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Li Xiang also understood this point.

After all, Demon Country did not have a large population to begin with, and it had only developed for a short period of time.

On the contrary, its territory continued to expand, resulting in this strange phenomenon of having a large territory and few people.

“Looks like well have to get more people in the future.

Its best if its humans and elves, the kind of race with a peaceful temperament, full of creativity and wisdom.”

“Alright, youve performed well recently.

This is your reward!”

Li Xiang took out an equipment that he had obtained on Evernight Continent and threw it to Demon Warlord, Lys.

This was a battle armor that came from the Soul-devouring Mother Tree.

[Soul-devouring Battle Armor]

Quality: Legendary (SS)

Vitality: 300

Strength: 200

Defense: 300

Agility: 100

Characteristic 1: Passive: Devour souls to recover HP.

Devour enemies souls on the battlefield to recover HP.

Characteristic 2: Passive: Tenacious.

Immune to control skills below legendary level.

There were only two characteristics of the equipment, but its value was not low at all.

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When Lys saw this equipment, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“Thank you for the reward, Your Highness!”

“No need to thank me.

You deserve it.

Next, your main task is to control and train the army, clean up the wild monsters within the borders of the country, and monitor and patrol the borders.

If there are any abnormalities, report back immediately.”


Lys left excitedly.

Only then did Li Xiang open the system interface.

When he opened the alliance interface, he was stunned.

He had already bound Myriad World Conference Hall to the alliance and given Yang Mi the authority that was second only to him.

But now he saw that there were three people in the hall.

With a thought, he entered Myriad World Conference hall as well.

The moment he entered, he heard Ning Xiaoyues happy laughter.

“Hahaha, sister Yutong, those people must be mad.

Although they werent killed directly, it must be a great relieve stealing their Boss and causing them to suffer heavy losses!”

“Yes, I didnt expect it to be so smooth.

The main reason is that they are too weak.

When my Bai Ling attacked, the bunch of heroes were no match for it.

Not only did I manage to steal the Boss from them, it didnt even drop anything.”

Yang Mi leaned lazily on a high back chair, her delicate hands supporting her cheeks, with a smile on her lips.

She said, “Now they will definitely hate you.

Dont take it lightly.

We are a little far from your country.

Youd better tell Li Xiang that if something really happens, he can bring his army to rescue you in time.”

“What are you guys talking about You guys are actually so happy!”

Li Xiangs figure appeared on the main seat of the conference hall, and the three of them immediately noticed him.

Ning Xiaoyue immediately began to chatter about Zhou Yutongs encounter.

To put it simply, after Zhou Yutong parted with Li Xiang, she went on a wild leveling spree.

With the help of top rank equipment and top rank SSS heroes, she increased her level crazily.

Unexpectedly, she met her enemy, Qi Xiaoyun, and the others not long after.

They joined hands to kill the Boss.

Although they suffered heavy losses, they still managed to kill the Boss until only its skin remained.

At this time, Zhou Yutong suddenly appeared.

Not only did she kill the Boss, but she also stole the loot.

She killed and injured many of the enemies, then left calmly.

These enemies were so angry that they swore to make her pay the price.

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Since theyre enemies, then theres nothing to say.

If they really dare to act atrociously, Ill bring my army to help you!”

In fact, Li Xiang missed his Soul Points a little.

His Soul Points were extremely low right now.

He originally wanted to recruit another demon hero, but now he had to set the plan aside.

Now that he had the chance to kill wildly, he couldnt help but feel a little eager.

In particular, he wanted to try out the effect of the high rank reflect damage halo.

He really wanted to see that spectacular scene.

After he enjoyed himself and came back to his senses, he discovered that Yang Mi and the other two were already chatting enthusiastically, completely disregarding him as the alliance leader.

“Sister Mi, the pastries you made are too delicious.

Why dont you make me some more”

Yang Mi was listening to Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiaoyues conversation with great interest.

When she suddenly heard Li Xiangs words, she couldnt help but roll her eyes at him.

She said unhappily, “Dont you already have a chef My pastries are all taught by others.

Let your chef do it himself.

Dont bother me!”


Li Xiang widened his eyes.

What was going on Why did he feel that something was wrong

When Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiaoyue saw each this, they covered their mouths and chuckled, looking as if they were gloating over his misfortune.

“Cough! I only like the pastries you made, Sister Mi.

The others cant do it!”

“Is that so”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Im not free!”

Li Xiang could also see that Yang Mi was throwing a tantrum at him to protest!

Obviously, Yang Mi was very unhappy with Zhou Yutongs participation!

Li Xiang chuckled and said, “Sister Mi, could it be that youre jealous”

“Hmm Jealous Dream on! Who am I to make pastries for you”

Yang Mis pretty face was slightly red, but her expression remained calm.

“Oh no! Looks like the gift I prepared cant be given out.

Since thats the case, then forget it!”

“Hey, wait a minute! What gift are you talking about”

Li Xiang said dejectedly, “Of course its a specialty that I brought back from Evernight Continent! What else can it be Im leaving!”

Although he said that, he didnt move at all.

Yang Mis beautiful eyes flickered for a moment before she lightly bit her lips and said, “Alright! Seeing that you still remember me, Ill reluctantly prepare some pastries for you.”

After saying that, she impatiently asked, “Quickly show me what kind of gift it is.

If the gift doesnt satisfy me, be careful that I will put some stones in your pastries!”

Li Xiang laughed and said, “Alright! I will send it to you by mail when I get back!”

Sending items by mail was naturally the fastest way in Myriad World Continent.

The only flaw was– expensive.

Fortunately, Li Xiangs current wealth wasnt small, so the mere postage wasnt worth mentioning to him.

Not to mention the funds and spoils of war from wiping out hundreds of countries, just this trip to Evernight Continent alone had got him a massive amount of equipment and supplies.

“Thats more like it! But you must obtain the consent of all of us next time you add someone, or else… Hmph!”

What could Li Xiang say at this time Although he and Yang Mi had not broken the barrier in front of their relationship, and it was just a thin barrier.

He couldnt be perfunctory to his womans request no matter what.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill listen to you!”

In any case, this was not a big deal so Li Xiang directly agreed.

“You guys continue to chat!”

Li Xiangs figure flashed and instantly disappeared.

Returning to his room, Li Xiang opened the auction interface and was instantly shocked.

“F*ck! Are there so many rich people”

The auction equipment that Li Xiang had put up before entering Evernight Continent had all disappeared.

At the same time, his account also had a few hundred thousand crystal coins and a few thousand gold coins.


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