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Chapter 104 Banquet

“Yang Mi, are you okay”

Ning Xiaoyue came to the bedside and grabbed Yang Mis hand with a concerned look.

Yang Mi smiled with relief and said, “Thank god you called for reinforcements.

Otherwise, I would have lost my country and be wandering.”

“Yang Mi, why are you saying all this What matters is youre okay!”

“Wheres the Demon Country Lord He didnt come”

Ning Xiaoyue said, “Hes here, but hes in the back.

He should be arriving soon.”

Yang Mi nodded and turned to Ruth, who stood at the side, and said, “Take out that rare treasure from the treasury and give it to the Demon Country Lord later.”


Ruth didnt show any reluctance on her face.

Compared to a country, a rare treasure was indeed nothing.


Yang Mi laid on the bed for a while and felt she had recovered quite a bit.

She sat up and said, “Alright, since the Demon Country Lord is about to arrive, I have to go and welcome him.

I cant let people think that Im a big shot.”

“Hehe, Yang Mi, Li Xiang wont care even if youre a big shot.”

Yang Mi wasnt as thoughtless as Ning Xiaoyue to think that her identity on Earth could still be flaunted.

It was still the survival of the fittest in the Myriad World Continent.

It was even crueler than on Earth.

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She had received such a huge favor from the other party this time.

Just giving a rare treasure wasnt enough to express her gratitude.

It was very important to show her attitude by personally welcoming him.

On the other side, Li Xiang slowly followed the army.

He watched as the Demon Warlord, Lys, calmly commanded, easily disintegrated the enemys 200,000-strong army, defeated them, and finally captured them.

The entire process was extremely smooth.

“Demon Lord, what about these captives”

There were humans and other races among those captives.

Their combat strength was uneven, making it difficult to use them.

“Bring the army to the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

Leave the army outside the borders and hand these captives to the Hundred Flowers Kingdom! After experiencing a huge battle, they suffered heavy casualties and lacked manpower.

They can replenish with these people.”


The army moved again and arrived at the Hundred Flowers Kingdom near evening.

The Demon Army directly set up camp near a small valley at the border of the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

Li Xiang brought a bunch of Dread Fiend Cavalry and entered the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

The Hundred Flowers Kingdom was only a small country.

After clearing and expanding the wilderness, its area was less than 300 square kilometers.

Li Xiang led his guards and rode for dozens of miles, and they saw an exquisite castle.

If it werent for the fact that this place had just gone through a great battle and still had the tragic aura of a great war, the scenery here would definitely be even more beautiful.

When they were about three to four miles away, a group of knights came out from the castle to welcome them.

The leader was a heroic-looking woman wearing a green female battle robe.

A blue cape fluttered in the wind behind her, looking very eye-catching.

Beside her was Ning Xiaoyue, who was wearing the same battle robe in white.

Behind her was a pair of Elven Archers riding on warhorses.

When they came close, Yang Mi cupped her hands and said, “Thank you, Country Lord Li, for your help.

Yang Mi will remember it.

If you need me in the future, I will not hesitate to help you!”

That promise was extremely sincere.

When Li Xiang heard that, his evaluation of Yang Mi raised another level.

That was something that could only be said when one had a clear understanding of her limitations.

“Miss Yang, you are too polite.

I have long heard of your name.

Seeing you today, you indeed live up to your reputation!”

Yang Mi pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Country Lord Li is too polite! Since you have come to the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, let me do my duty as a host.


Li Xiang laughed out loud and said, “Alright! Do as you please!”

After saying that, he did not stand on ceremony and walked alongside Yang Mi towards the castle.

“I heard that Country Lord Li is continuing to cultivate inferno iron and red ironwood There is indeed a valley filled with inferno creatures in my vicinity.

However, the creatures there are mighty, so I did not dare to provoke them.

However, there are still a lot of reserves for the red ironwood!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “The armys development is too fast, and the equipment cant keep up.

We need a lot of precious materials.

Its naturally best if Miss Yang can help.

I will use the market price to buy them.”

Yang Mi said with slight displeasure, “Is Country Lord Li looking down on my Hundred Flower Kingdom or looking down on Yang Mi You led your army across the region to save my country and my life.

A bit of red ironwood is nothing.

If I take your money, what will I become”

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “Miss Yang, dont misunderstand.

I just thought that your country has just experienced a great war, and a lot of reconstruction needs to be done.

If I take it for free, wont it make things worse”

Yang Mi smiled and said, “Theres no need to worry about that, Country Lord Li.

Before the great war began, I had already prepared to go all out.

The truly valuable things have already been stored away, ready to be used for reconstruction.

A mere red ironwood is not worth mentioning!”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up, and he nodded and said, “Since thats the case, then I wont stand on ceremony!”

As they spoke, everyone came to the castle.

Yang Mi had already ordered a sumptuous feast and immediately invited everyone to sit down to eat.

“Country Lord Li, this is our Hundred Flowers Wine, a specialty of our Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

It has a clear fragrance and minimal after-effects.

You can try it!”

Ning Xiaoyue sat on the other side of Yang Mi, and her eyes lit up when she heard that.

She shouted, “Ah! Hundred Flowers Wine is the best-selling famous wine right now.

A bottle costs 1,000 gold coins, but its still priceless!”

As she said that, she raised her glass and downed a glass.

Everyone was amused by what they saw.

This girl was really gallant.

No matter how weak the after-effects were, it was still wine!

Yang Mi said with a headache, “Xiaoyue, although Hundred Flowers Wine has weak after-effects, the alcohol content is not low.

Take it easy.

Dont make a fool of yourself after drinking too much.

Ill record it for you and send it to the World Channel.”

Ning Xiaoyue stuck out her tongue cutely when she heard that.

She carefully put down the glass of wine and nodded, “Im just a little thirsty! Yang Mi, dont mind me.

Hurry up and entertain Li Xiang! Hes the guest!”

Li Xiang saw Ning Xiaoyues behavior and remembered that Ning Xiaoyue was also like that in school, pure and straightforward.

She was totally the crowd pleaser of the class.

With Ning Xiaoyues interference, the slightly awkward atmosphere at the table instantly disappeared.

“Country Lord Li, please forgive us.

Let me toast you!”

When Li Xiang heard that, he also raised his glass and said, “Since you are Xiaoyues biological cousin, then we are not outsiders.

Dont call me Country Lord Li.

Call me Li Xiang.

You are older than me, so I will call you Sister Mi.”

Yang Mi immediately revealed a stunning smile and said, “Then Ill be taking a great advantage.

Li Xiang, youre now a famous person in the Myriad World Continent.

If you call me sister, then wont I be able to do whatever I want in the Myriad World Continent in the future”

Li Xiang laughed and said, “As long as Sister Mi doesnt feel uncomfortable, I have no objections!”

Ning Xiaoyue also laughed and raised her glass.

The others, Ruth, Alicia, Alice, and Lys also raised and downed their glasses.


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