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Alice, Alicia, and the others were all surprised.

“Your Highness, this is”

“This is a unique treasure that can be used to create a clone.

Dont be surprised if you see it in the future.”

Then, with a thought, the clone instantly disappeared.

When it reappeared, it was already in the Demon Countrys main hall in the castle.

He immediately sent an offline message to Lys, asking him to go to the meeting hall.

Lys did not understand, but he still rushed over quickly.

When he arrived at the lords main hall and saw Li Xiang, he immediately revealed a surprised expression.

“Your Highness, you… are back”

Li Xiang used the projection mirror to sense it.

It was the same as when he was there.

He smiled and shook his head.

“What you see now is my projection clone.

Its strength is very weak.

I asked you to come over to take a look of whats the difference.”

Lys nodded, “I see! Please forgive me, Your Highness.

But I didnt feel anything different.”

“Its alright.

If you can sense the difference casually, then this treasure isnt considered a treasure.

If you have something to do, go and do it.

During the period of time Im not here, this clone will stay in Demon Country.

Everything will be handled like before.

If theres anything urgent, you can come and report it.

Ill respond when Im free.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Li Xiang retracted his thoughts.

At the same time, he could also feel the feeling of the clone in the lords hall.

This feeling of splitting into two was very strange.

However, he could return to normal when he blocked it.

Once there was something abnormal on the side of the lords clone, he could also quickly sense it.

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He looked at the projection mirror in his hand and kept it in his storage ring.

He tried to sense it again, and it did not affect him at all.

His heart was immediately filled with joy.

“This treasure is really suitable for me.

This is only the first time Ive entered Evernight Continent.

I wonder if other monsters will give me a surprise too!”

He took out the goatskin paper that he had gotten from Zhou Yutong and began to study it again.

There were two other powerful monsters that were marked on it.

One was called the Soul-devouring Tree, and the other was called the White Skeleton General.

“Based on the distance, the Soul-devouring Tree is the closest.

However, according to the marking, the Soul-devouring Tree will hallucinate people when they get close to a certain area, causing people to approach it unknowingly.

In the end, the Soul-devouring Tree will devour the soul, drain the flesh and blood, and pile up dry corpses under the tree.

It seems to be very difficult to deal with.”

“White Skeleton General controls a large cemetery.

There are corpses and white bones everywhere, forming an army of skeletons.

It will be very difficult to deal with.”

“As expected, they are all difficult to deal with.

In comparison, the Two-headed Demon Dragon is the easiest one.

No wonder so many country lords have come together to kill the Demon Dragon.”

Suddenly, Alicias voice sounded.


Li Xiang raised his head slightly and looked over.

He saw that the few country lords who had been following behind the team with unknown intentions had already arrived at a place more than ten meters away from them.

They were blocked by Dread Fiend Cavalry.

The middle-aged man in the lead had a gentle smile on his face as he said, “Brother, seeing you kill the Two-headed Demon Dragon is really gratifying! I admire you for avenging those country lords who died here!”

Li Xiang frowned slightly and said indifferently, “If you have something to say, just say it.

Theres no need to rramble!”


The middle-aged man was slightly angry in his heart, and the few lords behind him were also very unhappy.

This young country lord was a little too arrogant.

They had come over to speak politely, but why was he so rude

“Im here to ask if you would like to form a team with us to explore Evernight Continent.

With your help and our support, there is absolutely nothing in this continent that can stop us.

What do you think”

“Not interested!”

Li Xiang had long seen through these peoples ill intentions.

They even sent someone to ask him for two hundred crystal coins to guide him a way out.

It was obvious that they did not have good intentions.

Li Xiang despised such behavior.

How could he form a team with these unknown people

Most importantly, these people were very weak.

When they formed a team, they would not be of any use.

Instead, they would become a burden.

Unless he was stupid, or else he would not form a team with these people.

“Do you know where there are monsters like the Two-headed Demon Dragon”

The Soul-devouring Tree and the White Skeleton General were both very strong.

One was strange, and the other had an endless army.

They were both extremely difficult to deal with.

Although Li Xiang was very confident in himself, he did not want to cause unnecessary casualties.

If there were other monsters that were easier to kill, he could go over.

If he had to let his subordinates increase their strength a little, he could go for Soul-devouring tree and White Skeleton General later.

He was here to increase his strength, not to suffer casualties.

A sinister look flashed across the middle-aged mans eyes, but the smile on his face remained unchanged.

He said very naturally, “Of course there is.

However, you have to form a team with us before I bring you there!”

His skin was quite thick.

From his performance, he seemed to be the type of person who was extremely shameless.

“Are you threatening me”

“No, no, no.

Im telling the truth.

We discovered these monsters with our lives.

If we cant make profit from it, then why should we tell others”

Speaking up to this point, he changed the topic and said, “Of course, things arent absolute.

If you really dont want to team up, then you can only spend money to buy such precious information.”

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes slightly.

Compared to the simple and pleasant deal with Zhou Yutong, he did not know why his heart was filled with disgust when facing this middle-aged man.

“Oh What do you want”

The middle-aged man smiled indifferently and said, “Not much.

Five hundred crystal coins is enough.

I will tell you all the information we know about wild monsters.

It definitely worth it!”

The middle-aged man felt that with Li Xiangs strength, five hundred crystal coins should be a very reasonable price.

It was definitely not to the extent that he could not afford it.

However, this was not a small amount.

At least, it could make the other partys heart ached.

When the other party rejected their proposal to form a team just now, there was almost no hesitation or consideration.

It was obvious that they looked down on them.

This made him feel very hurt.

He had to find a way to make up for it.

Now that the other party asked him for information on wild monsters.

It was just the right time for him to grasp the chance.

When Li Xiang spent a total of 800 crystal coins in the previous transaction with Zhou Yutong, he was satisfied with the transaction in fact.

However, when this fellow asked for 500 crystal coins, he felt that he was asking for too much.

He was not sincere at all.

“Its just a piece of information, but you are asking for 500 crystal coins.

Do you think Im a cash cow”

The middle-aged man raised his head slightly and looked back at the seven country lords allies behind him.

He said indifferently, “Brother, what are you talking about Theres no justice in the sale.

If you are not willing, then dont trade.

Why do you have to say that”

“After all, the value of the information depends on the person.

The important ones cant be traded, whereas the unimportant ones are discarded like worn-out shoes.

Isnt this very normal There isnt a fixed standard to measure it!”


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