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Chapter 116 Jin Tianyu Killed

Jin Tianyus expression instantly froze, his eyes filled with disbelief and fear.

In reality, he had also seen the rain of arrows falling from the sky.

However, with his experience, he immediately judged that it was only one or two thousand arrows, and the damage it could cause was not high.

After all, he had an army of 30,000 Orcs on his side.

A mere one or two thousand crossbow arrows could only deal a limited amount of damage.

But now, looking at the rain of arrows continuously extending towards his side, the ecstatic expression on his face suddenly turned into fear and panic.

“What kind of weapon is this Why is it so terrifying”

It was fine if those common Orc soldiers died, but his boar-man hero had two pieces of top-tier equipment on him.

His defense was extremely strong, and his level wasnt low either.

But he was instantly killed like that

Li Xiang looked at the damage caused by the Purgatory Divine Crossbow, and a smile finally appeared on his face.

“As expected, there must be a reason why this weapon is expensive.

You indeed get what you pay for.”

At the same time, a huge amount of EXP and Soul Points began to appear in the corner of Li Xiangs system.

“If I can forge 100,000 Purgatory Divine Crossbows, I dare to fight a Mythical-rank monster head-on.”

Jin Tianyu somewhat regreeted.

The Demon Country was indeed powerful.

Todays losses were too great for just some resources and equipment they coveted.

“No, I cant stay here.

I have to leave quickly.”

He instantly realized something and immediately rode on the huge War Bear beneath him to flee.

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In the distance, Li Xiang saw the fleeing figure behind the enemy troops, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

“How can I allow you to come and go as you please so easily Quickly convert into my EXP, Soul Points, and points!”

EXP was the experience of killing enemies, while Soul Point was special energy used to summon demon heroes.

As for the points, they were the points obtained from killing enemy Lords during district wars.

Each Lord had different strengths, and the points obtained after killing them differed.

If someone with Li Xiangs strength was killed, that person would immediately become rich.

It was more valuable than killing 100 common Country Lords.

As for the Orc Kingdoms Country Lord, Jin Tianyu, his value wasnt very high, but he could still contribute to the EXP no matter how little.

Naturally, he couldnt let him go.

Since he was an enemy, he had to be aware that he might be killed.

A golden light flashed in his hand, and the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow appeared in his hand.

His gaze instantly locked onto it.


A golden light flashed and disappeared.


Jin Tianyu was directly hit, triggering the explosive effect of the arrow.

In an instant, he was blasted into nothingness.

Even the War Bear that was his mount was left with only four charred black legs scattered on the ground.

[Congratulations on killing the Orc Lord.

You have obtained 1,000 points for district and battlefield activities.]

[Your current total points are 27,340 points.]

“Over 20,000 points.

I wonder what level it is in the entire Myriad World Continent.”

However, killing a Country Lord and destroying 30,000 of his soldiers had earned him 4,000 points.

It was a huge profit.

After the Orc Lord was killed, a Lords Imprint was left on the ground.

He could instantly connect to the Lords Cornerstone of the Orc Kingdom through the Lords Imprint.

He could choose to instantly obtain it, devour and fuse it, or destroy it.

Naturally, Li Xiang would not destroy it.

Instead, he chose to devour and fuse it.


A wave of not-so-strong but continuous tremors came from the Demon Country.

And those empty land without any buildings began to expand.

The mountains were taller and bigger than before.

The river was wider, and the water flow was faster and more turbulent.

The forest became denser, and the area became larger.

The Orc Kingdom was merged into the Demon Kingdom in a blink of an eye.

Compared to Li Xiangs method of fighting everywhere and seizing territory, this method was more beneficial to his territory.

However, this method was naturally more difficult.

The method that Li Xiang used could rapidly expand his territory.

No matter how the Country Lord ran, the country was still there.

As long as he occupied it for some time, he would be able to obtain a piece of territory.

However, killing the Country Lord was much more difficult.

After all, the Country Lord was alive.

He would not be foolish enough to stay there and let others kill him.

In short, each had its pros and cons.

Now, twenty Country Lords suddenly barged into his territory.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Li Xiang.

He gave his subordinates a few orders, “The armies can be captured.

If they run, let them be.

However, the Country Lords must be killed.”

When the earth shook, Sun Feng and the other Country Lords who had barged into the Demon Country also felt it.

“Whats going on Could it be an earthquake”

“The feeling of the earthquake is very weak.

It wont affect us much!”

“Not good.

Jin Tianyus avatar has disappeared from the alliance list.”

As soon as those words were said, the Country Lords of the Skywalker Alliance instantly understood.

Jin Tianyu would not disappear from the alliance members list for no reason.

Even if he wanted to leave the alliance, he would not choose this time either.

The only possibility was that he was already dead.

“Jin Tianyus Orc Kingdoms strength is above average in the alliance, yet he died so quickly.

Could it be that the Demon Country still has hidden strength”

Jin Tianyus death cast a shadow over the Country Lords hearts.

“Its too fast.

It looks like theres a deviation in our evaluation of the Demon Countrys strength!”

“Now were scattered all over the place.

Once the Demon Countrys people discover us and attack us one by one, itll be dangerous.”

Instantly, the hearts of the ten or so Country Lords tensed up.

“Dont panic! Now that weve just used the army teleportation, theres no reason for the Demon Countrys people to be able to find us so quickly.

Jin Tianyu must have been unlucky to appear directly near the Demon Army, which was why he was killed so quickly.”

“We just need to gather together according to the original plan quickly.”

Sun Feng quickly comforted and encouraged, “The risk and benefits are equal.

Although the Demon Country is dangerous, have you all forgotten how rich the Demon Country is It already has five wonders.

What are you all afraid of”

“Thats right! There are five wonders.

I must snatch one, no, two.”

“F*ck, Flowing Wind Kingdoms Country Lord, arent you f*cking afraid of being stuffed to death And you want two There are so many people.

Are they all here to play with you”

“Hmph, the treasure should be obtained by those with virtue.

What is virtue Virtue is strength! Naturally, the treasure will belong to whoever snatches it!”

When Sun Feng saw everyone was again motivated, his fear of the Demon Country was reduced to the minimum.

And he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He had emptied his entire fortune to take revenge on the Demon Country.

His plan would entirely fall through if these people were to cower because of fear.

He absolutely would not allow that.

He absolutely did not believe that with twenty countries, they would not be able to destroy a Demon Country.

Not only did he want to destroy Li Xiangs Demon Country and avenge his brother, but he also wanted to obtain Li Xiangs heritage and resources to become the top Country Lord in the entire Myriad World Continent.


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