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As all the enemy lords died, the battlefields situation became clear instantly.

Under the encirclement of the Demon Army, they either surrendered or got killed.

There were no exceptions.

“Lord, these are the lords imprints and equipment they dropped after we killed them.”

Among these spoils of war, there was not only equipment but also spatial equipment.

There were large amounts of wealth, resources, and treasures stored inside.

Li Xiang thought for a moment and chose to take these lords imprints.

Immediately, he could store the lords resources, equipment, buildings, and resources in the lords warehouse.

The battle had made him rich.

That did not include the remaining 100,000 captives and their equipment.

Most importantly, he had obtained three cross-border teleportation arrays.

That was the foundation of the three foreign lords.

However, it was useless to have too many cross-border teleportation arrays.

After thinking about it, Li Xiang realized three people were in the alliance.

He could give one to each of them.

With the cross-border teleportation arrays, it would be more convenient to support and communicate with each other.

At this time, Zhou Yutong and Bai Ling came out of the castle to the desolate hill.

“Li Xiang, thank you!”

“How do you want to thank me” Li Xiang asked with a smile.

Zhou Yutong blushed and rolled her eyes at him.

“How do you want me to thank you”

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“Youre the one who needs to thank me.

Do you want me to tell you how to thank me”

Zhou Yutong pursed her lips and did not say a word.

Her eyes were slightly red as if she felt wronged.

Li Xiang did not expect this girl not to be able to take a joke.

She thought of him as a lecher who wanted her to repay him with her body.


Why do you make me seem like a big villain who forcefully plunders women We are all in the same alliance.

It is my responsibility to come and save you.

You can repay by buying me a meal.”

When Zhou Yutong heard this, she initially thought that this guy could not wait any longer and wanted to force her to give in.

At this moment, she felt her reaction was a little sensitive.

Li Xiang did give her such an impression.

There was nothing wrong with her thinking that way.

If anyone were to blame, it would be Li Xiang.

“Ill personally cook something delicious for you to thank you!”

“Thats more like it.

Lets go!”

At this moment, Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue had also received Zhou Yutongs notification.

They knew the battle here had ended, and they had won a great victory.

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue secretly heaved a sigh of relief and were delighted.

Following that, Yang Mi sent a message: “Li Xiang, Xiaoyue, and I want to go over and take a look.

Do you have any way for us to do so”

Li Xiang had planned to send the two of them the cross-border teleportation arrays after settling the matter.

But now, it seemed he could give it to them a little earlier.

“Do you have money to come here Cross-border teleportation, 10,000 crystal coins for a round trip!”

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue were shocked.

That was too expensive.

Ten thousand crystal coins were 100 million gold coins!

They wondered if Li Xiang was already that wealthy.

Li Xiang had only just become rich.

Although his wealth was already in the hundreds of millions or even more, the purchasing power of gold and crystal coins was 10,000 times different.

Naturally, they were not on the same level.

Only after auctioning off a batch of equipment did he truly become a rich man.

However, he had only a few hundred thousand crystal coins.

That money was indeed a lot.

Yet, it was only enough to use a cross-border teleportation array to teleport a dozen times.

Li Xiang knew he could use gold coins as currency in the region.

It was also acceptable to buy some common materials.

However, it was not worth much when it reached a higher level.

They could use only crystal coins to buy real top-rank resources.

However, crystal coins were also quite hard to earn.

He had sold equipment, but he had only gotten a few hundred thousand.

It was not much.

The equipment he sold was all top rank equipment at the current stage.

There was a price but no market and the quantity was rare.

It could be considered a top-rank resource.

But even so, he had only sold a few hundred thousand crystal coins.

Looking at it from another angle, it was not much.

“Then, Xiaoyue can stay at home.

Ill go and bring some resources back…”

Li Xiang didnt expect Yang Mi to be so rich.

He had thought Yang Mi would back down! But from the looks of it, it seemed like it wasnt going to be a problem for her.

“Alright! Since you want to come over, then come over! The cost of a teleportation formation is determined by the transported items quality and quantity.

But for you are coming alone… Ahem.

A round trip will cost you ten crystal coins!”

On the other side, Yang Mi was so angry.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Li Xiang, are you stopping Xiaoyue and me from going Are you afraid that we will ruin your romantic moment”

” What romantic moment”

“Humph, keep pretending.

Do you think I dont know that you have a crush on Zhao Yutong Hurry up and send the cross-boundary teleportation array over.”

“This teleportation array is going to cost money! It is not cheap.

Even if we are allies in the alliance, I cant just give it away for free, right”

“How much is it Tell me.”

“Its not much.

30,000 crystal coins! If you cant pay that, you can put it on installment and pay it back slowly in the future.”

“Heh! 30,000 crystal coins, right Ill give it to you when I get there.”

Li Xiang could tell that Yang Mi was rich.

He didnt know how she had saved so much money.

Thirty thousand crystal coins were 300 million gold coins!

Yang Mis enemy almost wiped out her kingdom, but she had so much money.

Li Xiang wondered if Yang Mi had ever considered building her kingdom again.

With this thought in mind, he immediately did as told.

He sent an email to Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue.

The attachment was a cross-border teleportation array.

The postage was 100 crystal coins.

Sending an email cost one million gold coins.

It was costly.

However, many people could only do it and use it because it was convenient.

However, to Li Xiang, this bit of money was not worth mentioning.

They had destroyed so many countries this time and earned no less than 300,000 crystal coins.

Most of the money came from the foreign kingdoms lords and Lord Lin Fei.

“The foreign races are wealthy.”

They were already in the fairy castle.

After experiencing a huge battle, traces of the battle stained the castle from the outside.

However, the interior seemed to have been upgraded.

Some special little elves were flying around in the castles garden.

They looked adorable.

Li Xiang also had some of these little elves in the Demon Country.

However, there werent many of them, and he had fewer types.

“Oh right, Sister Mi just sent me a message.

Shes coming over.

Arrange for someone to pick her up so as not to cause any misunderstandings.”

“Sister Mi and Xiaoyue is coming How are they coming over”

“I sold Sister Mi and Xiaoyue each a cross-border teleportation array, 30,000 crystal coins each.

If you want it, I happen to have one left.

I can give it to you.

If you dont have the money for the time being, you can put it on installment.”

“Really Ill take it.”

Zhou Yutongs eyes lit up, and she looked surprised.

To her, the cross-border teleportation array was important.

People with evil intentions surrounded her fairy countrys location.

It wasnt easy to open trade routes, and it was challenging to trade with the outside world.

If she had a cross-border teleportation array, everything would be much easier.

Although the cross-border portal would cost a lot to transport goods and people, it would still be much better than being stuck there.


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