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The regional chat instantly exploded.

“Boss Li Xiang! The eternal God!”

“Boss Li Xiang! I want to have your babies!”


“Boss Li Xiang, do you still need a leg accessory on your coattail! Ah You dont need it anymore, then do you mind having another bootlicker”

The world channel also exploded!

“What the hell What did I see Boss Li Xiang is causing trouble again”

“One of the S-Rank wonders of the world.

Damn it, I dont know what effect it has, but Ill be a sour grape first!”

“Damn it, are you for real Im still searching for resources in the territory, and the boss has already developed to the point of expanding the cultural foundation”

“A global system announcement, do you think its fake”

“Could it be that this particular wonders of the world just happens to be within his territory How could he go outside the protection zone the next day Didnt a big shot who had an initial S-Rank soldier try it yesterday It didnt work at all.”

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“If none of us can do it, it doesnt mean that Boss Li Xiang cant do it.

So what if its just an S-Rank Elite-Rank unit Who knows, maybe Boss Li Xiang has an SSS-Rank!”

“Scram, what SSS Why dont you say God-Rank Theres a limit to bragging about others, right Currently, the best starting talent announced in the entire world is an S-Rank.

If you want to advance to SS, youll have to spend countless resources, not to mention SSS.

Do you even know what the chances of drawing SSS are And youre saying it so casually”


“The boss keeps a low profile and doesnt want to tell you guys.

Whats the problem with that Hmm”

The regional chat was filled with people fawning and bootlicking.

They wished they could type a few more eye-catching words to attract the attention of Li Xiang, the big shot.

Meanwhile, the world chat channel was filled with endless arguments.

Countless people were divided into two camps; one side was praising, and the other side was trampling.

Perhaps it was because the price of beef was too expensive.

In general, more people thought that Li Xiang was just lucky.

Some people even called Li Xiang an eye-catching clown, saying that the system announcement was a false report and that the ranking data was bugged.


Although this kind of idiotic comment didnt hold water, some people still said it.

After all, no one in this world wanted others to be better than them.

They were not in the same region, so they didnt have any conflicts of interest.

Naturally, they wouldnt be like the group of people in the region who would fawn and be a bootlicker.

If one were to insult others, one would be able to let himself, who was not having a good time, gain a sense of satisfaction.

Li Xiang completely ignored these comments.

These people were too pathetic.


When the beast tide arrived, it would be the first round of purging.

Only those who could survive would have the right to speak.

He began to check the effects of the Ancient Well of Darkness.

[Ancient Well of Darkness (S)]

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Type: Wonders of the World

Status: Not in effect (Its not near the main base or not within your territory)

Wonders Effect —

[Dark Corruption]: Able to convert other specific types of soldiers into dark types.


[Dark Recharge]: Able to recharge dark-type soldiers at high speed.

Note: Dark types include, but are not limited to demon types, vampires, skeletons, ghouls, ghost-type, and other types of soldiers.

No wonder the eye demon was able to recover.

It was because of the Dark Recharge.

If that was the case, then this wonder would be a natural match for his demon army!

However, there was a problem.

This thing could not take effect.

There was no way for this effect to exist in the territory all the time.

According to the hint, in order for this wonders effect to work on him, one of two conditions had to be met.

First: the main base must be built here.

Second: the territory of the well had to be annexed by his territory.

The first condition was impossible.

After all, the mountain where he was born was already very good, and the Demon Lair had already reached Rank 2.

If he dismantled it and relocated it, the succubus and eye demon would probably disappear along with it.

If he summoned it again, he might not be able to get such a high-quality demon.

He could only choose the second condition.

However, there was another problem.

When they came to this land, they had bypassed a mine.

And that mine was the area that the goblins occupied.

If they wanted to annex this area of the Ancient Well of Darkness, they had to clear out the area occupied by the goblins in the middle and occupy it at the same time!

Li Xiang hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he could not resist the temptation of the Ancient Well of Darkness and decided to go all out!


It just so happened that there was a reward for increasing the strength of the soldiers when the culture category reached the first place.

He would not stop until he was done, and it shall be used on the succubus!

[Ding, your succubus has been upgraded recently, it cannot evolve its skill again.]

Alright, there was actually a limit, so he would give it to the eye demon!

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Eye of Insights exclusive weapon – Demon Seed!]

[Please choose the ability that the Eye of Insight needs to level up!]

[Contemplation], [Absolute Defense], [Spell Rebound], [Eye of Six Paths]!

Li Xiang hesitated for a moment.

There was no need to level up the first two skills, and the Eye of Six Paths was already very good.

It was estimated that even if it was strengthened once, it would only increase the number of small eye demons that had split out, and the benefits would not be high.


The eye demon only had [Spell Rebound], which could be used to deal damage, so it was better to make it stronger.

That would be it!

[Hint]: [Spell Rebound] has been leveled up to [Fission Rebound].

The rebound is no longer limited to the main eye in the center.

When the Eye of Insight is split into small eye demons, each small eye demon will increase the damage of the attack by the opponent and rebound it, as well as release enough blazing light to blind the enemy.


Holy crap!

Li Xiang widened his eyes.

He did not make the wrong choice!

As expected of an SS-Rank demon.

Its skills were not much weaker than the succubuss.

In this way, he would have an extremely wide range of counter-attack-type skills.

It was equivalent to the more the opponent attacked, the more painful the damage!

Good stuff!

He liked it!

After checking the attributes of the Demon Seed, it became even wilder.

[Demon Seed] (exclusive to the Eye of Insight)

Grade: Legendary

Equip Level: 1

Characteristics: All skill levels 1!

Additional Effect: Every time you use your ability, you will receive a 10% boost, the upper limit is 300%, and it lasts for 2 hours!

Exclusive Characteristics: When the Eye of Insight is used, it can extract the soul force of the creature until it dies!



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