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Chapter 122: Earth-digging Bugs

“Tsk tsk, it seems that after the great victory, even commerce has begun to flourish.

It is because one action can lead to many consequences.

When we have strength, there will be a foundation to ensure that the business environment is stable enough.”

“Remember, the trade area has begun to expand.

No, lets build a small city here too! The area will be a little bigger.”

“Yes!” Alicias expression was calm.

As an angel, she had witnessed many scenes of great magnitude.

This was of a small scale and not even worth mentioning in her eyes.

Originally, Li Xiang wanted to go into the trade area to take a look, but seeing that there were so many people, his interest immediately decreased.

He couldnt let a dignified lord like himself squeeze around with these merchants in the crowd, right That would be too unseemly.

After that, he went to the other places where the wonders were located to take a look.

He discovered that after the expansion of his territory, the abilities of the wonders had all improved.

Although they didnt advance, there was hope for them to advance in the future.


At this moment, there was a sound of thunder in the sky, followed by the occasional raindrop falling down.

Li Xiang sat on his horse and gazed up at the gloomy sky.

He couldnt remember the last time it rained.

Just then, the raindrops fell on his head and face, and then slid down his cheeks.

The ice-cold feeling made him feel especially comfortable, as if he had returned to Earth at this moment.

He recalled the scene of running and laughing in the rain when he was a child.

Suddenly, a roar came from not far away.

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The ground trembled and a large mouth suddenly shot out, engulfing him.

Li Xiang really did not expect to encounter a monster here.

He was immersed in his memories and could not react in time.

Fortunately, Alicia, who was beside him, reacted fast enough.

When the ground shook, she was already on alert.

The moment the large mouth appeared, she raised her hand and suddenly pressed it onto the ground.


A large black hand suddenly appeared and covered the mouth, which was covered with densely packed sharp teeth.


Li Xiang was casually carried by Alicia and landed on the ground not far away.

However, the ground under his feet, which he had just stood on, was hit by this palm and a large pit was formed.

Fresh blood gushed out from the ground like a spring.

“Country Lord, are you okay”

“Oh! Im fine!”

Li Xiang did not even have the time to fear before he was sent to safety.

Only then did he come back to his senses.

Looking at the situation on the ground, he frowned slightly and asked, “What kind of monster is this”

“Earth-digging worm! A very troublesome monster!”

“Dig it out, lets take a look!”

Li Xiang was quite curious.

This monster could actually approach him without making a sound.

This Earth travel skill was really amazing.

Alicia didnt think too much about it.

She raised her hand again and grabbed at the ground.

Under the rolling soil, a strange worm that was four to five meters long was pulled out of the ground.

The worm was very ugly.

It looked a bit like a scorpion, but there was also some difference.

It didnt have a tail needle.

“In a while, get someone to come over and investigate the area carefully.

This earthdigging worm is extremely dangerous, so all of them have been cleaned up.

Oh right, catch two pairs and keep them in a special place.

Let the people in the workshop study them and see if they can produce equipment or machinery that can move on the ground.”


Alicia had gradually gotten used to Li Xiangs way of doing things.

She had memorized all the things he had told her before.

Compared to those weird people that he had met before, Li Xiangs way of doing things was already very normal.

Under the drizzle, Li Xiang returned to the castle.

After taking a shower and changing his clothes, he sat down at the dining table to eat.

As he ate, he thought, “Its time to find a chef for myself.

The taste of this food is really terrible.”

Previously, Li Xiang had put all his energy into the development of the country.

As long as he could eat, he didnt have many requirements.

Most importantly, the diet of the demons was different from his.

Now that the country was gradually stabilizing, it was time to consider his own quality of life.

“Oh right, you can ask Yang Mi about this.

The last time I had a banquet at her place, I had a big meal that I havent had in a long time.”

So, he hurriedly sent a message to Yang Mi.

“Sister Mi, do you have a chef over at your place”

“Ha! Youre only thinking of me now”

“Ahem! When have I ever forgotten you”

“Ive trained all the chefs here myself.

What do you want in exchange”

“Do you still need to exchange things”

“What do you think Why dont you continue to eat your big fish and meat”

“No, go ahead! What do you want”

“I want some of the special seeds from your territory and some people from the human race.

Do you understand”

“Okay, no problem!”

The two of them ended the communication after they finished the deal and didnt talk much.

The next morning, Li Xiang left the road construction and the expansion of the trading area to Alice, and the earth-digging bugs to the Vine Whisker Demon to raise and manage.

It was because they had sufficient manpower now, otherwise, the Demon Country would be short of manpower if these things were carried out together.

After that, he found a spacious place near the castle and placed a cross-regional teleportation array at a certain distance.

He placed three in a row.

After all these arrangements were made, he called his subordinates into the castle.

“During this period of time, the territory of the country has increased tremendously.

There are also many new monsters and murderers.

You can take this opportunity to clean up the entire territory of the country and raise your levels as soon as possible.”

Currently, the highest level belonged to the Eye Demon, but he was only level 30.

In the surrounding regions, level 30 was considered one of the top, but it was not the best.

These two days, whenever he was free, he would study the Evernight Continent, thinking of finding an opportunity to enter and try.

If he could obtain more treasures and kill more monsters, then he would be able to increase his levels even faster.

However, his subordinates levels were still too low.

He did not know what kind of situation they would face after entering.

Naturally, the stronger they were, the better.

After entering, they would not directly teleport people into a pile of monsters that far exceeded their own strength.

That would be completely suicidal and meaningless.

The information he got from the system showed that it was a world that buried countless treasures and powerhouses.

It was chaotic and disorderly.

In the long years, it had even spawned countless monsters.

Wanting to stand firm there was not an easy thing to do.

It was definitely not a trivial task.

“Yes, Country Lord!”

After sending everyone away, Li Xiang thought of Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue once again.

Due to an unexpected incident, the plan to occupy area 0032 was aborted.

Now that he was temporarily on the move, he could make plans for area 0032.

It would be fine if he just sent an army over, but it could help Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue develop.

And Ning Xiaoyue could also give some support in area 0025.

So, he found the two again from the chat list.

“Sister Mi, I have a treasure here called the Myriad World Conference Hall.

Ive invited you, so please agree.

Ive also sent an invitation to Xiaoyue, please tell her!”

Over at the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, Yang Mi accepted the invitation curiously, and then she was brought to a conference hall in a trance.

Ning Xiaoyue followed closely behind.

As soon as she entered, she cried out in surprise, “What kind of treasure is this I cant believe I can actually experience it!”

“This is a rare treasure.

It can bring a persons consciousness into this place and allows us to discuss matters face to face.”


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