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On the desolate hill, Li Xiang appeared with his army.

Zhou Yutongs fairy castle was a kilometer away.

Countless ferocious-looking werewolves were crazily attacking the castle.

On another battlefield close to the castle, six to seven figures seemed to have transformed into afterimages as they fought, six against one.

Li Xiang looked into the distance.

More troops gathered nearby them.

From the looks of it, those troops were not under the command of a common Lord.

The number of soldiers in the troop was at least 100,000.

“Heh! They used so many troops to attack a single Zhou Yutong.

It seems that they had overestimated her ability.”

“Lord, the enemy has moved.

Enemies have appeared from all four directions.

Their target is us!”

At this moment, troops came from all four directions.

The troops that emerged from behind were the closest.

They were less than 500 meters away.

Eye demon did not need to send out a clone to be able to see them.

“Lord, the enemy… seems to be not only the human lords but also the foreign races lords.

The Winged-human Race, Werewolf Race, and Blood Claw race.

These three races are all powerful races among the foreign races.”

Li Xiang frowned slightly, and his gaze became sharp.

“Its great that they are foreign races! It will be more fun to kill those foreign races.”

At this time, the Blood Claw Army behind them had already rushed over.

Without needing Li Xiang to command, the flame demon warrior had already sent out 1,000 men to fight them.

[ Blood Claw Warrior ]

Level: 65

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HP: 5,000

Attack: 800

Defense: 600

Agility: 1,000

Skills: Blood Claw Strangle

Skills: Aura Concealment

Skills: Gale Claw Strike

Skills: Burrow

“What Blood Claw Race Theyre a bunch of rats.

No wonder I didnt notice them earlier.”

Li Xiang used his mind to control, and the low-rank EXP halo and the high-rank reflect damage halo were instantly activated.

Two halos appeared under the feet of all of Li Xiangs subordinates.

One was white.

The other was red.

It was a rare spectacular sight.

The Blood Claw Warriors were confident of their high level and strength.

They did not use their best sneak attack techniques.

Instead, they used their fastest speed to attack.

The Blood Claw Races Lord, who had walked out of the temporary camp, saw this.

He immediately laughed out loud, “Everyone, our Blood Claw Race has already started to attack.

You guys can speed up! I thought this human genius would bring many troops.

With so few people, Im afraid that I would have killed all of them by the time you guys arrive.”

The Blood Claw Race had 30,000 troops lying in ambush behind Li Xiang.

At this moment, Blood Claw Race Warriors wearing red armor occupied the mountains when their Lord mobilized them.

They did not hold any weapons.

The sharp claws in their hands were the sharpest and most convenient weapons.

When the other country lords saw this, they all revealed annoyed expressions.

The ambush locations that they had allocated were all arranged beforehand.

Where Li Xiang would appear was random.

“Stinky Rat, youre just lucky.

Li Xiang is a top genius of the human race.

How could he let you destroy him so easily This battle still depends on our Werewolf Race!”

The burly middle-aged man who spoke looked almost identical to the human race.

However, once he transformed, he would become incomparably tall and fierce.

Once a werewolf bit someone, he would infect the person with the werewolf virus.

In the end, he would transform into the lowest level werewolf of the Werewolf Race.

Therefore, the development of the Werewolf Race had always been through attacking and devouring other races.

They were the most aggressive foreign race.

The leader of the Winged-human Race was a tall and handsome man.

At this moment, he just happened to see the double halo effect under the foot of the Demon Countrys army.

He squinted his eyes slightly and said indifferently, “I didnt expect this top human Lord to have such a trump card.

Halo skills.

That is extremely rare!”


Those troops were the top foreign races in their region, but none had halo skills.

Now, this human had two halo skills.

They were envious of it.

Even the dozens of human lords were surprised.

Before this, they had collected information about Li Xiang, but it did not mention halo skills.

It seemed that Li Xiang had been hiding them as a trump card, or he had just obtained them.

“Dont be afraid.

Although aura skills are powerful, it is challenging to level up.

It requires a huge amount of Soul Points.

Li Xiangs halo skills wont be of a high level.”

“Is anyone with high-level detection skills who can check Li Xiangs information”

Everyone shook their heads.

As the Lord of the Winged-human Race, the man said calmly, “That man has a shield on him.

We can only see his level.

We cant see any other information.”

That made everyone gasp.

“Looks like this guys equipment is very luxurious! Hahaha, this is great.

The equipment will be mine.

Dont anyone dare to snatch them away from me!”

The Lord of the Werewolf Race laughed.

This time, the Werewolf Race was the most active in killing human geniuses.

They brought a total of 50,000 troops.

The Werewolf Army that attacked Zhou Yutong before was only 10,000.

Zhou Yutong was already unable to defend against it.

The Lord of the Winged-human Race sneered, “It depends on our ability on who would get those.

The Winged-human Race had always been the master of the sky.

We are not something you can defeat easily.”

At this moment, the Winged-human Army charged.

The Winged-human Race was a flying unit, and they were the fastest.

Although they were the farthest away, they were the second to arrive on the battlefield.

Li Xiang stood on the top of the hill and looked at the large group of Winged-human flying toward him, at least 20,000 of them.

He said with a cold expression, “Prepare the Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

First, kill half of the Winged-humans in the air.

Then, the Black Wing Demons attack and kill all of them.”



The Demon Army behind Li Xiang quickly took out the Purgatory Divine Crossbow and aimed at the Winged-humans in the air.

The Winged-humans feared long-range shooting as a unit in the air.

However, they were also the army with the most experienced in facing the attacks from arrows.

Seeing the reaction from below, they all summoned air shields to block in front of them.

However, their speed did not decrease at all.

Instead, they charged faster.

[ Winged-human Warrior ]

Level: 70

HP: 10,000

Attack: 1,000

Defense: 800

Agility: 1,000

Skills: Rapid Flight

Skills: Air Shield

Skills: Dive Attack

Skills: Spin Pierce

The Winged-human Warriors were stronger and had higher mobility than the Blood Claw Race behind them.

However, they were not worth mentioning to the Demon Countrys warriors.


Tens of thousands of crossbow bolts shot out.

Even when these Winged-human Warriors had a lot of experience in dealing with arrows, with tens of thousands of soldiers attacking, there were not many places to dodge.

Many Winged-human Warriors could only take them head-on.

Moreover, they looked down on the humans.

Even if the humans subordinates were all demons, they were not afraid.

Therefore, when they saw the arrows, they all raised their air shields and charged forward.


Countless arrows flew over and pierced through the air shields.

Even after piercing through the Winged-human Warriors, the arrows did not stop.

They continued to shoot through another Winged-human Warriors.


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