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Soon, the eye demon finished its order.

[Ding, congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully subdued a goblin unit x 137.

It can be used for gathering, mining, and combat.

Loyalty: 0%!]

These goblins were all idiots.

They would listen to anyones words.

Therefore, a loyalty of zero would not cause these goblins to start a mutiny.

As long as he guarded the entrance of the cave and did not allow others to enter, these goblins would always listen to his orders.

Very good!

The mineral resources were also available!

Li Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

This was only the second day after the start of this kings game.

He already had two major resources, water, and minerals.

He believed that his future development would be much smoother and much faster than others.

At this moment, the succubus suddenly leaned over and said softly, “Demon Lord, there seems to be something inside the cave.

It seems to be… crying.”


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Li Xiang looked inside.

It was too dark, and he couldnt see anything clearly.

It was probably a female creature that hadnt been pulled out for intercourse.

These goblins couldnt hide any treasures at home.

“Since thats the case, eye demon, go and check it out.

If theres anyone, just bring her out.”

“Yes!” The eye demon immediately floated towards the depths of the cave.

Li Xiang ordered the goblins to move the iron ore out from the place where it had just been pierced through.

The succubus stored it in the Storage Ring, and each trip would earn about five units of iron ore.

Not long after, the eye demon returned.

It brought a female human out.

Her clothes were still intact, and she did not seem to have been violated.

Her entire body was muddy, and her face was covered in dust.

She looked average, but her pair of blue eyes were very lively, as beautiful as gemstones.


The most eye-catching thing was her golden curly hair.

When he saw this, Li Xiang had already confirmed that the person in front of him was a lord.

She was the same as him, a ruler in this world.

“You… Youre Boss Li Xiang” She said in slight surprise.

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows and asked, “You know me”

“Who doesnt know you in Region 0042…”

She looked excited.

“I knew it… who would appear in this place Only you have the ability to wander outside the protection zone the next day.”

Li Xiang wanted to laugh.

“What about you”

“Im here for Katie…”

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She seemed to have just remembered and hurriedly asked, “Oh right! Boss Li Xiang, have you seen a dog-eared lady here She was just captured…”

“Whos Katie” Li Xiang asked in puzzlement.

“Another lord You guys have formed an alliance now”

She shook her head and said, “No, that dog-eared lady is called Katie.

Shes also my good friend.

She was on a treasure hunt and accidentally entered the goblins territory and was imprisoned.

I originally wanted to see if I could find a chance to save her, but I was discovered by their scouts and was captured together.”

Li Xiang was speechless.

Indeed, if one didnt do something stupid, they wouldnt die.

Not surprisingly, that dog-eared lady named Katie was a soldier of this lord.

Risking her life to get out of the protection zone for a basic unit was quite something.

There werent many lords that were this kind.

Well, it would be even less in the future.

After all, in a world like this, merciful people wouldnt last long.

However, with such a heart, they would definitely be popular.

After chatting for a while, Li Xiang got to know the name of this female lord.

Her name was Sally.

She was the person he had previously traded with, the person with a cat head.

Her soldier talent was beast-eared ladies.

Currently, she could produce three types of beast-eared lady soldiers.

The dog-eared lady was one of them.

She was good at treasure hunting.

The [Basic Tool Making Illustration Manual] was found by Katie.

Other than that, there was also the cat-eared lady who was good at healing and the fox-eared lady who was good at negotiating.

The tribe that he had observed through the small eye demons perspective, which had hundreds of cat-eared ladies, belonged to her.

Through the food that she had traded with Li Xiang, she had obtained a large number of resources from others to develop rapidly.

“Why did you create so many cat-eared ladies”

Li Xiang raised his question.

This kind of army that could only do healing was useless no matter how many there were.

Sally explained, “Yesterday, I established diplomatic relations with a tribe at a neutral territory through the fox-eared ladies.

Their leader was injured and could not recover, so I created more cat-eared ladies and prepared to help them treat their leader.

This way, at least one of the directions of my territory would be safe.

Li Xiang was suddenly impressed by Sally.

This woman was not hopeless.

At least she knew how to make plans for the future.

She was just unwilling to sacrifice and could not achieve great things.

“Thats a good idea.

Unfortunately, you should not have any territory now.”

Li Xiang pinched his chin and said, “When I came, I saw a tribe surrounded by a fence being swept up by goblins.

All the cat-eared ladies became their exclusive property.

None of them escaped.”


As if she was struck by lightning, and her expression was dull.

“Isnt there a novice protection period… how could… how could…”

“Perhaps, because you went out.

When the lord left, the home was no longer protected.” Li Xiang said his guess.


Sally couldnt help but cry.

“Its all my fault… I killed them… boohoo…”


“And your good friend Katie, if nothing goes wrong, she just died in my battle to exterminate the goblins.” Li Xiang continued.


Sally was sobbing so much that she couldnt speak.

It seemed that she really had feelings for these beast-eared ladies.

Li Xiang shook his head.

“What do you plan to do next Wander around Or find an ownerless territory to rebuild your home”

“I dont know…” Sally wiped her tears.

“My talent doesnt have any combat ability.

Even if I improve my quality, I dont have any combat skills.

Its very difficult to deal with external enemies.

Now that my territory is gone and my resources are gone, I dont know what else I can do.

I can only wait for death.”

“If you dont mind, you can come to my territory.”

Li Xiang took a fancy to the beast-eared ladys support ability, he smiled and said, “Of course, you have to prepare the accommodation and food yourself.

I will only provide protection.

In return, you have to serve me.

To be more precise, you have to submit to me.

According to the systems rules, you have to give me 30% of the daily income.”


“Is that okay”

A glimmer of hope appeared in Sallys eyes.

It was only a 30% tribute.

Compared to surviving, it was nothing!

Li Xiang raised his hand and sent out the invitation.

Instantly, Sally received a system notification.

[Ding! Ruler Sally, Demon Lord Li Xiang sent you a subordinate invitation.

Do you agree]




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