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Li Xiang spent 10,000 points to summon a vast portal.

The portal was tall and gave off an ancient aura.

Just as he was about to bring his subordinates into it, a message came from his friend list.

“Its her”

Li Xiang looked at the shaking unfamiliar profile picture and clicked it open.

“Where are you”

“Why Are you looking for me”

“Yes! Can we meet up somewhere”

“Wait a moment.

Ill send you the location!”

The person who sent the message was Zhou Yutong, the beauty who sat alone on the barren mountain.

Not long after, a red figure appeared from the end of the earth.

Beneath her was a vast white fox.

It could leap a few meters in a time.

The figure had arrived before Li Xiang in a short span of over ten breaths.

“Hi, there!”

“Whats the matter”

“I want to ask you to help me deal with a few people.

You can ask for anything you want!”

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Li Xiang was stunned for a moment.

He felt that the person in front of him was familiar.

After he knew Zhao Yutongs name, he could guess her origin before she transmigrated.

However, Li Xiang did not expect that she would look for him to help deal with someone.

“Deal with who”

Zhou Yu Tongs expression was cold and solemn as she said, “There are a total of 16 country lords.

At the very least, they are top country lords with two heroes.”

“Why should I help you How much can you afford to pay”

“Im willing to join your alliance and become a member of your harem.

How about that”

Zhou Yutong bit her lips lightly, but she looked determined.

For revenge, she was willing to give up everything.

Li Xiang looked at Zhou Yutongs reaction and knew there was probably a reason behind this.

Because of the previous delightful deal, he was willing to get to know her.

He could guess that Zhao Yutong hated those people she wanted him to deal with from her decision to risk all she had.

“Are you sure that you want to join my harem Do you understand what this means”

When Zhou Yutong heard this, her jade-white face flushed red.

However, she still tried her best to stay calm, “Even Sister Mi has joined your harem, and there arent any objections.

Why would I hesitate Moreover, the world is different now.

Its good to have someone to rely on!”

There was a moment of silence.

Li Xiang stroked his chin and thought for a moment before saying, “I think I have a better way to help you.

Do you want to hear it”

Zhou Yutong was stunned for a moment before saying, “Yes!”

“Join the alliance.

I will help you increase your strength.

Then, you can take revenge on your own.

Theres no need for me to do it.

What do you think”

Zhou Yutong was shocked.

“Are you sure There are more than a dozen countries.

They all have the talent of two heroes.

Can I deal with them alone”

Alice, who was at the side, said disdainfully, “So what if there are more than a dozen countries Not long ago, hundreds of countries invaded our lords territory, and in the end, not even half of them managed to escape.

How strong can a mere dozen countries be”

Zhou Yutong looked at Alices serious look, and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

“Are you sure Are you kidding me Hundreds of countries Then how many troops did they invade At least a few million Even if they just stood there and didnt move, it would take you several years to kill every one of them.”

“Dont act like a country bumpkin!”

Zhou Yutong suddenly remembered something important.

Not long ago, the news of hundreds of countries invading a country suddenly came through the chat channel.

At that time, she thought the country would be doomed, so she didnt pay much attention to it.

Zhou Yutong didnt have many friends.

She just wanted to be strong and survive.

Unexpectedly, disaster fell upon her even though she didnt offend anyone.

She almost died, and it nearly destroyed her country.

She even lost the most crucial hero.

She had been desperately leveling up and improving her strength because of that.

However, even so, she was still far from being able to take revenge.

She had accidentally obtained an opportunity to enter the Evernight Continent.

After entering this place, she discovered that her EXP had skyrocketed.

Even more unexpected was that she had discovered traces of her enemy here.

In the Myriad World Continent, there were many obstacles and restrictions to taking revenge.

But here, it was much more straightforward.

She wanted to seize this opportunity, but she was not strong enough.

After two attacks, not only did she let the enemy escape, but she also alerted the enemy and made them stronger.

After a few considerations, she finally made the craziest decision.

Especially when she saw Li Xiangs ranking, which he had accumulated close to 50,000 points in less than a day, that was something that one could only achieve by killing Top Rank bosses.

As for killing those bosses, many country lords were not a match for them even if they joined forces.

However, they were all taken down by Li Xiang one by one.

That was what interested Li Xiang.

“Okay! If you can let my strength reach the required level for revenge, Ill be your woman after revenging!”

Zhou Yutong was a woman who acted swiftly and decisively.

After she finished speaking, she directly applied to join the alliance.

The application was not simple.

It was something like a contract that one could quickly withdraw.

That was a unique application method that Li Xiang had designed himself.

However, at this moment, he changed the application conditions and clicked agree.

Zhou Yutong also saw the content that Li Xiang had changed.

It was precisely the condition that she had proposed just now.

There was no discount.

That was an agreement that the system had verified.

It could guarantee benefits for both sides.

[ Ding! ]

A name with a profile picture instantly appeared on the Alliance interface.

It was Zhou Yutong.

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue, who were far away in the Hundred Flowers Kingdom and the New-Moon Country, were settling their matter.

Suddenly, the alliance interface appeared in front of them.

[ A new member has joined.

Please send a message to congratulate her! ]

Yang Mis smiling face instantly froze.

“Zhou Yutong Why is it her”

She didnt know much about Zhou Yutong.

Although the entertainment industry was small, and they might know each others existence, they did not interact much.

Yang Mi had never interacted with Zhou Yutong before, but she had heard the news about her that others didnt know.

She knew that Zhou Yutong was a very independent and proud woman.

It made her wonder, “Why would she join Li Xiangs stupid alliance Li Xiang must have used some despicable means.”

“This bastard! Nothing good ever happens once you leave!”

On the other side, Ning Xiaoyue didnt have that many thoughts.

After receiving the system notification, she immediately sent a message happily.

“Hey! We have another sister in the alliance.


Yang Mi gritted her teeth in anger.

She was speechless by her cousins reaction.

Calling Ning Xiaoyue stupid was wrong, yet she never showed her bright side.

Yang Mi wouldnt reveal her thoughts, even if she had to fake her emotions.

So, she immediately sent a message.

“Welcome, Yutong!”

Zhou Yutong looked at Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyues welcome messages in the Alliance interface.

Complicated feelings filled her heart, and she didnt know how to respond for a moment.

However, she could not remain silent.

She could only send a message, “Sister Mi and Sister Yue, thank you!”

Ning Xiaoyue smiled happily and replied quickly, “Dont worry.

You can look for me if you need anything.”


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