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“Then thats it.

Ill get your men to bring all the equipment back, and Ill leave Xiaoyues portion with you.

Ill put up the rest and sell them.”

“Why dont you keep them for yourself You might need them in the future!”

Li Xiang explained, “As the strength of each countrys lord increases, the speed of equipment acquisition will become faster and faster.

There will be more and more high rank equipment.

If we dont make a fortune when the equipment is valuable now, itll be difficult to do that in the future.”

At first, Yang Mi was a little confused when she heard this.

After thinking carefully, she immediately understood.

These country lords strength and levels were all increasing.

They could definitely challenge stronger enemies, so the equipment they obtained would be stronger and better.

Therefore, Li Xiangs method of dealing with the equipment right now was the wisest.

Not long after, Li Xiang posted all the remaining unused equipment on the auction interface.

Most of them were equipment above A-Rank, and there were more than ten pieces of S-Rank equipment.

This instantly caused a hot discussion on the chat channel.

“Are S-Rank equipment flooding Are we in the same world”

“I dont even have a single piece of A-Rank equipment.

But the S-Rank equipment here are starting to go on sale.”

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!”

“These equipment are too expensive.

This is an auction some more.

But the little bit of money of mine cant even match the lowest price!”

“Hehe, there are plenty of rich people in Myriad World Continent.

Look, those S-rank equipment will definitely be sold at a ridiculous price in the end!”

“I can only participate in the auction for a few pieces of A-rank equipment.

With these equipment, I will definitely be able to clean up the wild monster lair near my doorstep.”

“Brother Li Xiang, do you want me to warm your bed I have a delicate body and I am proficient in all kinds of postures!”

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“Even though Im a man, Id still like to ride your coattails! Boss Li Xiang, do you need a pendant on your coattails”

“Hey Hey Hey, did you guys notice that Li Xiang created an alliance called the Harem Yang Mi is actually one of them.”

Instantly, the chat channel became lively again.

“Holy Sh*t! Li Xiang has really reached the peak of his life and realized the dream of having a harem! Im really envy him!”


Li Xiang really dares to dream!”

“F*ck, Yang Mi is already taken My heart is broken!”

“I suddenly feel that the equipment arent good anymore.

Even if you give me an SSS-Rank equipment now, it wont be able to make up for the trauma in my heart!”

“You guys better save it! Is there any point in flattering him like this Dont look at how arrogant he is now, there will be times when he will cry.”

“Eh, theres actually a smearer here.

Could it be that the lesson from the hundreds of kings wasnt enough Are you trying to be tough with Demon Country Who gave you the courage Ill support you spiritually!”

“Hmph, short-sighted people.

How would you know how big this world is and how many experts there are A mere Demon Country isnt even worth mentioning in the entire Myriad World Continent.”

Li Xiang ignored the discussion on the chat channel.

After he put up the equipment, he closed the system interface.

Now, everything was ready and he could enter Evernight Continent.

However, he had to inform Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue before he entered.

“Sister Mi! Im going to enter Evernight Continent!”

“During this period of time, you guys can develop in peace! For the Dread Fiend Cavalry that have been staying in your territory, just ask them to kill without opening their eyes! When theres nothing to do, send them to the wild monster lairs within the borders of country to level up.”

“Train your own army well.

With those equipment, together with my army, the level-up will be very fast.”

Yang Mi was originally ashamed and angry because of the discussion on the chat channel.

When she saw the message from Li Xiang, she could not help but reply, “You have to be careful.

Dont worry about us!”

After she sent the message, she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her words.

However, she couldnt eat her words.

Since it was not the first time, she might as well throw caution to the wind and send another angry message, “If you dont come back earlier, you might become a cuckold!”

Li Xiang laughed when he saw Yang Mis bold response, “Dont worry! How can I do something Im not sure of I wont give you the chance to cheat on me!”

At this moment, a private message suddenly popped up.

“Hmm Who is this He can actually send me a private message.

I remember that my private message channel has been closed!”

Li Xiang opened this private message out of curiosity.

“Li Xiang, Im would like make a deal with you using a tool!”

“What deal”

“Didnt you establish a harem I have the location information of two big celebrities here.

Theyre in Region C9.

If you want it, I would like to use this to exchange for an SS-Rank equipment.

You shouldnt be lacking in that, right”

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment.

Did he think that he was a lecherous person who had a collection fetish

Yang Mi was right at the door of his house.

She was reliable, beautiful and valiant.

Which man wouldnt love her

But to exchange an SS-Rank equipment for a random position of two female celebrities, was this guy crazy

“Youre thinking too much!”

“I can guarantee that these two female celebrities were top rank big stars when on Earth.

Theres no lies!”


After Li Xiang impolitely replied, he directly deleted this guy.

Just based on this guys character of betraying others location information, he couldnt be trusted.

At the same time, in a territory in farther southeast, a young mans expression turned ugly when he saw that his private message chat had been deleted.

“D*mn it, you shameless thing!”

“How was it Did you fail”

“Yes! I thought it was a country bumpkin who had never seen a star before.

As long as I gave him some benefits, he would be able to build a relationship with me.

But now, it seems that he is actually a guy who wont budge.”

This was a small garden that was rather elegant.

In the garden, in a pavilion, four young men were sitting around a round stone table.

“Hmph, then consider him lucky!” one of the young men cursed angrily.

This man was the country lord of Holy Light Kingdom, Qin Feng.

The three people beside him were the three allies of Glory Alliance that he had formed.

This time, seeing that Li Xiang had created Harem Alliance, and Yang Mi was among them, the few of them thought that perhaps Li Xiang had not seen the world before and was greedy for the beauty of celebrities.

They planned to use this as a trap to trick Li Xiang into coming over.

When the time came, the four of them would work together.

With the four top country lords, they would definitely be able to take Li Xiang down.

Not only would they be able to take revenge for stealing love, but they would also be able to obtain all the resources of Li Xiangs Demon Country.

They would also be able to make a name for themselves.

It could be said that they would kill three birds with one stone.

However, they did not expect that Li Xiang would not fall for it.

This made the few of them feel frustrated and very angry.

“Everyone, dont be discouraged.

With our strength, we will be able to destroy Li Xiangs stupid alliance sooner or later.

Think about it, just based on this name, what kind of people will he be able to recruit Making a bunch of eye candies as allies is simply hilarious.”

“Haha, Qin is right!”

“Come, lets do it!”

“Lets do it!”


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