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“Ah Li, have you found those people”



“Just say it.

Dont hesitate!”

“Yes! Those people have gathered even more people now.

There are no less than fifteen country lords, and every one of them have at least two heroes.

They are too strong.

We are completely no match for them.”

Zhou Yutongs expression was cold.

She said indifferently, “No matter what, keep an eye on their whereabouts.

Be careful.

Dont be detected.

As for the rest, I will think of a way!”


The nine-tailed white-clothed woman flashed and disappeared again.

“Fifteen top country lords.

Qi Xiaoyun, you really have something! But do you think you can escape like this”

On the other side, Li Xiang led his team and ran for dozens of kilometers at high speed, killing more than a hundred mutated monsters along the way.

They were still far away when they saw a flash of red light in the distance.

When they got closer, they realized that this was a forest that had been burning.

The forest grew on a slope and extended for more than ten kilometers, illuminating the entire sky with a fiery red color.

On the trees in the forest, there were flames burning all the time.

The branches were charred black, and there were no branches or leaves.

It could be considered a withered forest.

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This was just a withered forest that was burning.

“As expected, I cant be faithful to these villains at all.

If I really let them go, wouldnt I be played”

“Your Highness, the location of Flaming Demonic Bull has been discovered!”

Li Xiangs eyes flashed as he caught Eye Demons shared vision.

In an instant, he saw a strange creature with six bull horns lying on a large fiery red rock in the depths of the burning forest.

The creatures body had flames that were burned and extinguished.

There were strange black patterns on the six strange bull horns.

This time, Li Xiang couldnt be bothered to check the information of this monsters attributes.

After figuring out part of the rules of Evernight Continent, to be honest, he was a little disappointed.

Compared to his previous expectations of encountering stronger enemies and more treasures, he simply wanted to gain more EXP now.

“Alicia, you and Alice join hands and finish the battle in five minutes.”

Alicia glanced at Alice and said, “Im confident in finishing it in five minutes by myself!”

Alice snorted and said, “Me too!”

“I let you both do it together.

Do you hear me If you exceed the time limit, youll be punished together! Well, what should I punish you with Oh! Ill punish you to cook a meal for each other, and the other party must finish it!”

As soon as he said this, Alicia and Alices expressions changed drastically.

Not to mention a demon and an angel had different recipes.

Even if they could cook, the other party would not dare to eat!

And now, they actually wanted to finish the food cooked by the other party!

The two women looked at each other.

They were no longer at odds with each other.

They were sincere and united now.

After all, no one trusted the other partys cooking skills.

No one wanted to taste the food from a different race.

“Okay, time starts now!”


Two figures flashed and disappeared.

Isabella smiled and said, “Your Highness method is really amazing.

Now that even though they dont like each other, they still dont dare to hold each other back, do they It will definitely be no problem to finish off this monster in five minutes!”

Li Xiang chuckled and said, “Really I dont think so!”

“Ah Why”

“Although both of them are strong, they dont know how to cooperate!”

“How can that be”

“Hehe, how can it not be Different angles lead to different problems.

Moreover, in this kind of battle that determines life and death in an instant, the slightest difference leads a huge error!”

“Thats impossible too.

With their strength, just one person can kill this demonic bull in five minutes.”


Suddenly, the sound of an explosion that caused a vigorous shake came from afar.

“Alicia, what are you doing Cant you see that this fellow has already activated his charge Wouldnt it be easy to deal with if I bind it my flame Why are you in a hurry to fight head on”

“Im a warrior.

That soft method is too slow.

Dont you know that we have a time limit The demonic bulls defense is very strong.

Can you bind it”



Li Xiang and the others could only see two figures surrounding a seventy-to eighty-foot-tall giant flaming bull and attacking it continuously in the forest, where the flames were soaring into the sky.

Sparks were constantly exploding and flickering, and it looked like the battle was abnormally intense.

However, Alicia and Alices cursing never stopped.

The demon subordinates were all dumbfounded, and only Li Xiang was amused.

Soon, five minutes were about to up.

But the demonic bull was still standing firmly in the forest of flames, letting out waves of roars.

“Hey, look! The time is almost up.

But the demonic bull is still so energetic.

Its really strange.”

Li Xiang said with a smile.

The others were speechless.

After another five minutes, the demonic bull let out a mournful cry and fell to the ground under the joint attack of the two people.


The earth trembled.

The wildly-burning flames in the forest began to weaken, and finally disappeared.

Li Xiang guessed that Flaming Demonic Bull might have some connection with this forest.

Perhaps there was a touching story hidden in it.

However, he was not interested in exploring it.

He led everyone to think about the next monster.

Since Evernight Continent could be called a continent, it was naturally vast.

Even if it was only the first level, one might not be able to finish the explore for the rest of their lives.

Especially since this place was covered by Shadow Fog, it was nothing new to be lost.

Li Xiang studied the map in his hand and mapped the terrain he saw on the road through the system.

At this time, Alicia and Alice finally returned.

The two of them were expressionless, as if the incident where they cursed at each other had never happened.

“Your Highness, this is the treasure dropped by the demonic bull!”

Alice smiled sweetly.

One would be easy to charm with her smile.

“Cough! This demonic bull looks durable!”

“Since Your Highness has already said it, I will accept the punishment!” Alicia said stubbornly.

Alice snorted, “Your Highness, I only want to cook for you!”

“Ah Alice, dont you know your culinary skills How dare you boast shamelessly that you want to cook for the lord!”

“Im talking to the lord.

How can you interrupt”

“Cough! Cough! Alright, the previous mission was just a joke.

Dont take it seriously!” Li Xiang could finally see that the two of them were completely at odds.


They almost rejected in unison.


No matter what you two decide, lets go to the next place first!”

“Yes! When we return to the country, Ill let Alicia understand how broad and profound the food culture of demons is!”

“Hmph! What kind of delicacies can a bunch of raw and blood-thirsty demons eat The food of the angels can burst your belly.”


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