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“The food for you angels eat is all flowers and grass.

Other than fruits, there are only leaves.

Yet you are saying Ill be full.

What a joke!”

“You demons eat raw meat and drink blood, yet you dare to say that you are broad and profound.

You are even more of a joke than a joke!”

Li Xiang between the two of them as he listened to them arguing the most boring stuff in the most pleasant voices.

It was both an enjoyment and torture.

He took out the Flaming Demonic Bulls item Alice had given him and examined it.

There were two pieces of S-Rank defense equipment, a pair of shoes, and leather armor.

Both of them were of high quality.

However, at the same time, this kind of equipment was no longer attractive to Li Xiang.

Instead, it was another unique item that attracted his attention.

This time, it did not drop a rare treasure like the projection mirror, but the value of this particular item was high.

[ Bloodline Demonic Pearl ]

Quality: Legendary

Description: This is a one-time item that can be condensed to enhance the bloodline of the demons.

It is only for demons.

“This thing is interesting! Its a pity that the only one who could use this is the Little Phoenix, Qing Ying.

But she is a pure-blooded Phoenix.

She doesnt need to enhance her bloodline anymore.

Moreover, she is already at the Mythical Level.

Legendary items have almost no effect on her.”

Holding the pearl in his hand, he glanced at the Little Phoenix and back at the pearl.

He felt a little helpless.

“Although the item is good, I wont be able to use it for the time being.”

“I hope the remaining two can give me a little surprise!”

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After more than half an hour, Li Xiang led his team to a vast forest covered in fog.

He thought as he ventured deep into the woods.

“From the markings on the map, the Soul-devouring Tree should be in this forest.”

“However, just how big is this forest, and where exactly is the Soul-devouring Tree”

Then, Li Xiang ordered, “Eye Demon, Vine Whisker Demon, send two men each to search for the location of the Soul-devouring Tree.

Remember, the Soul-devouring Tree can create illusions and interfere with consciousness.”


Soon, two Vine Whisker Demons and two Eye Demons clones entered the forest.

But ten minutes later, the eye demon suddenly said, “Lord, Ive lost contact with my two eye membrane clones.”

Vine Whisker Demon squatted on the ground and used its vines to probe into the forest.

In the end, it shook its head and said, “I cant contact my two subordinates either.

I dont know why.

The previous connection was still there, but it suddenly disappeared.”

Li Xiangs eyes flickered with surprise.

Looking at the forest covered in fog, he felt that this place was like a colossal abysss entrance, waiting to devour all the creatures that entered the area.

Suddenly, an idea struck him.

He said coldly, “Alice, use the inferno fire to burn this forest! In the Evernight Continent, all the forests in other places either withered or mutated.

Only the forest here looked lush and verdant.

Something must be wrong.

Perhaps the so-called Soul-devouring Tree is not just a tree, but an entire forest!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

Alicias gaze towards the forest immediately became vigilant.

She flew into the sky and raised the whip in her hand, producing a crisp sound.


Following that, the whips shadow flashed with red light.

When Alice threw it out again, it was as if it had raised an enormous volcano as it descended towards the forest.


Suddenly, the entire forest seemed to come alive.

Twisted black branches extended out from the forest, turning into numerous ghostly claws that resisted the burning of the inferno fire.

These black branches were strange.

It could even resist the inferno fire as if they were not affected at all.

When Li Xiang saw this scene, he was not disappointed and smiled and said, “As expected, there is no Soul-devouring Tree.

That is simply a Soul-devouring Forest.

Anyone who enters will not be able to walk out alive.”

“Lord, what should we do We only have this many people.

If the fire is useless, it will be difficult to destroy the entire forest.

Naturally, we will not be able to kill the Soul-devouring Tree.”

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “Dont worry! I have a plan!”

“What plan”

“Although the so-called Soul-devouring Tree may have evolved into an entire forest, there is still a mother tree in the end.

The rest will be useless if we kill the mother tree!”

Their faces were full of doubt about whether it was Alice, Alicia, Isabella, and the others.

The logic was reasonable, but such a large forest and they couldnt enter.

Alice and everyone wondered how they could find the mother tree.

Li Xiang smiled calmly and jumped out of the projection mirror as he said, “Having this is enough!”

“Projection mirror Lord, do you want to use the projection to scout inside and find the mother tree Then what Will the projection mirror be killed”

Li Xiang smiled and said, “Think about it, the Soul-devouring Tree uses soul-devouring as a method.

The projection is just a projection, but it has no soul for the Soul-devouring Forest to devour.

Moreover, as long as I move fast enough, the soul-devouring tree wont be able to harm me at all!”

As Li Xiang spoke, he activated the projection mirror.

This time, because the projection didnt need to stay for a long time, it wouldnt affect the projection left in the Demon Country.

Li Xiang just put his consciousness into it, and then a projection appeared in the Soul-devouring Forest.

Before the Soul-devouring Tree clone next to him could react and launch an attack, Li Xiangs projection had already appeared in the next place with the help of his vision.

After such a complicated altercation, in the end, Li Xiang found a super Soul-devouring Tree greater than the Soul-devouring Trees in the northwest direction of the forest.

As Li Xiangs projection arrived here, the super Soul-devouring Tree immediately reacted violently.

Streams of black light emitted from it, attempting to entangle and penetrate the clones body, but it directly passed through.

There was no effect at all.

Li Xiang also opened the attributes panel of the Soul-devouring Tree with the help of the projection.

[ Soul-devouring Tree ]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 100

HP: 500,000

Attack: 5,000 – 10,000

Defense: 20,000

Skills 1: Fascinate

Skills 2: Soul-devouring

Skills 3: Absorption

Skills 4: Void Entanglement


“This Soul-devouring Tree is mighty!”

Li Xiang was shocked.

“Fortunately, I did not rush in recklessly.

Otherwise, I would have failed my mission.

Even if I could escape, I would suffer great losses.”

“I thought that common, low-level monsters would fill with the first level of the Evernight Continent.

Who knew that I would encounter a Mythical Level 100 monster This attribute is crazy.”

After complaining, Li Xiang flipped his hand, and the Dragon Slaying Divine Bow appeared in his hand.

After the last upgrade, this bow evolved from a battle bow to a divine one.

Its power had doubled.

Now was the time to see if he could kill this Soul-devouring Tree.

If he could kill it, he would kill it.

He didnt want to take the risk if he couldnt kill it.

Killing one less monster wasnt a big deal.

After killing the Flaming Demonic Bull, he gained another 10,000 points.

No one could threaten his position on the ranking board.

The number two on the board only had around 7,000 points.

That person was still far from Li Xiang.


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