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These giant lizards were at least ten meters long and three to four meters tall.

Two people were sitting on them.

One was in charge of controlling the giant lizards while the other carried a spear on his back and held a bow and arrow.

They could attack from a distance or engage in close combat.

The speed of the giant lizards was fast.

If they were to attack the enemy with a spear, a sudden attack would be able to kill a bunch of enemies.

Li Xiang also noticed these giant lizards from the distant desolate hill.

He squinted his eyes.

“Wow, these giant lizards mounts are not bad, but its a waste to use them to charge on the battlefield.

If we could use such a huge monster as a labor force to transport goods, the amount of goods a giant beast can pull is huge!”

Teleportation arrays were not common in the Myriad World Continent.

Many transactions were carried out through transportation.

However, beasts had limited strength.

They were slow, and the longer the distance, the greater the danger.

Thus, it greatly restricted the communication between countries and territories.

The giant lizards were huge, and they were fast.

Their endurance seemed good, and they were excellent for hauling goods!

“Pass down my orders.

Try not to hurt these giant lizards.

Capture them if you can.”

These giant lizards had been domesticated and could be used immediately after capture.

However, the beasts controlled through unique methods were different, so it was easier to manage them.


At this moment, Li Xiang noticed that Lys and the Demon Hunter had finally launched an attack and chosen their respective targets.

Lys had chosen the small hill behind the army where the lords gathered, while the Demon Hunter charged straight at the Werewolf Army.

Both of them had chosen challenging targets.

After killing six heroes, Alicia, Alice, and the nine-tailed heavenly fox killed all the werewolves climbing up the city wall.

“Madam, we are going to support the others.

With this girl protecting you, you are safe.”

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Alice said respectfully with a faint smile and then flew away.

Alicia looked at Zhou Yutong carefully, nodded slightly, and then left.

Zhou Yutong was flustered by Alices calling her “Madam” and forced herself to remain calm.

However, there was still an unnoticeable blush on her blood-stained face.

Bai Ling chuckled and said, “Lord, it seems that that person didnt take you into his harem for nothing.

He came to rescue!”

“Hey, what are you talking about Hurry up and help the others and the wounded.

Ill be fine!”

“No! Youre the Lord of a country.

Its so dangerous now.

I have to stay and protect you!”

Zhou Yutong was speechless.

She stabbed the spear in her hand into the ground and inserted it into the rock.

She leaned on the wall and looked outside.

Alicia and Alice had just flown out and were already flying toward a mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, Demon Commander Lys had already charged over with tens of thousands of demon troops.

Lin Fei and the foreign kings at the top of the mountain were also dumbfounded.

“Where did these demon troops come from Why did they appear behind us”

“I dont think thats important now.

These are tens of thousands of demon troops.

Quickly get the troops to come back and protect us!”

“We have so little of us, and we cant withstand the attack of so many demons!”

It wasnt that these kings didnt have an army of guards around them.

It was just that their numbers were a little small, but their strength was more potent and more elite.

However, no matter how strong and elite they were, they were helpless against the Demon Army, which was like a tidal wave.

That was because every warrior of the Demon Army was stronger than these so-called elite guards.

“Haha, it seems that we have underestimated this human genius!”

The Winged-human Races Lord was not flustered at all.

After saying this, his body moved, and he flew up.

The assassination of the human genius was just a test for the Winged-human Race.

They wanted to see how strong the human race was.

It didnt matter whether they succeeded or lost.

Now, it seemed that there was no suspense in this battle.

There was no need to stay.

It was more important to return quickly and bring the news back.

However, as soon as he flew up, he saw a black figure rushing over.

It was a beautiful woman with two black wings on her back.

They were longer, bigger, and more beautiful than the Winged-human Race.

Even the black wings carried an incomparable sense of nobility.

When the Lord of the Winged-human saw Alicia, he recognized the angel.

It was a fallen angel.

The Winged-humans had always considered themselves descendants of angels.

Even fallen angels were targets of their worship.

But now, the angel had become an enemy.

That left him in a dilemma and helpless.

At the same time, a terrifying killing intent had locked onto him, and a strong sense of danger rose in him.

“I will die!”

The Winged-human Lord made up his mind.

He roared furiously, and a powerful aura suddenly erupted from his body.

A sword and a shield suddenly appeared in his hand.


Alicias sword sent the Winged-human Lord flying backward.

Almost at the same time, a pale golden protective shield appeared on his body.

He had activated the ultimate skill he had.

However, Alicias attack didnt stop.

Everyone was shocked to see the Winged-human Lord flying around like a ping-pong ball.

The protective shield on his body gradually dimmed.

“Angel, please spare me! Im an angels descendant.

Im an angels descendant!”

However, Alicias expression was still indifferent as a disdainful sneer appeared on her face.

What angel descendant As an angel in the past, that so-called angel descendant was just a trash soldier created by some lecherous demon god in the heavenly realm.

It had nothing to do with an angel.


Suddenly, the protective shield on the Winged-human Lords body exploded.

The sword in Alicias hand suddenly intensified, turning the Winged-human Lord into a bloody mist in the air.

Only the sword and the shield fell from the air.

Then, Alicia casually kept them.

Standing in the air, Alicia looked down from above.

The blood on the longsword in her hand flowed down along the blade.

The Werewolf Lords expression was grave.

The Winged-human Lord was the strongest existence among them, yet the woman killed him so quickly, not even leaving behind a corpse.

The other lords didnt know what they should do.

At this moment, they could not run even if they wanted to.

Lin Feis lizard army had already charged to the foot of the desolate hill, but the 1,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry had already charged out.

With the fierce charging force of the nightmare warhorse, they were not afraid of the enemys spears impact, using their immense strength to block it.

With a flick of the spear, it the giant lizards afar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying scene appeared on the battlefield.

The 1,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry were all bosses above Level 100.

They had high HP, high defense, high speed, and fierce skills.

So, the giant lizard cavalry was like papers before the Dread Fiend Cavalry.

If it were not for Li Xiang wanting to keep these giant lizards, the Dread Fiend Cavalry would have killed them long ago.

Even so, the cavalrymen on the back of the giant lizards were either dead or injured.

They would only be able to stay alive for the time being if they were quick enough to get off the giant lizards.


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