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Chapter 115 Divine Crossbows Unleash Their Might

The actions of the Skywalker Alliance had already attracted countless factions attention.

They were very willing to help and test the Demon Countrys strength.

After entering the Demon Country, the Country Lords in the Skywalker Alliance took out golden scrolls one after another.

Those were the random teleportation scrolls that Sun Feng had provided them.

Moreover, they were Legion-rank, so they could randomly teleport with their armies.

After all, entering the Demon Countrys territory would mean that they were monitored by the Demon Country at any time and place.

It would be very clumsy for an army of millions to gather together.

It would be more flexible if they were scattered and would also allow the Demon Countrys army to be scattered, reducing the difficulty.

Therefore, before the attack, Sun Feng had prepared a large number of army teleportation scrolls.

Although army teleportation scrolls were expensive, they were not difficult to buy.

To avenge his brother, Sun Feng had practically gone bankrupt.

He had even taken out all of his assets.

As each scroll was activated, the armies disappeared instantly and appeared all over the Demon Country.

Some Country Lords landed in a safe place, while some unlucky ones landed in the monsters nests.


But overall, most of the Country Lords had safely entered the Demon Countrys hinterland.

This unexpected turn of events caught Li Xiang somewhat unprepared.

There was even an army that directly appeared near the Country Lords castle.

After Jin Tianyu saw the surrounding environment clearly, his face revealed an ecstatic expression.

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The Demon Countrys army had already been deployed elsewhere.

Wouldnt he be rich if his army of 30,000 could break through the Demon Country Lords castle

Who didnt know that the Demon Country was rich It not only unified its district but also conquered another district.

The wealth and resources they had were definitely massive.

“Piggs, charge! Break through the city gate, and well be able to live a luxurious life!”

The Orc Kingdoms Country Lord, Jin Tianyu, roared.

He patted the giant bear and commanded his hero to point his sword at the Demon Castle.


Piggs was a three to four-meter-tall Orc boar-man, Rank 15, had thick skin, and wore yellow armor.

He held a five to six-meter-long S-rank weapon, the Destruction Mace, and charged towards the Demon Castle.

On the way, all the obstructions were knocked away and smashed into pieces.

The force was unstoppable.

At the same time, the Orc Army behind him roared as they charged forward.

With their speed, they could flatten the castles outer perimeter in less than half an hour.

Li Xiang did not expect that there would be an army that could directly reach his doorstep.

In this vicinity were all his most important buildings.

Not only were there wonders but also various other facilities and buildings.

He could not allow the other party to charge in recklessly.

He took out the core of the Water Curtain Great Array and threw it into the air.


A translucent water-colored light curtain instantly descended from the sky.

It covered a five-mile radius with the castle as the center.

At the same time, he activated the wonder, Lake of Tears.

A massive amount of water-type energy was instantly connected to the core of the Water Curtain Great Array in the sky.

As long as the Lake of Tears energy was not exhausted, no one could break in.

When Jin Tianyu saw the barrier of the Water Curtain Great Arrays barrier, he roared, “Piggs, get rid of him!”

He had great confidence in Piggs.

It could be said that Piggs was the greatest contributor to his current strength.

When cleaning up many monster nests, he only needed to let Piggs rush in to kill and send an army to guard.

The two huge fangs on Piggs nose were bent, and his breathing became heavier with Jin Tianyus command.

His body slowly expanded, and the ground under his feet slightly caved in.


Li Xiang stood on the top of the Demon Castle and felt the ground shake slightly.

He was shocked.

Looking carefully, he found that his Water Curtain Great Arrays defense instantly dropped by 100,000 points.

The entire Water Curtain Great Array only had 1,000,000 points of defense.

One hit of 100,000 points was absolutely terrifying.

Back when he fought with the Undead, the giant rock thrown by the enemys stitched-together monster had only caused 10,000 points of damage in one hit.

Now, it was 100,000 points.

From that, it could be seen just how much strength the boar-man had used in one hit.

At the very least, he could be sure that the defense of his castles gate would not be able to withstand the boar-mans full-force collision.

The Demon Castle was under attack, and the demon heroes who were sent out immediately sensed it.

“Country Lord, I sense that our territory is under attack.

Ill go back immediately!” The first to respond was the Succubus, Alice.

Following that, the others also sent messages.

Li Xiang immediately replied, “You dont have to worry.

Kill all the enemies well.

There are other defense and guards in the territory.

Theres no need for you to come back to deal with these small fries.”

The Demon Army had indeed been sent out, but the guards in the territory were also fixed.

Other than Eye Demon, Vine Whisker Demon, Black Wing Demon, and Flame Demon, there were other troops they had subdued.

Li Xiang asked them to bring out the Purgatory Divine Crossbows that the smith workshop had recently crafted.

There were two thousand of them, and all were handed over to the demons under them to operate.

The Purgatory Divine Crossbow had a special design.

It was equipped with a special quiver, and each quiver had twelve crossbows.

When shooting, it could be fired, and it could also be fired consecutively.

It was also extremely convenient and quick to load.

Therefore, even though there were only two thousand such crossbows, which did not seem like a lot, the power they could unleash exceeded the power of more than ten thousand common crossbows.

Moreover, those crossbows were also made with special techniques and materials.

They had inferno fire attached to them and had extremely strong burn damage.

If one could focus fire on an attack, it would form a sea of fire and burn the enemy to ashes.

That was the most terrifying part of the Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

After the Purgatory Divine Crossbow was set up, Li Xiang also wanted to see how powerful and effective this expensive war weapon was.



Thousands of arrows flew out and passed through the Water Curtain Great Array, landing on the increasingly crowded Orc Army outside.


Before the arrows landed, inferno fire had already started burning on them.

The moment they landed, a dark red flame erupted.

More than a dozen orcs nearby were burned to death.

However, not many were directly shot to death.

When all the arrows landed on the ground, a large area of inferno fire formed, creating a crimson sea of fire.


The orcs let out a shrill cry.

They didnt have any formation to begin with, and they lacked military discipline.

Now that they were under a fatal threat, some went berserk, some ran around wildly, and some even turned around and ran away.

The entire army immediately fell into chaos.

But what greeted them was the second wave of arrows, then the third wave…until the twelfth wave.

[Your hero, Piggs, has been killed!]

[Your soldier, Gray Werewolf, has been killed!]

[Your soldier, Violent Bear, has been killed!]

Almost instantly, a huge number of death records flooded Jin Tianyus system notification.


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