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“Thank you for your information.

Ill give you 500 crystal coins for this! Keep them well!”

Li Xiang took out 500 crystal coins again to trade.

The woman looked at Li Xiang in a daze.

She was stunned by this guys wealth for a moment.

This was equivalent to five million gold coins.

He actually gave it to her just like that

Although her own country was also very rich, it was very difficult for her to be so indifferent to five million gold coins.

“Is this guy playing some kind of trick Could it be that he is deliberately flaunting his wealth to her”

A hint of doubt flashed through the eyes of the red-clothed woman in golden armor.

As a former celebrity, although she couldnt be considered very famous, she didnt lose out to anyone in terms of appearance.

It was only because of her stubborn and straightforward personality that she offended many people, so she never became famous.

However, she was also once the celebrity closest to the A-list.

Therefore, even after transmigrating to Myriad World Continent, anyone who saw her and recognized her would more or less have some special purposes.

However, she didnt see any surprise, greed, lust, and other expressions in this guys eyes.

It was as if he didnt recognize her at all.

“My name is Zhou Yutong.

Lets add each other as friends!”

Li Xiang didnt think too much about it.

After all, she was a beautiful woman who took the initiative to add each other as friends.

Moreover, he had a good impression of this woman during the trade just now.

She even reminded him where the danger was.

Clearly, she had a good heart.

She was beautiful and kind-hearted.

It would be a loss if he did not add her as a friend.

Moreover, being able to come to Evernight Continent, it was enough to prove that this womans ability could be considered the top among the countless country lords.

“Alright, I already have some understanding of this place.

Im going to earn some points.

See you!”

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“Hey, wait! Youre a rookie running around in this kind of place.

Its very easy for you to die without knowing why.

Why dont you form a team with me”

Li Xiang didnt hesitate and flatly rejected, “No need! I think Im okay with my own.

I wont trouble you then!”

As he said that, he waved his hand at Zhou Yutong, flew on his horse, and left with his subordinates.

“This guy is totally a straight guy, isnt he Such a beautiful woman like me took the initiative to form a team with him, but he actually rejected it.

He is still a newbie here.

Doesnt him afraid of death”

A few minutes later, Zhou Yutong came back to her senses.

She opened the leaderboard to take a look.

Her beautiful eyes instantly widened.

Before this, she was still in the 78th place, but now she had dropped to the 79th place.

It was unknown when she had been squeezed out of the position.

Taking a closer look, she saw that the name of a country lord named Li Xiang suddenly flashed on the 53rd place, directly jumping to the 49th place.

Zhou Yutong was so shocked that she almost cried out.

“Good Lord! What kind of monster is this guy Where did he come from There was definitely no such person yesterday.

If he really came in today as he said, how long has it been How can it be for him to ranked 48th in just ten minutes”

Zhou Yutong wondered if she was hallucinating.

“Could it be that everything Im experiencing now is actually a dream”

Li Xiang studied the map while sharing the map information to Eye Demon.

Eye Demon was constantly perfecting the map through his doppelganger, which was extremely efficient.

This world was shrouded in fog.

It was extremely difficult to discern directions, so everyone was forced to create a map.

Otherwise, it was extremely easy to get lost and affect the efficiency of farming monsters.

However, what Li Xiang was most interested in was the tomb or ruins of the former experts.

Only in such a place could he obtain better treasures.

He just did not know if his strength was enough.

“Two-headed Demon Dragon discovered in five kilometers ahead to the left!”

With the help of Eye Demon, Li Xiang quickly found his first prey.

A level 60 monster was just over his level by 10 levels, so there was bonus EXP.

Moreover, this place had double EXP.

As long as he killed the monster, he would definitely have a huge advantage in points and EXP.

Along the way, by killing common mutated monsters, his ranking on the leaderboard increased rapidly.

However, after reaching level 49, his leveling speed decreased greatly.

Firstly, killing common wild monsters gave very little points.

Secondly, when he reached the top 50, the number of points needed increased sharply.

Obviously, the competition on the leaderboard was extremely fierce.

“I wonder what kind of evaluation and treasure Ill get when the final tally is settled!”

With the current rate of increase in points, it would be difficult for him to accumulate ten thousand points to exchange for the right to enter the second floor, let alone catch up to the top few on the current leaderboard.

Therefore, Li Xiang was determined to kill the three Bosses on the first floor.

His teams speed became very fast.

Even if they encountered a group of monsters, they would not linger in battle.

They quickly broke out of the encirclement and charged toward the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

In a sparse forest nearby, seven or eight country lords were gathering here to spy on the outside carefully.

They built a temporary camp here.

The few of them worked together to maintain the safety of the camp.

Finally, they found a sense of security in this world.

“Hey, look! Is that a country lord who came in with a team”

“Looks like it! Look at this direction, hes heading towards the Two-headed Demon Dragon.

Looks like hes quite ambitious.”

“Hmph, hell be crying in a while.

If he loses more than half of his men there, Ill definitely have a place in the current ranking.”

“Looking at his dazed appearance, he should be a newcomer.”

“Should we send someone to remind him”

The leader was a middle-aged man with a full beard and a domineering look in his eyes.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man said to a female hero beside him, “Vivian, go over and tell them to hand over two hundred crystal coins if they dont want to die.

We can give him some critical information about life and death.”

Although what he did was a little like looting a burning house, but he really had the key information.

What was the most important thing on the battlefield Intelligence!

If the other party was clever enough to hand over the money, then he really did not mind giving them some pointers.

It could be considered a good relationship.

Unfortunately, points could not be traded.

Otherwise, he would definitely be able to exploit the country lord who suddenly appeared.

Of course, the most important thing was that he had the strength and confidence.

Even if the other party was not satisfied or displeased, he still had a way to defeat the other party.

As the leader of this team, he was ranked fourth on the leaderboard.

He did not show any fear at all.

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Vivians moved and disappeared in an instant.

When she reappeared, she was already in front of Li Xiangs team.

She opened her mouth, but just as she was about to speak, her body suddenly froze.

She found that she could not move.

It was as if she was restrained by some terrifying power.

Other than her eyes, even her hair had stopped in front of her eyes.

Then, a black shadow flashed over.

Alicia took a look at Vivian and could feel the relatively pure natural energy in her body.

“This is a Druid hero unit!”


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