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Li Xiang pulled the bowstring to its maximum.

His gaze seemed to travel through time and space, passing through the dense fog and locking onto the Soul-devouring Tree.

The Soul-devouring Mother Tree seemed to feel a significant threat, and the forest began swaying.

Countless black branches extended out, blocking the surroundings of the Soul-devouring Mother Tree.

Countless layers of branches wrapped the entire Soul-devouring Mother Tree, protecting it.

Li Xiangs expression did not change, and the arrow in his hand suddenly disappeared.


The arrow turned into a streak of golden light and darted out.

He could continuously hear strange puffing sounds piercing through the obstruction of countless branches.

After penetrating layers of defense, the arrow shot through the mother trees buck.


A layer of frost-white color spread out from the point where the arrow hit.


Where the white frost spread, twisted black smoke rose from the trees body.

Li Xiang could hear a faint yet terrifying wail from within the tree.

Without waiting for the Soul-devouring Tree to dispel the power of the frost, Li Xiang shot out another arrow.


A cluster of sparks exploded and instantly spread out.

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In the gloomy and dark forest, a red light was faintly discernible.

Li Xiang sneered.

The third, fourth, and fifth arrows fell on the mother tree, one after another.


The third arrow exploded.

Compared to the elemental attack of the first and second arrows, the explosive attack of the third arrow directly blasted a bucket-sized hole in the Soul-devouring Mother Tree, and dark red liquid-like blood flowed out of the tree.

The tree trunk of the Soul-devouring Mother Tree shook wildly, but it was powerless.

As a tree, no matter how strange its ability was, it could only be rooted in the ground and could not move at will.

It was wrong to say that it could not move at all.

However, even if the Soul-devouring Mother Tree was at the Mythical level, it could not change its nature as a plant.

Its movement speed would be slow, and it could not move very far at a time.

At this moment, its movement speed was meaningless before Li Xiangs attack.


A large amount of black fog enveloped the entire Soul-devouring Forest, blocking everyones vision.

That was a unique talent of the Soul-devouring Tree, the Soul-devouring Fog.

The mother tree used it to target the souls of living beings.

However, at this moment, it was used as a battlefield fog.

Li Xiang could see that the Soul-devouring Mother Tree was indeed at its wits end.

However, this did not have much of an impact on Li Xiang.

Since he had locked onto his target, the lock would remain in place if he did not change his target for attack.

He shot one arrow after another.

There were over a hundred arrows.

The sounds of explosions in the forest were almost continuous, and even the earth began to shake.

These were arrows shot from the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow after leveling up.

Previously, killing those bosses needed only one arrow at a time.

But now, the Soul-devouring Mother Tree was not dead even after Li Xiang shot over a hundred arrows.

From this, Li Xiang could see how powerful the defense of the Soul-devouring Mother Tree was.

Li Xiang felt that it was fortunate that he was the one who shot the arrows.

If he had sent his subordinates to fight, the effect might have been even worse, and it would have caused even greater losses.

Fortunately, after shooting over a dozen arrows, the sound of a system notification finally rang in Li Xiangs mind.

[ Ding! ]

[ Congratulations! Lord of the Demon Country, Li Xiang, you have killed a Level 100 Mythical creature, the Soul-devouring Mother Tree.

You have obtained 200,000 EXP.


[ You have killed a Level 50 creature.

EXP increased by 50%.

EXP increased by 100,000.]

[ Ding! Triggered Evernight Continents double exp increase.

You have obtained 600,000 EXP.


[ Ding! You have killed the Soul-devouring Mother Tree.

You have obtained 20,000 points.


Li Xiangs eyes lit up in joy because he had obtained up to a million EXP in one go.

The harvest was bountiful.

As he was thinking, he saw the entire forest freeze.

Then, he saw the countless Soul-devouring Trees explode with cracking sounds.

In just a few seconds, the Soul-devouring Trees in the forest turned into ashes.

“F*ck, these Soul-devouring Trees are all dead.

Why arent their EXP included”

Li Xiang did not receive any EXP from the death of the Soul-devouring Trees.

Alice flew and rushed into the ruins.

Not long after, she brought seven or eight items shining in a strange light.


Li Xiang took these few items.

The equipment and materials were all top ranks.

However, the equipment was useless because he was already in SS-Rank.

He could just put the materials back into the warehouse.

Only the green walnut-sized seed-like item was strange.

[ Seed ]

Quality: Mythical

Description: A Seed of unknown origin that contains a trace of life.

Plant in a place with abundant spiritual energy.

It may germinate again.

Li Xiang was stunned, and excitement burst out of him.

That was a mythical level seed.

If Li Xiang were in the Xianxia World, this seed would be a spiritual root seed!

Li Xiangs heart beat wildly.

He took out a box, carefully put it in, and kept it.

At this time, on the ranking list, Li Xiangs points were close to 50,000 points.

And the second place was less than 10,000 points.

All the rulers who entered the Evernight Continent were curious about this guy who suddenly appeared, and they were even more shocked by Li Xiangs strength.

Zhou Yutong looked at Li Xiangs name on the board and frowned.

She muttered, “Is this guy reliable What conditions can I use to make him agree to help me”

Although they had dealt with each other before, that was only a deal.

If Zhou Yutong wanted to ask for Li Xiangs help, she would have to pay a considerable price.

However, Li Xiang was so powerful.

It made her wonder what she could offer to make Li Xiang agree to her request.

Li Xiang did not know that his appearance had shocked and terrified many people.

He had already led his subordinates and sprinted towards the last White Skeleton General.

After encountering the Soul-devouring Mother Tree, he also refreshed his understanding of the monsters on the first level of the Evernight Continent.

It had more than the Double-headed Demon Dragon.

There were also Mythical level bosses like the Soul-devouring Mother Tree, which was challenging.

However, the harvest was also rich enough.

Just a Mythical level seed was challenging to come by usually.

However, White Skeleton General did not bring him any surprises.

Although there were a large number of skeleton zombies working together, it was easier to kill them.

Although the Dread Fiend Cavalry only had 30 riders, they could break through the encirclement of the skeletons and zombies with their powerful charging force and kill their way to White Skeleton General.

Furthermore, Alice and Alicia were both characters who could fly, so they directly launched an attack on White Skeleton General.

The entire battle took less than ten minutes.

When they smashed White Skeleton General into a pile of bones, the skeletons and zombies that filled the mountains and plains seemed to have lost their motivation and collapsed.

However, the White Skeleton General had dropped a piece of equipment that the army could use.

After equipping it, Li Xiangs subordinates strength increased by another level.

As for the other items, they were not valuable to him.

At this point, his team had killed all the bosses he could find on the first level.

As for the bosses that were further away, he did not plan to hunt for them.

After all, the bonus on the first level was double EXP, but the reward on the second level was triple EXP.

Every extra minute spent on the first level would make him lose plenty of EXP on the second level.


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