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“Ive remembered you.

Would you tell me your address and coordinates”

“How dare a person tell him the address However, its too difficult to keep Li Xiangs location a secret.

There were hundreds of people who invaded his country before, and hes often on the top searches in the region.

Theres no way to hide it!”

“Sigh, if only Li Xiang was in my region.

I would immediately apply for allegiance and just become his tool.

Isnt that good I heard that those country lords who pledged allegiance to Li Xiang have now become lords.

Every one of them is living an incomparably carefree and comfortable life.

Im so envious.

Im still busy developing my territory right now and I cant even sleep well!”

The various chat channels were abuzz with discussion.

Many people expressed their worries about Li Xiang.

In fact, just as they were worried, many foreign races had already set their eyes on Li Xiang.

The first person in Myriad World Continent to upgrade a main city to level 5 was obviously promising great profit.

One, two, or even dozens, hundreds of common country lords might not be able to do anything to Li Xiangs Kingdom of Dawn.

But what if many elite country lords, or even overlords from various races or regions, joined forces

How many could Li Xiang hold out against

Instantly, the entire Myriad World Continent was filled with undercurrents.

However, the faction that directly started a war against Li Xiang had yet to appear.

Everyone had just received information about Li Xiang, and it was the time to gather intelligence.

It would take a certain amount of time for them to make a move.

Li Xiang also did not expect to cause an uproar on Myriad World Continent just because he had upgraded the main city, wanting to include all the nearby buildings in the main city.

He had even seen the hostility of many foreign country lords on the world channel, threatening to strangle him.

When Li Xiang saw this, not only was he not afraid and worried, but he was actually pleasantly surprised.

“Good Lord, those country lords from District C9 were all greatly frightened before this.

The previous lively scene at the border has never appeared again.

The neighboring countries are all so obedient that it makes me cant bear to launch an attack.”

“Now, the foreign army is coming! They seem to be tough guys.

As long as I can take them down, I will definitely have a huge harvest.

It just so happens that I dont have enough Soul Points!”


He was still mumbling, hoping that these enemies would come over soon.

It was a good time to try out the two new halo skills.

At this moment, Yang Mi and Zhou Yutongs messages immediately flashed on the communication interface.

Yang Mi: “Li Xiang, you have to be careful.

The foreign races see you as a thorn in their flesh.

They wont let you off so easily!”

Zhou Yutong: “Li Xiang, if you have time, hurry up and relocate my country.

When our three countries are developed, we can really support you if anything happens!”

Ning Xiaoyue: “Li Xiang, I still have 50,000 crystal coins and some resources and materials here.

Ill transfer them to you.

Hurry up and buy more equipment!”

Li Xiang looked at these messages and was extremely touched.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

So he quickly replied to the three of them: “Dont worry! Dont you know my strength I cant wait for them to come over! But you guys are the most dangerous ones.

The foreign races have no moral bottom line.

Its very likely that they will take you guys as their breakthrough and set a trap.

So what you guys need to do now is to work hard to increase your strength!”

When Yang Mi and the other two heard that, they felt that it made a lot of sense.

Right now, in the entire Harem Alliance, only Li Xiang was presentable.

They were the alliances weakest point!

“Dont worry, we will work hard! I will start collecting materials and forging equipment right now.

Then, I will let my subordinates kill the wild monsters to increase our levels!”

Actually, Li Xiang wanted to bring the three of them to level up together.

Unfortunately, they were too scattered, so it was not convenient for him to do this at the moment.

“After I help Yutong and Xiaoyue to move the countries, Ill bring you guys to level up together.

Ill let you guys experience what a rocket-like leveling speed is!”

The Kingdom of Dawns name was confirmed, and it caused a huge uproar in the entire Myriad World Continent.

However, the kingdoms internal affairs were as quiet as usual.

The lords who had pledged their allegiance werent worried at all.

They had seen many enemies who targeted Li Xiang, but they were always beaten until they threw away their armor.

They were killed until blood flowed like a river, and Li Xiang never lost.

This also nurtured and built their confidence in Li Xiang.

The original Demon Castle was also renamed as the City of Dawn.

After the sunrise was the dawn, so it was named the City of Dawn.

At this time, Li Xiang was sitting on his throne, preparing to open the systems reward.

A talent treasure chest, three mythical treasure chests, 100,000 merit points, and one million crystal coins.

This reward seemed to be not much, but in fact, it was extremely generous.

Opening the treasure chest was similar to drawing a lottery.

Li Xiang once again burned incense and took a bath, then pray Gods and Buddhas before taking out the most precious talent treasure chest.

He now had two talents, one was the SSS-Rank talent Demon Lair, and the other was the S-Rank talent Territory Devour.

Demon Lair was fine, but Territory Devour was a talent that could grow.

Li Xiang had devoured hundreds of countries during this period of time, and he had already raised his A-Rank talent to S-Rank.

However, this kind of talent was very difficult to raise.

According to Li Xiangs estimation, if he wanted to raise his Territory Devour to SS-Rank, he would need to devour at least a thousand territories.

However, he was not in a hurry.

As long as he had enough strength, this talent could continue to grow.

Taking out the treasure chest that was shining with seven-colored light, Li Xiang took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

In an instant, a seven-colored spiritual light flew out from the treasure chest and entered Li Xiangs body.

He did not even see clearly what this talent was before the light rushed into his body.

However, at the same time, the sound of a system notification sounded in his mind.


[Congratulations to the country lord of Kingdom of Dawn, Li Xiang, for obtaining the SSS-Rank talent, Tower of light.]

[Stars Lord (SSS-Rank) the only one]: A Holy Tower born from the light.

You can summon all light-type heroes and soldiers from within to fight for you.


“Is this a wish comes true Could it be that the Gods and Buddhas have really heard my thoughts and are looking out for me”

Li Xiang was really a little uncertain about this matter now.

However, before he could think too much about it, the system notification sounded once again.


[Detected talent of the same level, same type, with opposite attributes.

Spend 1,000,000 Soul Points to fuse the two talents and upgrade to a higher divine grade talent.

Do you want to upgrade]

This change made Li Xiangs heart tremble.

He had always thought that the highest grade talent in Myriad World Continent was SSS-Rank, which was also the mythical grade.

But now it seemed that it wasnt the case at all!

There was actually a divine grade above the mythical grade!

Such an opportunity appeared once in a lifetime.

He had been completely lucky these few days to get such an opportunity.

“Level up!”

Without any hesitation, he confirmed it directly.


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