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“Qing Ying, go and help!”

After Li Xiang sent Qing Ying out, he raised his Dragon Slaying Battle Bow.


An arrow shot out.

There was no need to aim.

All he needed to do was to lock his gaze and one of the Cyclopes heads that were roaring furiously exploded.

Following that, the second arrow killed the second head without any difficulty.

The phoenix was the strangest in battle.

Its level was high enough, but it did not use Phoenix Fire.

Instead, it focused attacking the eyes of these Cyclopes.

With a flash, a Cyclops eye was dug out by the sharp claw.

Then, it went to look for the next one.

Like a naughty child, it turned into wisps of fire in the air and danced around the Cyclopes heads.

When Li Xiang saw this, he simply took these Cyclopes who had their eyes cut off as targets, killing them one by one.

However, the Cyclopes behind also noticed the abnormality of the battlefield.

They all dug out giant rocks from the ground and threw them at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang was immediately shocked.

He did not dare to continue the attack, so he rode on his horse and ran.

However, the huge rocks fell down like raindrops.

Behind him, there were loud rumbling sounds.

Alicia and Alice realized the situation and they were burning with fury.

[Wings of Death]

In the air, Alicia stopped.

The black wings on her back suddenly expanded endlessly.

Finally, they turned into a pair of huge wings that blotted out the sky.


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Countless arrows that were burning with black flames shot out from the wings.

Under Alicias control, the arrows rained down like a storm.

The moment they touched the Cyclopes, they broke through the Cyclopes defense and pierced into their bodies.

At the same time, wisps of black flames shot out from the arrows and instantly burned the Cyclopes into huge black torches.

The young phoenix did not want to be outdone.

After a clear chirp, it spat out a red aura.

It then turned into a sea of fire, enveloping a large area of Cyclopes.

Immediately, a strange scene appeared on the battlefield.

One side was golden-red flames, while the other side was black flames, enveloping most of the Cyclopes.

Being enveloped by these two attacks, the Cyclopes could not care about Li Xiang.

They roared and struggled, but they were helpless against Alicia and the Fire Phoenix in the sky.

In the end, they could only use up their last bit of HP in despair and die.

At this time, Alice had returned to Li Xiangs side to protect him.

When Cyclopes rushed over, she immediately rushed forward, tied them up with the flaming whip, and then beheaded them.

This battle was extremely fierce.

For the first time, Li Xiangs subordinates suffered casualties.

There were three Dread Fiend Cavalry and five Vine Whisker Demon died.

Even two of the Black Wing Demon who could fly were hit by boulders and died.

The number of casualties reached ten, and only ninety of the hundred-man team remained.

At this time, Eye Demon sent another message.

“Master, a large number of enemies have appeared on the east side.

They are approaching here.

The number is over five hundred, and their levels are over 70!”

This was the first time Li Xiang felt a hint of pressure.

“As expected of the second level.

Quickly clean up the battlefield, and then retreat!”

Li Xiang sat on his warhorse.

After everyone returned, he immediately ran southwest.

After running for dozens of miles, Li Xiang arrived at a stone mountain.

There were many mutated scorpions nearby.

They looked to be level 50 or so.

To Li Xiangs team, they were easy to deal with.

After quickly clearing them out, Li Xiang planned to temporarily camp here.

There were many monsters on the second level of Evernight Continent, and they were very powerful.

It was very easy for them to get into the nest of monsters.

These were only common monsters.

If they encountered a real Boss, it would be very dangerous with their current strength.

It was not impossible for them to be wiped out by an accident.

Fortunately, he had Eye Demon, Vine Whisker Demon and Black Wing Demon, which could be used as scouts.

For safety, they were all sent out to investigate everything within a hundred-mile radius.

No matter what, he had to first understand the situation around him before anything else.

At the same time, Zhou Yutong also began her own journey of revenge.

Her nine-tailed fox, Bai Ling, had successfully advanced to SSS-rank nine-tailed celestial fox.

In addition to the equipment she had exchanged from the alliances warehouse, her strength had soared.

However, she still underestimated about the strength of SSS-rank heroes.

In all battles, she did not even need to make a move.

Just Bai Ling alone, with dozens of subordinates, were able to kill the enemy completely.

When facing a Boss, Bai Ling displayed an extremely terrifying combat strength.

She could easily kill the Boss without causing any damage.

At this moment, she recalled the heroes under Li Xiang and could not help but be shocked.

At this moment, she was almost certain that Li Xiang had at least four SSS-rank heroes under him.

Although there was only a level difference between SS and SSS-rank, there was a huge difference in the strength displayed.

“No wonder that guy got his level points so quickly.

If I had four such heroes, I would also be very fast, even faster than him!”

However, she also knew that this was just wishful thinking.

She was already extremely lucky to have an SSS-rank hero now.

In just one day, she had raised her level to level 50.

Her nine-tailed celestial fox had also reached level 70.

She believed that with her current speed, she would be able to reach level 100 in just three days.

By then, she would be able to defeat the fifteen country lords and her great enemy, Qi Xiaoyun.

On the other side, in Hundred Flowers Kingdom, Yang Mi had also exchanged some equipment for her elf heroes.

“I wonder where Zhou Yutong got the quota to enter Evernight Continent from.”

Yang Mi didnt know why, but she became a little worried and didnt have any interest in doing anything after Li Xiang entered Evernight Continent.

In the past, she developed her territory to protect herself.

But now, with Li Xiangs Dread Fiend Cavalry holding down the fort, and with the equipment he provided to arm her heroes and soldiers, her strength could be said to be the top in Region 032.

But in this way, she felt like she had nothing to do without external pressure.

After Zhou Yutong appeared, the idea of entering Evernight Continent arose in her mind.

But she didnt know how to get a place to enter Evernight Continent, which made her very helpless.

“Sister Yutong, can I ask you something”

Zhou Yutong was also a little bored at the moment.

Her subordinates had become stronger, so her role reduced.

As long as she sent her subordinates to kill the monsters, her EXP would increase crazily.

As soon as Yang Mis message was sent to her, she immediately saw it.

“Sister Mi, tell me what you want.

We are not outsiders.”


“Yutong, youre not deceived by Li Xiang, are you Tell me, how did he deceive you into joining the alliance”

Zhou Yutong was a little embarrassed when she heard this.

Her face was slightly red as she replied, “He didnt deceive me.

I was the one who volunteered to join.

The condition is to help me take revenge!”


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