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Li Xiang narrowed his eyes.

To defeat the enemy, one must first capture the leader!

“Succubus, control him!”

The succubus knew that time was pressing, so she did not speak this time.

She placed her hand on her lips and made a kissing gesture.


Pink heart-shaped energy was generated, and she accurately aimed it at the shaman.

[Kiss of Appeasement]!

The succubuss single target control skill!

It could use its own charm to control the target unit!

The shaman became sluggish on the spot.

His body swayed from side to side and his eyes were blurry.

He was completely subdued by the charm of the succubus.

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As expected of a succubus!

She had the ability to charm all living beings at such a young age.

What would happen when she grew up in the future

“Let the shaman order these goblins not to be on guard.

We are here as guests.”

Li Xiang thought of a way to annex this goblin tribe.

The succubus immediately used her ability to communicate with the shaman.

The shaman was also very obedient and told all the goblins not to move.

They were friends.

In the end, the goblins did not react.

They turned a deaf ear to the shamans words.

Pairs of lecherous eyes stared at the succubuss petite body, filled with evil desires.

“What a perfect gift.”

“Since were friends, you wouldnt mind letting me enjoy such a beautiful body, right”

“Ga ga! I want to possess her soft mouth!”

“Get out of my way.

Im the only one who can experience her tightness!”

“First come, first served, charge!”

Amidst the howls, countless goblins swarmed over, causing the situation to go out of control.

The succubuss eyes were filled with anger.

She raised her hand and grabbed the Flame Whip, unleashing Flame Flogging towards the goblins who had just spoken lewd words.

The flames lit up, carrying scorching energy as they swept out in all directions.

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The goblin infantry fell one after another.

Their naked bodies were like paper in front of the succubuss high attack power.

Unfortunately, the few goblins who had spoken dirty words were too far away, so her skill did not hit them.

However, this round had harvested a large number of souls, and they were all absorbed by the succubus.

[System Notification: Your succubus has successfully leveled up to Rank 2!]

How did she level up just like that

Li Xiang raised his head to look.

The succubus was bathed in white light, and her entire body began to undergo subtle changes, growing bit by bit.

After she had completely absorbed the souls, the light dissipated and when she reappeared, she had already transformed into a twelve or thirteen-year-old teenager.

She was less tender and became more beautiful, and she was filled with youthful vitality.

Instantly, the goblins became even crazier.

However, they also knew that the succubus was not someone that could be easily controlled.

The infantrymen dispersed one after another, not giving the succubus the chance to attack again.

Immediately after, a row of goblin archers appeared behind them.

They were holding something that looked like a cannon barrel.

With a bang, they shot out large nets, trapping the succubus.

The succubus tried to use Flame Flogging to whip away these annoying things.

However, as soon as the flames landed on these nets, they were quickly extinguished.

These things seemed to be immune to the damage of the fire attribute.

The whips movement was also restricted, so the damage was greatly reduced.

In Li Xiangs field of vision, there was a toughness bar above the net, which had only lost less than one-tenth of its original value.

Only by destroying this toughness bar would he be able to save the succubus.

It would be very difficult for her to break through the restriction from inside.

Carl roared angrily and slashed left and right with the logging axe in his hand.

He helped Li Xiang clear the goblins that were swarming up around him, making him unable to go over to support her.

But without the succubuss deterrence.

Even if Carl could kill one goblin with his axe, it would be nothing to the goblins.

The wave-like goblins completely ignored Carl, the mountain-like barbarian.

The infantry closed in, and the cavalry circled around to block their path.

A group of archers was still hiding in the darkness, eyeing them like a tiger eyeing its prey, bringing them great pressure.

“Eye demon, what are you waiting for!”

Li Xiang snorted coldly.

The eye demon hiding in the darkness was shocked.

It hurriedly shook its body and split into hundreds of small eye demons.

The eye demon itself did not have the ability to attack.

But after it had its own exclusive weapon, it could continuously absorb the souls of its targets.

More than 200 eye demons formed a defensive line, guarding around the succubus and Li Xiang.

They shot out black rays in unison, piercing into the brains of the goblins who wanted to break in.

In just a few seconds, they completely lost their ability to move and collapsed weakly.

A 300% increase was indeed strong!

However, this ability did have a cooldown time and could not be unleashed indefinitely.

The small eye demons also fell into a short period of weakness.

The goblins were initially shocked by this sudden battle situation, but after realizing that the eye demons did not continue to attack, they swarmed over.

Li Xiang frowned.

No! There were too many of them!

The archers had already begun their attack.

After a round of volley.

Carls HP had already dropped by a large chunk.


Many small eye demons were also surrounded and beaten to death by the infantry that had rushed up.

The strongest succubus was even restricted by the net, and she would not be able to come out for a while.

Was he going to fail miserably when he brought a top-rank army with him, only to be defeated by a bunch of bottom-tier monsters

Li Xiang clenched his fist.

He could not accept such an outcome!

He turned his gaze and saw the shaman that was being controlled.

An idea flashed through his mind.

Thats it!

“Succubus, get that shaman to attack these goblins!”

The succubus immediately understood.

A red light flashed in her eyes and she began to give the order.


The shaman let out a sharp cry, and his voice became louder and louder.

[Battle Notification: The Goblin Shaman has activated the skill Noise Wave!]

Many goblins felt a splitting headache from the impact of this skills sound wave.

They could not help but cover their ears in an attempt to relieve some of the pain.

However, what followed was an even more shrill cry as well as a blinding red light.

[Battle Notification: Eye of Insight has activated the skill Fission Rebound, absorbing the damage from the Noise Wave.

It has successfully increased the rebound by 1.4 times.

It has also released the light of the fallen.

It will last 10 seconds!]


The dark cave suddenly became as bright as day.

The goblins were collectively restricted by the skill.

They held their heads in their hands and squatted on the ground, their HP continuously decreasing.

However, the lethality was still somewhat insufficient.


After all, this skill was calculated based on the attack power of the shaman.

There was no way to kill all of them in one go.

However, this was already enough!

Li Xiang immediately gave the order, “Now! Carl, save the succubus.

We have to hurry!”

“Yes! My Lord!”

Carl threw the axe to the ground and clenched his fists.

Then, a red glow appeared on his thick body.

All the muscles in his body began to expand rapidly, and his blood vessels bulged.

His body grew taller by a lot.

He went berserk!

Carls eyes were red.

He grabbed the net that was trapping the succubus and pulled hard!



An insignificant tearing sound rang out, but it successfully opened the path of destruction for the goblin tribe.


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