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Li Xiang did not know that his unhesitating refusal had saved him from a calamity.

Now, he was ready to enter Evernight Continent.

With a thought, he opened the system panel and found the button to enter Evernight Continent.


A prompt box instantly popped up.

“Are you sure you that you want to enter Evernight Continent Maximum 100 people!”

Only 100 slots

Li Xiang frowned slightly.

Previously, he thought that he could bring a legion in, but now it seemed that he was overthinking things.

However, one hundred people was not a big problem for him.

Thus, he called his subordinates in and said, “We are about to enter Evernight Continent.

A maximum of only one hundred people can enter.

We cant leave this place unguarded.

Lys, you stay behind!”

The Demon Warlords expression did not change.

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The Demon Warlords strength was not weak.

On the contrary, he was very strong.

However, among so many subordinates, only the Demon Warlord had sufficient control over the army, so he could only stay behind.

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“Later you can lead your troops to eliminate the wild monster lairs within the territory, raise your level, and accumulate strength.

If Hundred Flowers Kingdom and Bright Moon Country encounter danger, you can send your troops as you see fit!”


“The remaining 100 slots, other than Succubus Alice, Fallen Angel Alicia, Isabella, Eye Demon Solon, Demon Hunter Mordor, Vine Whisker Demon Commander Buka, Black Wing Demon Commander Salo, Flame Demon Commander Dolon, and Fire Phoenix Qingying, there will be a total of 10 including me.”

“The remaining 90 slots would be 30 Dread Fiend Cavalry, 20 vine whisker demons, 20 black wing demons, and 20 flame demons.

Choose the highest level among them to enter Evernight Continent with us.”


“Get ready! Well gather in the hall in half an hour!”

Half an hour later, Li Xiang opened a teleportation door.

Dread Fiend Cavalry were in front, followed by Eye Demon, Vine Whisker Demon, and Black Wing Demon.

After that followed by Alicia, Alice, and the others.

Li Xiang was the last to enter.

The moment they entered, they discovered that this was an extremely dark world.

The grayish-black fog floated in the air.

When they got closer, everyone immediately felt a wave of cold air corroding into their bodies.

What was even more terrifying was that after the blood and HP in their bodies were corroded by this cold air, there were also some terrifying mutations happening while they were weakening.

It was as if something was about to flow out from their skin and pores.

“What is it”

Li Xiang immediately checked his status.

[ Slight mutation, slight poisoning, slight curse in the corrosion of Shadow Fog!]

“F*ck, is this place so abnormal”

However, when he raised his head to look at his subordinates, they seemed to be fine and were not affected at all.

He found that these guys were all demons and were the products of negative energy.

This bit of negative status might be a great tonic for them!

“Alice, did you notice anything unusual in your body”

“Yes No! I feel more comfortable than in Abyss.”


Li Xiang was a little speechless.

However, this slight negative atmosphere did not have much of an effect on him.

With his luxurious equipment, he could easily resist this kind of erosion.

He raised his head to look at the sky.

The sky was dark, as if he was in the deep space of the universe.

It was deep and silent, without any light.

Looking into the distance, the entire world seemed to be covered in a layer of faint fog.

Beyond a thousand meters, nothing could be seen clearly.

Everything was blurry.

“Is this Evernight Continent It doesnt look as dangerous as I imagined!”

Li Xiang lowered his head to look at the ground.

The soil on the ground looked normal.

But after squatting down and picking up a handful of soil, he realized that there seemed to be a fishy smell in the soil.

This kind of environment was something that demons, zombies, undead, and other creatures would like and be able to adapt to.

To humans, this place was really not a good place.

Looking at the plants not far away, they looked strange and did not look like normal plants at all.

“Eye Demon, send out your doppelganger to investigate.

Vine Whisker Demon, enter the ground to investigate.

Dont be too far away.

Everyone else, be on alert!”

“Your Highness, there are many strange monsters in 1,500 meters to the west moving in this direction at a very fast speed.”

“There are traces of human activity in the south, but we dont see any human.”

“On the back, there are traces of intense battle.”

Eye Demons detection range was 10 kilometers.

If the doppelganger was included, it could reach a radius of 100 kilometers.

With such a large surveillance range, it could at least guarantee the safety of their group.

At this moment, a series of strange sounds came from the west.

Not long later, a three-headed strange snake appeared first.

The reason why this three-headed snake was strange was that its body was covered with a terrifying white appearance, making it look exceptionally terrifying.

The moment it appeared, it did not even need time to react when it saw Li Xiang and his group.

Without any hesitation, its three big mouths suddenly opened.


Three strange red lights instantly shot towards the outermost Dread Fiend Cavalry.


The Dread Fiend Cavalry used his arm shield to slightly block, and the black spear in his hand swept out instantly.

With a sizzle sound, the three heads of the strange snake were completely chopped off.

[ Ding! Your Dread Fiend Cavalry has killed a three-headed feathered snake.

Obtained 5,000 EXP! ]

[ Three-headed Feathered Snake ]

Level: 35

Status: Corroded and mutated

HP: 5,000

Attack: 500

Defense: 300

Agility: 399

Skills: Toxic Flame Spatter

“Tsk Tsk, this monster is a little strange! Mutated.

Looks like the fog in Evernight Continent has really been eroded to a dangerous level!”

However, before he could continue to think, more monsters swarmed in from behind.

Li Xiang did not waste any time.

He waved his hand and said, “Kill!”

With Li Xiangs order, the team of nearly 100 people immediately activated the massacre mode.

All the monsters that charged at them were killed one by one.

The corpses accumulated on the ground, and black blood flowed all over the ground.

Then, they slowly entered the ground.

[ Ding! You have triggered the special rule of Evernight Continent.

You have received double EXP reward.

You have received 2,000 EXP.


[ Ding! …You have received 3,000 EXP.


“Wow! Double EXP for killing monsters here This is a good place to kill monsters.”

But it was not over yet.

Another notification sounded.

[ Ding! You have killed a three-headed feathered snake.

You have received 10 points! ]

[ Ranking on the leaderboard: 95]

“ ”

“We are not the only group who entered Evernight Continent Looking at my ranking, could it be that at least 100 groups have entered”

“Eye Demon, pay attention to the traces of the surrounding humans.

Report immediately if you find anything!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Li Xiang wanted to get in touch with the humans who had entered ahead of him to see if he could obtain some useful information.

Since the system said that this place was extremely dangerous, he would not let down his guard even though it seemed like it did not live up to its name.


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