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Chapter 126: The Fire Phoenix and the Mirage Beast Hall


A sharp little claw poked out from the inside, followed closely by another broken eggshell, and a rather cute bird head stuck out.


A sharp and clear cry was heard, and the eggshell suddenly turned into pieces and scattered on the ground.


A golden-red light flashed and landed on Li Xiangs shoulder.

“Ha! This is the Fire Phoenix!”

The Fire Phoenixs lively eyes revealed its curiosity about this world.

It continuously jumped around Li Xiangs shoulders and head.

It looked extremely happy, and the chirping sound was pleasant and refreshing.

It made people feel relaxed and happy.

“Your chirps are so nice, and youre also pretty.

From now on, youll be called Qing Ying!”

“Chirp chirp…”

The little Fire Phoenix, whose body was still burning with flames, was chirping and jumping around, looking extremely happy.

[Fire Phoenix]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 1

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Attack: 2,000

Defense: 1,000

HP: 5,000

Talent: Rebirth from the Flames

Talent: Phoenixs Fire

“Lets go, Ill bring you to level up!”

Looking at the Fire Phoenixs attributes panel, Li Xiang suddenly thought of his other subordinates who were leveling up, so he immediately rushed over.

However, as soon as he arrived outside, the Fire Phoenixs clear shadow leaped up and flew into the air.

After a crisp cry, the flames on its body exploded, directly transforming into a phoenix phantom that was hundreds of feet long.

It was as beautiful as it could be.

In the next three days, Li Xiang led the Fire Phoenix and his subordinates to destroy seventeen legendary wild monster nests.

All of his subordinates had reached level 100.

There were also tens of thousands of troops that had reached level 60 and above.

With his strength soaring, Li Xiang began to plan his entry into the Evernight Continent with great ambition.

Other than their levels, the biggest gains for everyone were all sorts of resources and more than a dozen pieces of SS equipment.

At a time when even S-rank equipment was so rare that there was no market for it, the Demon Countrys SS-rank equipment was almost overflowing.

Apart from SS-rank equipment, there was naturally more S-rank equipment.

It could be said that after all the heroes in the Demon Country updated their equipment, their strength had more than doubled.

Even so, there were still quite a number of equipment that had not been used.

Among these equipment, the most useful one for Li Xiang was an SS-rank storage ring.

The space inside was 100 x 100 x 100 meters.

As for the other equipment, he had given them to his subordinates.

At the same time, he had also raised his level to level 50.

The main reason for this was that if his level was too high, it would be difficult to obtain experience points.

But if his level was too low, he would have no confidence in entering the Evernight Continent.

As long as his level was not high, even if his subordinates killed low-grade monsters, they would still gain EXP, but there was no bonus.

Of course, the most important thing was that he did not want to expose the fact that his subordinates were all very high level.

Apart from that, Li Xiang finally found a building treasure in one of the nests.

[Mirage Beast Hall]

Quality: Legendary

Description: When you put in a beasts soul, it can evolve into a mirage beast.

Subdue a mirage beast and feed it with resources.

When it grows up, it can be turned into weapons, equipment, and mounts at will.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up when he saw this item.

The treasure that Yang Mi gave him earlier was a little inferior compared to this one.

He came to the vicinity of the magic tower, found an empty space, and put this treasure down.


In an instant, an ancient, tall Palace appeared on the ground.

The walls of the palace were engraved with the totems of countless divine beasts and fierce beasts with lifelike appearances.

Walking into the palace, it was as if he had passed through a thin film and entered another space.

However, the space was empty at this time.

It was gray and there was nothing.

As the master of the Mirage Beast Hall, Li Xiang knew through contact that this space was very strange.

It would form mirage beasts according to the quality and attributes of the beast souls that were put into it.

The higher the quality of the beast souls that were put in, the higher the quality of the mirage beasts that were obtained.

The highest quality could reach mythical levels.

“If even my own troops could wear the Mirage Beast Armor, that would be awesome.

Looks like I have to improve my schedule in collecting Beast Souls.”

“Its a pity that I didnt find this treasure earlier.

Otherwise, there would be quite a number of legendary beasts among the dozen or so legendary beasts lairs.”

“Oh right, so how do I collect Beast Souls”

As soon as he said that, he was brought into a room by the Mirage Beast Hall.

There was a high platform in the room.

On it was hundreds of small black bottles made of unknown materials.

These bottles were called Beast Soul bottles.

After killing a fierce beast, one could use these bottles to collect the Beast Soul of the slain beast.

Li Xiang casually took a few and put them away, then turned around and left the Mirage Beast Hall.

After all, this place was empty now, and there was nothing to see.

Returning to the castle, Li Xiang gave each of his subordinates a beast soul bottle and said, “In the future, after killing a powerful beast, you can use this bottle to collect the beast soul, and then send it to the Beast Soul Hall, where the Beast Soul can evolve into a Mirage Beast.”

The heroic subordinates already knew the function of Mirage Beasts, and their expressions were filled with anticipation.

“Country Lord, a group of people came from outside the castle.

They say theyre from the Hundred Flowers Kingdom!”

Li Xiangs heart skipped.

He knew that the person who came should be the chef that Yang Mi had chosen for him, and his heart was slightly happy.

“Let them in!”

Not long after, a group of seven or eight people walked in.

“Greetings to the Country Lord!”

The leader was a slightly chubby middle-aged man, and beside him were a young man and woman, who looked to be only 15 or 16 years old.

“You are Chef Chen Tao, right Ive been waiting for you for a long time!”

Chen Tao revealed a simple and honest smile and said, “Its my honor to be able to serve the Country Lord.”

“Alright, Sister Mi has already told me about your situation.

Although youve come to the Myriad World Continent, youre still a fellow countryman.

You can stay in my Demon Country from now on! Ill arrange a separate courtyard for you.

If you need anything, you can mention it to Miss Alice.

Its not a problem if its within a reasonable range.”

As he spoke, his gaze swept past the young man and woman beside him.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Not long from now, the Demon Country will build a human city.

There will be a school inside.

You can send them to school.

The tuition will be completely free.”

When Li Xiang mentioned other remunerations, Chen Taos expression did not change.

He maintained this humble attitude.

However, when he said that he could send the two children to school here, an excited expression immediately appeared on his face.

No matter where or in what world, the Chinese people would spare no effort to care for and value education.

“Thank you, Country Lord.

Please be rest assured.

In the future, leave your food and drinks to me.

I will definitely not let you down!”

Li Xiang nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Alice and said, “Alice, help me arrange for them to live in the castle.

When the human city is built, leave a villa there for the two children to live in.

Give Chen Tao an access token, so he can visit during the holidays.”

“Yes, Country Lord!”


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