing the recruitment requirements, Li Xiang couldnt help but swallow his saliva.

“300 million Soul Points.

There were hundreds of countries that provoked and invaded my country, and they were all chickens.

Thats how I managed to accumulate more than 30 million Soul Points.

But theres still a long way to go before 100 million! Not to mention reaching level 200…”

Li Xiang looked at the recruitment conditions speechlessly.

A super existence at this level would not be able to be counted on for a short period of time.

Then, he went to the opposite side to take a look and found that the heroes standing on both sides represented light and darkness.

On the other side, he saw Fallen Angels and various demons, but the recruitment requirements were similar.

In contrast, Li Xiang finally chose the Judgement Angel, Mia, that he first came into contact with.

The Evernight Continent was about to descend, and the heroes of the light faction had a stronger damage bonus against the creatures of the continent.

Moreover, his subordinates were all demons, so he didnt feel comfortable looking at them.

He was a normal human.

Other than Alice and Alicia, the other demons didnt fit his aesthetic standards.

Of course, this was also because he had reached a certain level now, so he was qualified to make such a choice.

Otherwise, it wasnt important if he didnt have aesthetic standards, but survival was the most important thing.

However, he did not immediately recruit.

He left the hall to stroll around this so-called shrine and see what it looked like.


He had just arrived at the door when he was blocked by an invisible force.

He could not leave at all.

However, through the door, he could see that the entire Starlight Shrine occupied an extremely large area.

There should still be many places that had not been opened yet.

“Tsk Tsk, I should be the first person in the entire Myriad World Continent to obtain a divine grade talent right now, shouldnt I”

“Fortunately, the system wont announce no matter how good ones talent is.

After all, this is already everyones core secret.

If it were to be announced, wouldnt that be harming others”

Li Xiang turned around and came to the side of the Judgement Angel, Mia.

Without any hesitation, he first raised his level to level 100, and then directly clicked on the recruitment button.


A fine lightning flashed on the statue, and then a strong aura of life appeared on the statue.

“Judgement Angel, Mia, greets the lord!”


The resurrected statue suddenly knelt down on one knee and bowed respectfully.

“Please get up quickly!”

After helping Mia up, Li Xiang looked at Mias exquisite and beautiful face.

He couldnt help but be filled with amazement.

However, his ability to resist beauty had already improved by a large margin, so he did not lose his composure.

Opening the hero interface, he used the EXP he had left after leveling up to increase Mias level to 100.

Because of the four times EXP buff from Evernight Continent and the addition of the low-rank EXP halo, Li Xiang had accumulated a huge amount of EXP.

Even though he had increased his level by 50, and Mias level by 100, the remaining EXP was still enough to increase a heros level by 100.

However, he did not plan to continue recruiting heroes.

He was really short of Soul Points, so he could only give up for the time being.

With less than one million Soul Points left, he could only recruit less than 200 Dread Fiend Cavalry.

It was better than nothing in the current situation.

He planned to wait until he had accumulated more before recruiting.


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