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“What are you doing here”

Alicias tone was flat and direct.

She slightly let go of the imprisonment of the Vivians mouth.

“I mean no harm!”

As a Druid, Vivian was extremely sensitive to auras.

At this moment, Vivian felt that the auras of these people were too terrifying.

They were much stronger than the Double-headed Demon Dragon she saw two days ago.

They were not even on the same level.

However, she had to complete the mission that her master had given her.

Even though she knew that her words might anger these experts, she still could not go against it.

“My master asked me to come over and tell you that if you are willing to pay two hundred crystal coins, he can give you a way out.”

Actually, she knew that she had said it for nothing when she said this.

She only needed to look at the strength of these people to know.

What a way out How could these people not know what was ahead

These people were simply going for the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

Their goal was even to skin and remove its bones.

Li Xiang was a little speechless when he heard this.

These country lords were really full of ideas.

They really did not treat their own heroes as human beings!

“I got it.

Thank you for your good intentions! But theres no need! You can leave now!”

Vivians nervous mood suddenly calmed down.

She took a deep look at Li Xiang and disappeared in a flash.

“Your Highness, this man is obviously trying to take advantage of us and trick us.

They wont be grateful if you let them go.

They might even push their luck and attack us in anger!”

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Li Xiang nodded and said, “Yes! Isnt that good”


“Better than Zhu Yingming!”

The demons nearby were speechless.

Compared to the country lord, they felt that they were too kind and they were on a completely different level.

They thought that they were on the second level, but the country lord was already on the fifth level.

Was he deliberately luring the other party to his death

Soon, Vivian returned to the temporary camp.

“Your Highness, the country lord has refused!”

“Hmph, he cant give up his good fortune.

Is he a poor man who cant even afford to buy his life”

“It aint over until the fat lady sings.

Just wait for the show!”

“Serves him right!”

There was a hint of uneasiness on Vivians face as she said, “Master, these people are very strong!”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “There are not many weak people who can enter Evernight Continent.

This is very normal.

You dont have to worry.”

Naturally, he could also see that the other party brought demon soldiers, which were more talented than common soldiers.

However, there were eight country lords on his side.

Could it be that he was afraid of the other partys mere group

“Lets go! Lets follow them and see how this guys background is!”

“Boss, are we going to make a move”

“If this guy can defeat that Two-headed Demon Dragon and both suffer heavy losses, then we can take advantage of it.

Why not”

Even though he said so, the middle-aged man did not show any complacency or contempt.

Instead, he brought along everyone and planned to use their power to oppress them.

So what if the other party knew that they had ulterior motives

Would he dare to turn around and target them

On the other side, Eye Demon reported, “Your Highness, theres a large group of people following behind us.

Its close to a thousand people.”

The corners of Li Xiangs mouth curled up into a faint smile as he said, “Its fine.

Let them follow! As long as they dont come close to the safe area, theres no need to pay attention to them!”

Not long after, everyone arrived at the foot of a huge black stone mountain.

Halfway up the stone mountain, there was a huge cave.

That was the lair of the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

“Eye Demon, go and take a look!”


Very quickly, Eye Demon flew into the air and detected the Two-headed Demon Dragons figure from far outside the cave.

Li Xiang used the shared vision and saw a black Two-headed Demon Dragon lying prostrate on the ground inside the cave.

It seemed to be sleeping.

[ Two-headed Demon Dragon ]

Level: 60

Status: Corroded and mutated

HP: 100,000

Attack: 3,000

Defense: 5,000

Agility: 2,000

Talent: Dragons might

Skills: Frost burst

Skills: Frost mist

Skills: Sea of flames

Skills: Frost storm

This was the monster Boss in Evernight Continent.

It did not look very strong.

After checking the information, Li Xiang raised his eyebrows slightly.

It seemed that he had overestimated the danger of this place when he first entered.

Li Xiang reached out his hand and touched Fire Phoenix Qing Ying, which had been quiet since it entered this place.

At this time, Qing Ying was already at level 82.

It should not be difficult to deal with a level 60 monster!

“Go! Kill the big lizard inside!”


Hearing that, Qing Ying turned into a streak of flame and rushed towards the nest.

When there was still some distance left, Qing Ying let out a clear chirp.

Its entire body instantly expanded into a huge phoenix with a wingspan of more than 100 feet.

The phoenix opened its mouth, and a wisp of golden flame that looked very slender spurted out from its mouth.


A golden-red light instantly lit up within the cave.


The Two-Headed Demon Dragon suddenly opened its icy-cold eyes and looked at the phoenix in the sky with a murderous aura.

It was extremely hostile towards phoenix.

The moment it woke up, it did not even have time to look at the situation outside before Qing Ying directly burned its nest wildly.

No matter who it was, it would not be able to get past this.


A huge black shadow suddenly dashed out of the cave.

It was as fast as the phoenix.

The Fire Phoenix let out a sharp cry and moved.

In an instant, it arrived at the intersection of the two dragon heads.

The sharp claw scratched the dragons scales and skin, and the blood gushed out.

However, this was not the end.

Qing Ying lowered its head and pulled out a shining pearl from the stomach of the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

“F*ck, could this giant salamander still have a dragon pearl in its body”

Li Xiangs thoughts flashed through his mind.


The intense pain caused the Double-headed Demon Dragons body to twitch, but it did not have the risk of falling.


Suddenly, an extremely condensed and hot aura was spat out from the Double-headed Demon Dragons two large mouths.

Qing Yings figure moved gracefully and dodged the two attacks.

However, the Two-headed Demon Dragon seemed to have gone mad as it chased after Fire Phoenix and continued to attack.

Alice said worriedly, “This is the first battle of the young phoenix.

Dont let anything happen to it!”

“Haha! What can happen No cross, no crown.

No matter how talented a phoenix is, it has to develop its talent in order to make huge progress.

It will never become a powerhouse by relying on EXP to level up.”

Not far behind, the bearded middle-aged man saw that the other party had only released a bird to firmly restrain the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

He was extremely surprised.

What the hell was going on Was that a phoenix flying in the air Looking at the blazing flames, he could instantly confirm that it was a Fire Phoenix, also known as the Undying Bird.

The other country lords all revealed an envy look at this moment!


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