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[Cross-region teleportation array.

Please select the coordinates!]

Li Xiang directly opened Zhou Yutongs information from the alliance list.

Zhou Yutongs location was immediately displayed.

[B5 sub-district 0046 region.

Do you want to be teleported The teleportation fee is 5,000 crystal coins.]

[Note: You can summon the teleportation array at any time when you return.

The fee is still 5,000 crystal coins.]

Li Xiang turned around to look at his own army, and then confirmed the teleportation.

It was 10,000 crystal coins to go back and forth.

Common country lords definitely could not afford it.

This time, he wanted to double the money from these enemies.

The teleportation array lit up and covered the team of less than 30,000 people.

Almost at the same time, on the castle wall of Fairy Kingdom, Zhou Yutong was wearing a full set of armor and holding a long spear, killing or knocking down the werewolves that climbed up from below.

But even so, the werewolves were still fearless and climbed up while howling.

Sweat and blood covered their bodies.

But their eyes were still cold and calm, like an ice mountain that wouldnt melt for a thousand years.

“Yutong, weve known each other for many years.

As long as you surrender, I can guarantee your safety.

At most, youll lose a country.

But as long as youre alive, anything is possible!”

A sharp female voice came from the back of a giant elephant.

It was a beautiful woman in a pink dress with an enchanting figure.

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Behind the woman stood a slender man in black armor.

He held an unknown folding fan in his hand.

He looked at Zhou Yutong, who was fighting with her life on the castle wall, with a playful expression.

“Tsk tsk, Zhou Yutongs stubbornness is getting more and more endearing.

I like her personality of not putting anyone in her eyes.”

Beside him, on the back of another giant bear, was a pale-faced young man.

Hearing this, he laughed out loud, “Li Xuan, I think what you like is the feeling of having this thorny rose under your body! Should I say it or not, a woman like Zhou Yutong makes people filled with the desire to conquer!”

Hearing this, a hint of jealousy flashed across the pink-clothed womans eyes.

Even though she threw herself into their arms, and even though she had already arrived at Myriad World Continent, these guys still treated her as a plaything.

Now, they were even talking about other women in front of her.

Clearly, they did not take her to heart at all, without giving her any respect.

On the castle wall, Zhou Yutong turned a deaf ear, as if she did not hear anything.

She continued to attack crazily.

Meanwhile, her nine-tailed celestial fox was currently being held back by six SS-rank enemy heroes.

Unless she was willing to pay a huge amount of damage, there was no way to rescue the castle.

And the order that Zhou Yutong gave it was to pin down these six SS-rank heroes.

It did not need to care about anything else.

In reality, Zhou Yutong could also see that these people did not use their full strength in their attack.

She could see at least seven or eight country lords in her line of sight.

In reality, there were at least twenty lords in this alliance, and there were at least thirty or forty heroes in total.

However, other than the six SS-rank heroes, she did not see any other heroes.

The only type of soldiers who attacked were the werewolves.

At this moment, on a barren hill near the castle, a huge teleportation array appeared.

Everyone on both sides who had been paying attention to the battlefield instantly noticed the changes here.

“Is Li Xiang here” Zhou Yutongs gaze finally showed a trace of fluctuation.

“That persons support is here! Everyone, get ready.

Once the teleportation arrays light disappears, immediately launch an attack.

Dont give him a chance to stand firm.”

Further away, dozens of country lords gathered together.

Among these country lords, half of them were humans, while the other half were foreign races with different appearances.

The humans were not the only ones who descended on Myriad World Continent.

There were also other races from all over the universe.

“That human genius has already arrived” A werewolf country lord asked with a cruel look in his eyes.

“When do we start the attack” This was a country lord who looked like a mouse but had a pair of terrifying sharp claws.

“Everyone, dont be anxious.

We will cooperate this time and get what we need.

We will naturally do our best to help each other.”

A young man with a mask on his face said with a smile.

At this moment, a handsome man wearing silver-white armor, who had been silent the whole time with a pair of white wings on his back, knocked on the table with a cold expression.

“Since they are already here, there is no need to wait.

Taking advantage of the fact that they have yet to stabilize their footing, this is the best time to attack.”

As he spoke, he stood up, not caring about the owner of this place at all.

A dark look flashed across the eyes of the masked young man.

In the end, he still smiled and said, “Since everyone is so anxious, then we should immediately launch an attack.

I have already received intelligence that the opponent is only level 50.

Although he is considered the best among the many country lords, it should not be a problem for everyone.”

“Hmph! Level 50 You humans are so weak.

Only reaching level 50 after such a long time.


A tall werewolf laughed loudly as he walked out of the temporary camp.

The other human lords all had extremely ugly expressions.

“Lin Fei, is this your plan to kill the country lord of Demon Country To find the foreign race geniuses to deal with humans”

The masked young mans gaze turned cold, he looked at the person who spoke and said, “Li Xiang is currently the strongest lord among the humans.

When the barriers between the various regions are completely opened, he will definitely be our alliances greatest enemy.

His battle record is solid.

With hundreds of lords encirclement, even if they are very weak and their levels are very low, it is enough to show how powerful Li Xiang is.”

“But if the news of our cooperation with the foreign races spreads, it will really be difficult for us to be humans in the future.”

“Hmph! Whats there to be afraid of As long as you have strength, you will be respected wherever you go.

Without strength, you will have to lower yourself to others wherever you go.

As long as I can become stronger, I dont care to not be a human!”

For a time, there were some disputes and estrangement within these country lords.

Among them, a few lords secretly transmitted some information to each other, and then remained silent.

Lin Fei also knew that at this time, he could not let the alliance split up.

Otherwise, it would be very dangerous to face Li Xiang, a powerful enemy whose strength was unknown.

Not to mention that those foreign races did not trust him, he also did not trust them.

“Everyone, calm down.

Although looking for these foreign races to help makes everyone feel a little uncomfortable, I have no choice!”

“The three-month period will soon arrive.

Once the district battlefield activities are over, Li Xiang will definitely become the number one in the entire Myriad World Continent.

This isnt a sub-district, nor it is a large district.

Its the entire Myriad World Continent.

Otherwise, why do you think these foreign races would pay such a huge price to come all the way here to kill him”

“But this is the strength of the human race after all.

If we humans are weak, who will we rely on in the future when we face the attacks of the foreign races Ourselves or you, Lin Fei”

“How dare you say this to the alliance leader Has the alliance leader done anything wrong recently Did he not take enough care of you His current result is the second place of the human race, which is not much weaker than that Li Xiang.

If he can become the first place of the human race, the reward he receives will immediately make our alliance soar to the sky.

At that time, we can just kill more foreign races and make up for everything.”

“Thats right.

At that time, the alliance leader will be the most dazzling genius of our human race!”


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